The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s “Transgender Tookit for Schools”

A new so-called “Transgender Inclusion Toolkit ” for local schools  is set to be approved next week by the Vale of Glamorgan Council – but is set to run into opposition from at least one women’s campaigning organisation which is opposing it .

The council claims that the “toolkit” [a weighty 41 page jargon-laden tome]  is being published to provide “an up to date practical guidance to schools and other settings”  to support children and young people who are “Transgender” or who are in the category of  “Transgender-Questioning”.

However the Vale’s publication now has come to the attention of a female campaigning organisation called “Women’s Place UK” – and it’s already circulating members to get them to write in and complain about it

Women’s Place UK is now rallying opposition to the Vale’s politically-correct Transgender Toolkit

The organisation “Women’s Place UK” is now rallying opposition to the Vale Council’s “problematic” Transgender Toolkit and its promotion in local schools. WPUK is preparing “draft letters” for members to sign to express their concern about the circulation of toolkit and the philosophy it seeks to propagate.

Included in Vale’s “tookit” is a dictionary of some current lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered terminology  – the lexicon of which appears to invent new definitions and  increasingly departs from what, up to now, have been considered the ordinary meaning of standard English words and phrases. For example:-

“CISGENDER” : The toolkit informs readers of the term “Cisgender” [pronounced “sisgender”]  – which, it says, refers to someone whose gender identity matches the sex they were ‘assigned’ at birth. [The term “Cisgender” is defined as being the opposite of “transgender”]

“ZE/ZIR” : The tookit instructs hitherto-unaware readers of the necessity –  in conversation –  of referring to people by the correct pronoun. Rather than the old-fashioned traditional terms of he and “she”, the toolkit suggests some people might wish to be referred to in “gender neutral” terms like “they” or “their”  and ze” or “zir”.

“TRANSITIONING” : This term is explained to schoolchildren as  “the steps a trans person may take to live in the gender with which they identify.For some this involves medical intervention, such as hormone therapy and surgeries”.

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully) may soon find there are a lot of complaining letters about to land on his desk

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully) who is Vale Council cabinet member for education,  says the toolkit “offers an opportunity to raise awareness of gender identity whilst providing support and guidance to create a positive and inclusive education.

He says the publication  “highlights areas to consider when developing whole school policy and practice that will allow transgender or gender-questioning children and young people to achieve at school.” 

An accompanying Vale Council report says that “A number of children [it does not say how many]  have presented as “Transgender” or as “Transgender-questioning” in Vale of Glamorgan schools and this document is designed to aid schools in providing appropriate support.”

The tookit says its purpose is to Consider gender as a spectrum and take a non-binary approach to gender and advises against  what it calls “gender-segregated activities”.

The tookit document is said to have “been developed on behalf of the five Central South Consortium Local Authorities.” It has also been endorsed by the LGBT activist organisation “Stonewall Cymru”.



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  1. 249ers says:

    I think we all might benefit from reading this. Will copies be available in the Library?

  2. Chris David says:

    What a lot of rowlocks. Costly and time consuming exercise seeding and leading to the encouragement of the me me generation to find something else to worry us all with. Cliche alert= let’s all have a conversation (chat?) about how we “define” ourselves. Like the £8 million spent on an “awareness of women in the workplace ” “programme” the WG spent- what’s the outcome of that? Zilch as any “usual” person knew it would be. Hey Doughty can get a few headlines with this one eh!

  3. Hugh says:

    This is nothing more than propaganda from Cultural Marxists, who are now prepared to use unhappy children as cannon-fodder, in their war against family values.

    • Don’t blame Marxists! Many radical feminists are fighting “gender” self-identification, which would allow men into women-only spaces [the GirlGuides association has already succumbed]. We’re also challenging those who give puberty blockers to young children. Let’s ask [even when we get threats for doing so] who is making money out of this. Perhaps those who push trans training, produce “toolkits” – oh, and Big Pharma.

    • Andy says:

      Define family values?

    • Ralph says:

      Explain “family value” please.

