South Wales Police have been deploying their latest drone on Penarth Marina. However local residents say thieves are already one step ahead and are using drones to reconnoitre local homes in the marina’s residential area to help them select houses to rob.  (Photo John Clark)

South Wales Police have been testing  out their latest generation of unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – or drones by flying them around the  Penarth Marina/Barrage area.

South Wales Police didn’t bother with any politically-correct EU products but instead plumped for a top-of-the-range USA-designed Typhoon model produced by Yuneec Americas Corporation  in California .

The drone is transported in its own dedicated 4X4 SUV.(Photo John Clark)

The hefty six-rotor machine weighs-in at over 23 lbs. and is transported to locations in a dedicated police 4X4 SUV . The drone carries a live high-definition camera on a remote-controlled gimballed mount and also has an on-board transmitter to beam the live pictures back to the ground from over a mile away.

The machine can stay aloft for up to 25 minutes at a time between battery changes.

The police team at the barrage – all wearing mufti or casual clothing – merged inconspicuously with visitors (Photo John Clark)

However the skies over Cardiff Bay and the Barrage are already getting a might crowded. Local residents say burglars are now using their own drones to peer through the upstairs windows of local homes before deciding which one(s) to break into.

In the last few days there has been a spate of incidents  in the Penarth Marina residential area in which houses have been burgled and cars stolen.



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  1. Mollie Danielle says:

    scaremongering at its best!! How do you know that burglars are using drones?!

    • NewsNet says:

      The information comes from the chairman of Penarth Portway Management Company and is supported by local residents.

  2. penarthian says:

    10 police officers to watch a drone!
    If they deployed some of these on foot patrol they may catch some burglars!!!!
    Penarth is awash with burglars and car thieves.
    I’ve never seen a Police officer on foot patrol!!!
    They need to have a presence in person, not just rely on machines!

    • Paul says:

      Agreed. The problem is most plods nowadays are so overweight and unfit they’d struggle to catch anyone.

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    Agree with Penarthian’s comment. There seems to be an aim to avoid a visible police presence at all costs. I am a firm opponent of inconsiderate parking in the Promenade area but recently a man has appeared, in high vis jacket but no other ID-he is apparently employed by a Parking Firm and is issuing tickets-“word” is police are aware and do not think he is doing anything wrong-beware the “incognito” Parking warden.

    • penarthian says:

      Sounds like the perfect job for scammers!
      Someone did this for years at Porthkerry Park and took thousands before they realised he wasn’t legit! He was just an ‘entrepreneur AKA criminal ‘ !
      No traffic wardens. No visible Police patrols . Help yourself land.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    No Police on the beat , no working CCTVs in the town centre but now they have found a new ‘toy’ to play with !!?? as I keep saying parrot fashion ” you couldn’t make it up” but Penarth Police can, stop playing with expensive toys paid for by taxpayers and DO YOUR JOB OR THE JOB YOU WERE HIRED FOR AND PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS , THE PUBLIC PAY YOUR WAGES ………….so do the job ,stop sitting around all day thinking up even more reasons not to patrol the streets . Do you imagine if there was a Police presence in the areas attracting wrongdoers , the law breakers would have second thoughts .But no we are going to fly our new toy instead and if we see anyone breaking the law we will errrrr!!! take a note of it. Pathetic !!

  5. AK says:

    Could be useful to overfly Sully Island before sending the lifeboat out unnecessarily.

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