Police were called to Plas Taliesin in Penarth Marina on Sunday May 20th after a burglar stole the keys of a Ford Mondeo and drove off in it

South Wales Police have confirmed that they are investigating a burglary which occurred in Plas Taliesin, Penarth, overnight on Sunday, May 20th.

Police say the thief broke into a house in Plas Taliesin, and took the ignition keys of a black Ford Mondeo from the owner’s rucksack and drove off in the car.

Plas Taliesin is at the end of this road Llwyn Passat in Penarth Marina

Penarth Marina  Residents Association however reports many more crimes than are declared by the police . Over the weekend the association says:-

  • Two cars were broken into on Llwyn Passat [one of which presumably is the stolen Mondeo].
  • A car was broken into and a handbag stolen from it outside St James House.
  • A car parked at the side of Taliesin  was broken into.
  • There is also evidence of drug use at the turning circle.

Meanwhile South Wales Police today reminded residents to make sure the doors of their homes are securely locked and that any belongings are stored safely. Police also advise that to minimise the risk of falling victim to this type of burglary, they  recommend keeping all keys out of view – ideally taking keys, handbags etc, upstairs when going to bed – and keeping them well away from windows, doors and… catflaps.

Anyone with information which could assist the investigation is being askedto call  101, quoting reference 1800180181. Alternatively informants cal also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


A PDN correspondent has also reported that residents of Penarth Heights have  recorded images and video of a group of 5 men trying every front door and every car on 19th May at 4:40am along the length of Royal Close and Trem Y Bae.

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  1. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Why haven’t Alun Michael and the Labour Party Police Force provided CCTV or descriptions of these men? Its part of their job to do this so you can look out for them.

  2. flowerpower says:

    Van was stolen from Paget Terrace on friday. Whilst delivery driver was handing over a parcel to one of the households someone jumped in and drove it away

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