There’ll be fantastic mobile reception whilst the Volvo Ocean Race circus is in Cardiff – but it’ll all be back to normal early next month (Photo John Clark)

Mobile phone customers who use the Vodafone network may soon find a much improved service available in Penarth and around Cardiff Bay.

Vodafone has this week been installing a new mobile phone mast specially to cope with calls to and from the hundreds of people involved in organising the  round the world Volvo Ocean Race when the crews and boats arrive in Cardiff at the end of the month for their UK stop-over.

The only mast in the Volvo Ocean Race that doesn’t carry a sail.(Photo John Clark)

The new mast should also augment services to existing Vodafone customers in the vicinity of Cardiff Bay and may even help people in Penarth who despite the plethora of masts in the town, all too often have trouble getting a signal.

The mobile phone booster mast arrived in four sections to be bolted together on site  using a Hihab crane and was soon connected up to a mobile electrical control room.

Finally the electrical cabling was installed and the whole system should be now up and running .

However the change is not permanent.

The whole system will be  dismantled and taken away once the multi-million pound Volvo Ocean Race circus has left town –  so any improvement in local signal strength is destined to be just a temporary phenomenon.


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  1. Dizzydeb says:

    We are so lucky to have this amazing event in Cardiff! If promoted properly by Cardiff & the Vale it should attract huge crowds and much needed revenue for local business.

  2. Mike Yorke says:

    A low-fee or free bus taking passengers from the barrage to Penarth town centre and the pier would be a good boost as I’m sure most visitors along that stretch wont have a clue what’s just around the headland next to the customs hose and wil unfortunately turn back..

  3. Penileaks says:

    Just proves the point that the standard service that Vodafone provide to the normal public is not the best that it could be doesn’t it and once the wealthy boat owners and their wealthy teams depart, it will be back to the normal mediocre service for the ripped off masses !

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