….And the three top Penarth Roads nominated for re-surfacing this year are …..”

The Vale of Glamorgan Council – which is responsible for roads in Penarth – has asked Penarth Town Council to nominate 3 roads in the town which should be a priority for resurfacing in the current financial year.

The Vale Council has just £2,436,000 available for resurfacing work across the county in the 2018/19 financial year. It has already undertaken a review of routes considered to be in need of resurfacing – but is now in the process of checking with the 25 town and community councils to check the selected roads are the ones which local councils also think require attention.

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

At Penarth Council’s Policy Committee Cllr Mark Wilson – suggesting Plymouth, Stanwell and Cornerswell Road – said “To be honest almost every road in Penarth needs resurfacing up to a point” . He noted that the three roads he had nominated were well-used strategic routes in the town.

The Town Clerk Emma Boylen said she had been consulted by a couple concerning the case of a lady who has “quite a degenerative spinal condition” who had been “laid up for days” after travelling-in to Penarth,  because of the condition of local roads.

Cllr Yvonne Murphy (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Yvonne Murphy (Labour St Augustines)  wanted to know about the definition of the “routes” – one of which was described as a bus route and asked whether the council could be “quite ambitious” in what it named as “key routes” [ i.e. including more than  more than one particular road]  rather than just limiting the proposed re-surfacing to specific roads in the town.

Cllr Martin Turner (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Martin Turner (Conservative Plymouth Ward) said that Plymouth Road (which is in his ward) was one of the worst roads in Penarth. The route, he said,  extended to “almost the Barry end to come in to Penarth”. He added that “Lavernock Road is pretty well-used and is in a pretty bad state of repair”. He said he would like those two put on the list together with Stanwell Road and Cornerswell Road.

The rejection of the scheme is a personal setback for the Leader of the Council, Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines)

Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) asked for a “top three” to be nominated.  He later noted that there were other sections of roads including  St Augustines Crescent were in “a terrible state.

[ PDN Note: It was a Labour administration which was  in power in the Vale Council up to May 2017 and it was therefore primarily responsible for the current condition of roads in Penarth]

Cllr Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Jon Luxton (Labour Stanwell), who is a wheelchair user, said that often in resurfacing, tarmac was “put on top of tarmac” which made it difficult for disabled to use dropped kerbs . In Rectory Road he often had to use the opposite side of the road because the dropped kerbs no longer functioned and because of the “slap dash way in which maintenance had been carried out”.

Penarth Council had been asked to submit its route nominations to the Vale by the next day – but Cllr Yvonne Murphy noted that the Vale Council had a “three-year plan” and felt the council should have been given more notice in order to “give a more considered response”.   She asked whether Penarth Council could challenge the time scale.

Eventually the policy committee settled for nominating Plymouth Road, Stanwell Road and Cornerswell Road for resurfacing and will also be sending to the Vale a letter with “further comments” .





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  1. Peter Church says:

    It’s lucky they picked three relatively long roads in Penarth!
    Imagine if the picked Ivy St, Sully Place and Kymin Road, they would be finished in an Afternoon.
    If I was them next year I’d Pick the M1, M4 and the M5 🙂

  2. PB says:

    And every side road to get onto these roads stays full of pot holes and yellow circles I assume until the next election? So explain again why council tax is going up, why do we constantly have to pay more for less? The roads are a dangerous embarrassment to Penarth

    • Birkett says:

      Council tax goes up to make up for shortfalls from Mrs May’s lot over the bridge. Same all over Britain.

    • Rhys says:

      A third of your council tax goes into their pension pot.

      • Birkett says:

        Another reason to cut the number of council and councillors. It’s nuts we are governed separately to Cardiff.

  3. John Powell says:

    I hope all 8 vale Cllrs are making sure that Penarth gets road surfacing value proportionate to the amount of revenues the Vale gets from the town… for our population (20% of Vale) we pay c40% of Vale tax take – so should have 40% of this and every other pot going. Anything less would signal failure on the part of Cllrs to represent their wards and earn their pay.

  4. Chris David says:

    So that’s what PTC is for. Mystery solved.

  5. Mike Miggs says:

    Last week they filled the potholes in Sully Terrace Lane. You could not make it up¡!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  6. Lauren says:

    Filling pot holes is simply a temporary measure as they’ll soon reappear larger than before when the water seaps in and freezes. Comprehensive resurfacing is what’s required to sort out the roads. I’ve never lived anywhere with such appalling road surfaces as Penarth. The council should be embarrassed to venture outdoors having overseen such ineptitude over the years.

  7. David Mathew says:

    Stanwell is top priority as it carries three regular bus routes Nos 92,93 and 94;even the newly introduced vehicles are providing a very rough ride;let us push for more expenditure on roads and no more for so called cycle routes,such as that being constructed in the Cosmeston area alongside the B4267,as they are rarely used by bicycles

  8. Ford Prefect says:

    £2 million for repairing existing routes, yet the government and Vale of magic money-treed £80 million out of the air to destroy miles of countryside at Pendoylan for a pointless road to nowhere. Oh, and lets not forget the £1-2 billion that the money tree has produced for a monstrous new motorway at Newport.

    Still, you know, no money for potholes, footpaths, cycle routes because budgetry constraints.

    • Birkett says:

      Yup, why don’t we fix what we have in this country as a priority?
      HS2 billions being spent for wealthy business travellers, when there is ancient rolling stock and useless diesels still on our tracks for normal commuters.

      • Ford Prefect says:

        Because routine maintenance isn’t anywhere near as headline-worthy as a shiny new road. Politicians want to build things so they can get a headline and feel satisfied that something has their name on it. Fixing existing stuff just isn’t interesting to them.

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