Rentable beach-huts like these at  Barry Island may be introduced on the sea-front at Penarth to help the Vale Council funds

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is to consider whether to introduce rentable beach-huts – (of the type already installed at Barry) on the beach at Penarth.

The initiative is part of the council’s drive to bring in more “self-generated income” to help fund the cost of existing council services.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Barry Beach Huts survived a disastrous launch under the previous Labour administration but are now in great demand

Beach Huts :On Monday the Vale Council’s cabinet is to consider an internal report which proposes increasing the charges for some council services –  and potentially bringing council Beach Huts to Penarth.

After surviving a disastrous launch and a spell of inept marketing by the previous Labour administration, the Barry beach huts are now in such popular demand that the council is to jack-up the charges for renting the huts by more than the increase in the rate of UK inflation – thereby securing a real-income boost for the Vale.

Allotments: The Vale Council is also planning to increase the cost of renting allotments  – although in Penarth most allotments are under the control of the Labour run Penarth Town Council

Film crews can often commandeer an entire Penarth street with their equipment . They may now have to pay more for the privilege.

Filming and Dedications:  A review has been carried out of the costs for “filming and dedication schemes” in the Vale . The report says “a consistent set of fees and charges and terms and conditions” has now been introduced and discretion given to council officers to  “negotiate on the guide prices for filming”.

Concessionary rates for picking up unwanted bulky waste have been scrapped.

Bulky Waste: The council is holding its charges at the current level but has already  removed “concessions” (which amount to 62% of all bulky waste collections). The report also warns that currently the collection service is not generating sufficient income to cover its costs. The report  also says “It was acknowledged that there was a risk that instances of fly tipping may increase”.

The swimming pool at Penarth Leisure Centre . The hydroslide is out of action and the changing rooms are reported to be “in a terrible state”. Long awaited new unisex changing rooms – which are vehemently opposed by many swimmers –  have yet to be installed 

Leisure Services: (eg swimming pools and gymnasiums): Charges for Leisure Services have been increase ” in line with the recommended percentage increase”.  However, because additional work is to be carried out on these facilities “a different charging approach” is being recommended in the future  particularly where a facility was primarily used by one club or organisation.

Skips in the Road :The duration of the current permits is to be reduced from 1 month to 2 weeks .

Vale Car Parks : Car parking charges at the Vale Council’s coastal car parks are to increase  increase to £6:00 for drivers parking for more than 1 hour . The charge for coaches is to rise to £12.00.  (There is a 50% discount for car drivers after 16:00 hours).   The cost of parking within  the Vale’s coastal car parks at Barry Island, Ogmore by Sea and at Southerndown is also being further reviewed – but there is no mention in the report of car parking charges being introduced at the Vale’s Cliff Walk car park in Penarth – where parking is currently free of charge.

Automatic Number-Plate Recognition : The council report says that it is “not currently legal for Local Authorities to use this facility unless there are  barriers on both sides [ i.e entrance and exit].

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  1. 249ers says:

    Where, on Penarth beach, do they propose to site the beach huts? Will they be on stilts?

    • Steven says:

      And how would you reach them? Helped?

      • Steven says:

        Didn’t mean you! I meant … how would ‘one’ get to them? And I meant helicopter. Hot air from Civic offices in Barry trying to make money.

  2. Robert Williams says:

    In regards the leisure centre, I note that the sauna and steam rooms are now out of action. The glass doors that have been sticking for about six months have now shattered apparently injuring someone. Total lack of maintenance and investment, needs closing and sorting out urgently.

  3. Scootergirl says:

    Surely the council should take away some of the pebbles from Penarth Beach if they are going to install beach huts, simply to try and make it look more attractive/ enticing for any one to hire one.
    There is a bit of a difference between the beach at Barry to that of Penarth

  4. Scootergirl says:

    And as to charging £6 to park a car – are the council trying to put people off from visiting our coastal areas altogether. Thus depriving our little shops and cafes of much needed revenue and also encouraging more Selfish parking on grass verges and across peoples drives as was seen on the last glorious Bank holiday weekend

  5. John Powell says:

    Oh dear me, if ramping up existing scams is the b st the Vale can do, best out it out of its misery! (And ours).

  6. Caress Morell says:

    Penarth Leisure Centre is a flipping disgrace…. how the council can say it’s fit for purpose is beyond me… the changing rooms are like something from a nuclear holocaust.
    I don’t understand the outrage at the proposed new changing area. I think the new proposed changing rooms are a great idea: exactly like the CIP ‘changing village’, which is lovely… clean, private and plenty of lockers.

    Maybe Legacy Leisure need to think seriously about a price hike. Penarth Leisure Centre is a well used facility, if not a well loved or cared for facility. Some investment would not go amiss.

    Unlike beach huts on Penarth Beach, which seems a stupendously stupid idea!

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