      • Papa Lazarou says:

        values learned within a traditional family unit, typically those of high moral standards and discipline

      • Ralph says:

        Papa Lazarou : Explain to me please how you define a traditional family unit. Do you believe you have higher moral standards and more discipline than say me, for example

      • Hugh says:

        Ralph. Moral values predicate behaviour and that’s what counts. Traditional families – husband/wife, children at replacement level or over, contact with family and community – are more successful on all the social and economic indicators, than non-traditional families. And in the UK, Indian and Jewish families are models for this.

  4. Sara says:

    This is so wrong I don’t know where to begin.

  5. So what is wrong with trying to make unhappier children happier?

    • Hugh says:

      If a child were displace their unhappiness into bullying, overeating or drug and alcohol abuse, should we be producing polices that make these things acceptable?

  6. There is much better guidance for schools from Transgender Trend, here: https://www.transgendertrend.com/transgender-schools-guidance/

  7. Frank Evans says:

    I demand the WAG or the Council fund my transition to be a Wizard. It’s my right, however I’m not going to pay for it myself.
    When I get wizard powers I’ll re-transition back for free.
    Hang on I haven’t thought this through.

  8. snoggerdog says:

    que sera sera ?

  9. Lewis Rogers says:

    What specifically does Women’s Place UK have an issue with? There is plenty to take issue with, but the article doesn’t state what interest the women’s group has in this.

  10. max wallis says:

    Thanks to HerbyHellsBelle for a balanced approach rather than the VoG’s extreme “trans” promotion of a ### new ‘affirmation’ and social transition model which has been shown to increase persistence of gender dysphoria in children. The model fails to take into account the various reasons for childhood cross-sex identity, which can range from perfectly normal developmental exploration, through difficult family dynamics all the way to previous trauma or sexual abuse. It may also be a result of homophobic bullying, emotional and psychological issues, ASD or simple social contagion, particularly in cases of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria seen predominantly in teenage girls.
    ###… to simply take a child’s words at face value and respond with a one-size-fits-all approach is a dereliction of duty of care for children and adolescents, and this approach should not be forced upon schools.
    ###…. guidance also fails to take into account sex-based rights and protections already in place to protect the privacy of all students and in particular the welfare of girls. This guidance misrepresents Equality law in placing the rights of transgender students above those of other students, with no requirement for equality impact assessments. The prioritisation of ‘gender identity’ above biological sex as the distinction between boys and girls gives weight to a belief over material reality and obviously raises issues of safeguarding as well as the right to name reality###

    much jargon, but you get the gist! How come that Cabinet member Cllr Bob Penrose – together with VoG professionals – have fallen for this extreme “trans” position?

    • Yasmin Saadi says:

      Beautifully said 👌🏼 This is all being done with little regard or risk assessment to other pupils.

  11. Robjw says:

    Ze and zir, this is getting absolutely ridiculous now, I hope this is gonna be used to support and not preach.

  12. Shocked the VoG would go for the most extreme advice by trans activists. Why have they not considered a more sensible transgender resources pack for schools. You can download a copy here

    We must not rush to label children, most will be gay or lesbian in adulthood, trans is the least likely outcome. Please look at the alternative. There is no such things as pink or blue brains. You can change your healthy body at great expense but it will not change your sex. A male cannot become a female. The majority of trans women keep their penis. No girl should be forced out of the girls toilets to accommodate a boy. That is not even legal and contrary to the equality act. Vale of Glamorgan Councillors need to bin this and consult their teachers and parents on the way forward.

  13. Leigh says:

    “Trans-people currently have to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria, spend two years living as their preferred sex and send information to an independent panel of ‘experts’ before they can have their gender changed on legal documents.”

    Do you think this is something that someone would do just following a trend? Do you really think that this is an easy choice for those who genuinely feel they have been born into the wrong sex, or feel much more comfortable as the opposite sex? It is not a decision taken lightly and carries with it a great deal of discrimination, ignorant and hurtful judgements, and takes a degree of courage to see it through.

