Penarth Marina Manager Stuart Jones (left) receives the new heart de-fibrillator from the charity Welsh Hearts

The first electronic heart-defibrillator to be permanently based in Penarth Marina  has been handed over for installation by the charity Welsh Hearts.

The handover came during the Penarth Quays Marina Open Day yesterday when marina manager Stuart Jones accepted the new portable  battery-powered machine.

The defibrillator can be used by anyone without training and talks users through the method of using it

Defibrillators are electronic devices for use on heart attack victims. They deliver an electric shock to a patient’s heart in order to get it beating properly again. If  used promptly – even by untrained people – they can often save the life of a heart-attack victim in the “golden minutes” before an ambulance can reach the scene. A built-in audio recording talks untrained users through the procedures of operating the device.

There are already several heart de-fibrillators at other sites in Penarth – but this is the first permanent machine to be based in the Marina and available around the clock.  It will be based at the Marina Harbourmaster’s Office and will be available 24/7 for anyone to use at any time.  [ Another defibrillator is available on board the training yacht “Challenge Wales” which is normally berthed in the Marina outer basin] .

The cost of £1,000 for the new machine has been met with contributions from Penarth Quays Marina and from the Penarth Portway Management Company – which manages much of the residential estate around the Marina.

The current list of defibrillators in Penarth – of which there are now 3 available around the clock – is as follows :-

  • Penarth Quays Marina Harbourmaster’s Office (24/7)
  • Penarth Lifeboat Station (24/7)
  • Lloyds Bank, Windsor Road (24/7)
  • Aboard the yacht “Challenge Wales”  berthed at Penarth Marina Outer Basin
  • Penarth Pier Pavilion
  • Penarth Bowls Club
  • Penarth Rugby Club
  • The Holm House Hotel, Marine Parade
  • The Paget Rooms
  • Westbourne School
  • The Co-operative Food Store in Windsor Road
  • Penarth Yacht Club

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  1. challengewales says:

    “Challenge Wales” in Penarth Marina has had a defibrillator onboard for 2 years. There is an official sign on the boat that indicates we have one. As we have people onboard aged 12- 75 years and a heart condition can affect any age we felt it was important to have one onboard for when we are in-port or out at sea.

  2. penarthblog says:

    It’s very important that such facilities are given the widest possible publicity as it can save lives.

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