Emergency services were called to Redlands Road just after lunchtime today to attend to a three-car collision (Photo Abbie Wightwick/ Media Wales)

Three cars were involved in a multiple collision near the  junction of Redlands Road and Cornerswell Road just after lunchtime today.

Penarth Fire and Rescue service – whose fire station is nearby –  were on the scene in seconds – backed up with an NHS ambulance and a police patrol unit.

It’s understood that no one was hurt in the collision and the road was re-opened after about 30 minutes

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  1. Ford Prefect says:

    It’s time we stopped funding to the roads for these privelidged drivists, who use the streets like a racetrack without any consideration for others. If only they were all licensed and insured then this sort of thing wouldn’t happen!

  2. PB says:

    Redlands and Lavernock are a racers dream. They roar along doing as they please because there are no cameras to catch them and no police to spot them. Male and female, young and old. It seems most drivers have no concept of the speed limit or stopping at red light either, I saw two this morning. A white Audi and a Discovery both sail through red lights without a care in the world.

    • AK says:

      Stopping at red lights is optional for Audi, BMW and 4 x 4 drivers.

      Mind you, it would reduce congestion, pollution and frustration if traffic lights were switched off at off peak times, especially on roundabouts where there is a clear view. It annoys me no end that three sets of lights at Ferry Road interchange will turn to red as I approach, with not another thing in (clear) view.

      And who thinks it’s a good idea to have the traffic lights till operating at the Toys R Us car park exit, even although it is barricaded shut.

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