The design for the heavily-criticised apartment development at Cogan Hill was modified several times before it eventually received planning permission. Now the land has changed hands without a single breeze block being laid – and just what its new owners, the Welsh Labour Government, are going to do with it is anyone’s guess

It’s emerged that the extensive plot of land adjacent to Cogan Station  – on which a 3 storey block of social housing apartments was to be built –  has now been sold to the Welsh Labour Government. 

The area includes the derelict old Cogan community hall – also known as the OAP hall – which had been almost totally obsecured by greenery.

The land is also  the site of the old road which used to continue in a tunnel underneath the main road at Cogan Hill and the Cardiff-Penarth railway line to emerge in Penarth Docks (now Penarth Marina).

Developers Jehu erected a placard proclaiming they had acquired the land – a relatively narrow plot sandwiched between Cogan Station and Cogan Hill. It was previously owned by former Penarth car dealer Robert  Smith

The plot of land was owned at one time by Robert Smith the former Penarth car dealer and was then acquired by the development company Jehu who set up a placard to inform local residents it had bnought the land

Now it seems that Jehu – a company well plugged-in to the Welsh Labour establishment – have sold the land to the Welsh Labour Government without doing anything to it apart from clearing trees and – according to local residents – disturbing local bat colonies.

The development site is on a strip of land between Cogan Hill and Cogan Railway station which – until December last year was shrouded in trees and undergrowth. The pensioner’s hall on the right was to be demolished – but is still standing  – and now the land has changed hands.

Jehu put in a planning application to build a large – barrack-like block of low-rent social housing apartments on the site.  The proposed scheme was criticised as “a gross monstrosity at the gateway to Penarth”   After various modifications were made to the initial scheme, it was given planning permission.

Now however, it appears that Jehu have sold the land to the Welsh Labour Govermment for £620,000. The Land Registry now records that the land is now owned by “THE WELSH MINISTERS of Director Of Legal Services, Crown Building, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ and of Welsh Goverment, Transport Department, Crown Building, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ.”

No one from Jehu was available for comment today.  PDN is awaiting comment from the Welsh Labour Government.

UPDATE: One  PDN source has said there may be plans to develop a “transport hub” in association with Network Rail on the site.

Another PDN source says that amongst the options being looked at by the Welsh Labour Government is the construction of an accommodation block which would offer a choice of 2  schemes for the site . One is apparently to house immigrants, predominantly from Africa. The second option is to house recovering drug addicts and/or alcoholics during an intermediate stage in their rehabilitation. In the latter case, the accommodation provided would include some  “secure accommodation” which might restrict the ability of residents to leave the premises.

There is no confirmation whatever of either of these schemes and no planning application of any kind has yet been submitted – although the planning permission is still valid for the social housing apartment scheme which Jehu were going to build prior to their sale of the land .


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  1. Mike Fox says:

    Well my guess the Transport Hub is back on then. As the TFW site shown this some time ago.

  2. Big Davey says:

    a good move by the assembly, some strategic thinking in progress which is a nice surprise.

  3. penarthblog says:

    I liked the original design.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Get planning permission for as many flats as possible then sell it to the WAG for maximum thr price possible.
    Do we know how much the Welsh Labour government spent on this??
    Or is this confidential like most of their dodgy schemes.

    • Luca says:

      Er…”…Now however, it appears that Jehu have sold the land to the Welsh Labour Govermment (sic) for £620,000.” – as per the article above.

    • Steven says:

      Read the article. It clearly states the selling price!

      • AK says:

        C’mon this is PDN. You don’t really expect people to read the article before commenting, do you ?

  5. Rosemary Smith says:

    Shame about the desecration of the trees and the bats being made homeless!

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