Locking horns: The Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies (right) takes First Minister Carwyn Jones to task for trying to stop a debate on the leak inquiry report.

The Conservative Leader in the Welsh Assembly,  Andrew R T Davies (AM for South Wales Central which includes Penarth) has today responded to yesterday’s announcement by First Minister Carwyn Jones that he will step-down in September.

Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central which includes Penarth)

Mr Davies – who has been Carwyn Jones’s arch-opponent since 2011  – says   “Whilst we have spent many years on opposite sides of the political divide, you have to recognise Carwyn’s significant contribution to public life in Wales, and the huge achievement of serving his country at the highest level for so long.”

“Clearly taking on such responsibility has a big impact on family life and simple things like being able to spend time with your children as they’re growing up, and I fully understand his reasons.”

In a reference to the suicide last November of Welsh Labour Government minister Carl Sargeant just four days after being been sacked by Carwyn Jones, Mr Davies says   “Recent events have cast a shadow over Welsh politics and the tragedy of losing a colleague and friend would undoubtedly have had a big impact on the First Minister – as it has everyone.”

“Over the years we’ve exchanged many metaphorical blows, and there will be plenty of time to debate and reflect on Carwyn’s legacy as First Minister. But for now, I simply wish him and his family all the best for what lies ahead.”

Carl Sargeant (left) and Carwyn Jones were once close colleagues but Jones’s decision to sack Sargeant turned out to have catastrophic consequences

Meanwhile the real reasons for Carwyn Jones’s abrupt departure from the top job in Welsh politics may be becoming clearer.

Today Mr Neil Hudgell, solicitor for the family of the late Mr Carl Sargeant, has called for the immediate publication of a report by one of the three separate inquiries (including the inquest) that either have been completed, or are about to be carried out, into the circumstances surrounding the dismissal – and the death – of Mr Sargeant .

The Welsh Labour Government has refused to publish  one report – into how information about Carwyn Jones’s reshuffle was leaked –  but Mr Hudgell is demanding its publication,  even if parts of it need to be redacted . He  says “My understanding is that report is going to be highly critical, not only of the handling of the leaks  but of the inquiry and how it is conducted.

Yet to begin is a separate third inquiry being led by Paul Bowen QC . This is “To conduct an investigation into the First Minister’s actions and decisions in relation to Carl Sargeant’s departure from his post as Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children and thereafter.”

Mr Hudgell said today that Carwyn Jones’s decision to resign has not helped the Sargeant family at all.

He said that the Sargeant family “completely empathise with the human cost of being involved in high-profile office – and the fact that he [ i.e. Carwyn Jones] can go home to his family in the autumn, they are very pleased for the Jones family,  but they will never get any closure until they get to the end of this journey with Paul Bowen and his investigation, and him being able to have access to all relevant material and all relevant witness, so they can finally understand the events that led up to the tragic loss of their father and husband.”

He called for the publication of a report into whether the sacking of Carl Sargeant was leaked – saying it could be redacted if needed.


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  1. Chris David says:

    What a mess. The positive- Carwyn the dictator is going (but not soon enough). ART Davies gives some mealy mouthed little speech saying how wonderful CJ is- so in the end demonstrating they’re are all club members looking after their own. And now we have calls for a report of some kind to be published but redacted. That means it can be presented in any way the dictators like. All three reports are OUR reports not theirs. Why are we not demanding complete openness? And did J Sargeant vote for secrecy? Tin pot little assembly little bigger that a number of English councils and we have all this chauffer driven grandstanding, secrecy and abject failings in all major areas.

  2. Name supplied says:

    Andrew RT Davies said the decent thing Chris David and was very grown up about it all. Maybe if you try to stop being so negative all the time you could see that. Good for him for not using this opportunity to try and score political points like he so often does.

    Chris David you come across as a very bitter and jealous man on this website

    • Chris David says:

      Oh thanks the coward name supplied- you invigorate me 🙂 Well actually sat here in the sun I’m far from jealous- but I am bitter- bitter that Wales has sunk so low and its limited sycophants like you that help keep it that way. We had an opportunity with devolution to create a new model and prosper. Instead we get third rate party hacks running a self serving secretive dictatorship. A massive step backwards. We are bottom on health education and the economy and more. We are bankrupt and small minded people like you help keep it that way. I notice none of the lemmings have attempted to defend Labour over this scandal- says much. Cheers brave no name- I’m off to the beach for lunch.

      • Name supplied says:

        Crack on back to the beach. I can guarantee nobody on here cares what you get up to. You come across as a very sad, lonely man. Strangely no-one seems to know you in penarth either

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    BBC Wales disclaimer “No welsh Actors have been employed -only Welsh Tax Payers money -in the making of this programme”
    The Creative Industries will not miss Carwynism. The dubious wasteful practice of paying the BBC Taxpayers Money to film in Wales. Cardiff Bay and Penarth especially
    Casualty for example has the only hospital in Wales with no Welsh people working in it on the Wards.
    Time for a change and a new steriised mop to clean out the sluice of this overblown subsidy in the the TV and Film Industry

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