  14. Bark says:

    This needs far more scrutiny by the Council. Girls are losing their female only spaces because of this. How can every pupil be safe and happy when girls are allowed no say in who can use their toilets, changing rooms or dorms on school trips? How do Muslim families feel about their daughters having no sex segregated spaces? These changes are being rushed through by politicians and councillors who are not thinking of the consequences. Stonewall seem to be utterly dismissive of the girls needs here (time spent in the toilet isnt the problem for menstruating girls. It is coming out of the toilet into the waiting area and sink area, where boys AND girls mix, to clean up after sanitary protection changes/leaks thats the problem. Why expose young girls dealing with the onset of periods to a mixed sex environment? We all know how insensitive teenage boys can be – and sometimes how bullying – but a girls right to deal with menstruation in a female only environment has been taken away). And KIDS ARE NOT ADULTS. Teenagers experiment with sexuality, identity etc in a way which is NOT the same as an adult transitioning to live as a member of the opposite sex. Will gender fluid 14 year olds be allowed to use the boys changing rooms one term, and then the girls changing room the next? Will all spaces become gender neutral so that no girls can choose to get changed or shower in a female only space? Girls need access to female only spaces. They need to be allowed to say when they are not happy undressing in the same space as male bodied pupils. They have a right to privacy and to feel safe, and in control of their boundaries. I am stunned that guidance which gives no thought to this is being adopted by the Council and schools.

  15. Chris David says:

    This is very difficult to understand. I cant help thinking we should make it simple and revert to being just boys and girls- with no specula privileges for religious groups either. Is all this treated on the NHS? Who pays for the panel of “experts”?

  16. Trish Oliver says:

    Biology is not Bigotry.

  17. Senseandsensibility says:

    This is not a “women’s” group is is a “transhobic bigots” group, now attempting to harm children, disgusting!

  18. Bark says:

    Wanting girls to have private, female only spaces is just common sense. Forcing young girls learning how to deal with menstruation to share waiting and handwashing space in ‘gender neutral’ toilets with teenage boys is ignorant and uncaring. Girls dealing with all the physical changes that their bodies go through in adolescence – which can make them very self conscious – need to be able to set boundaries about who can enter their changing rooms, showers and dorms or tents on school trips. And that means being able to choose female only spaces. It is simple common sense. Have ‘gender neutral’ spaces in schools for anyone who want to use them. Alongside female only facilities for girls who want female privacy (and male only spaces for boys who do not want to share private space with girls). There is no need to take away all female only spaces to accommodate some gender neutral arrangements. Anyone who insists there is a need has view and an agenda which has NOTHING to do with inclusion or equality.

  19. Edward says:

    People can complain as much as they like but the fact is that we now live in an understanding, caring and inclusive society and no amount of posting about “traditional family values” is going to change that.

    We are living in the future. Join in and be nice to people.

  20. Bark says:

    An understanding, caring and inclusive society would allow girls to have access to female only spaces, when they wanted to use them. It would respect the rights of women and girls to set their own boundaries, instead of being told who they must share space with. When 40 percent of girls experience sexual harassment at school and nearly a third experience ‘unwanted sexual touching’ according to research commissioned by the TES, a caring and inclusive society would refuse all attempts to undermine the autonomy of girls and women. It has nothing to do with ‘family values.’ It is a human rights issue. Women’s rights are human rights. Trans rights are human rights. Women’s
    rights are not incompatible with trans rights, and only misogynists or the very badly informed can hold that view. So much of this is caused by schools and public bodies panicking about ending up in some social media fuelled ‘witch hunt’, rather than genuine concern. Common sense, an understanding of equality law and a willingness to listen to all groups affected is the only way to true inclusivity, that will be of real benefit to all young people.

  21. Great to see the council issuing this guidance on inclusion for all pupils and highlighting the best way to support transgender children. Children who do not get support really suffer depression and never reach their full potential in education. Inclusive policies and actions allow trans gender boys and girls to successfully navigate the school environment and go on to be successful members of society.

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