The entire Penarth Marina residential area is suffering from anti-social behaviour by drug addicts and people from outside the area

Local residents living in homes in Penarth Marina are demanding action be taken to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the residential  developments surrounding Plymouth Park, the Marina yacht-basins and overlooking Cardiff Bay .

The protest has been sparked by a spate of burglaries  – believed have been committed by criminals from outside the area which specifically targeted cars and some of the most desirable waterside homes in the Marina development.

Several cars in the Marina have been broken into in the last few days. In once case the thieves were filmed on a CCTV camera:-

In the case seen above,  a car belonging to Mr Terry Chisnall is broken into in the very early hours of the morning  and ransacked by a gang of thieves – some of whom appear to be wearing long robes. The theft occurred on Friday night May 18th/ May 19th.

Residents are also very concerned about rising antisocial behaviour across the Marina residential area by drugtakers and teenagers apparently sniffing “laughing gas “.

Mr John Constable chariman of the Portway Marina Management Company (left) with Cllr Gary Allman (Conservative St Augustines) , Both live in the Marina residential developments and are working with residents to tackle a growing problem of anti-social behaviour and crime

Cllr Gary Allman (Conservative St Augustines)  last night held discussions with a  number of concerned local residents and with Mr John Constable who also lives locally and is chairman of Penarth Portway Management Ltd – the company that looks after 180 properties at the South Eastern end of in the Marina residential area .

Cllr Allman said that residents were constantly finding scores of small nitrous oxide cylinders or chargers littering the shoreline overlooking Cardiff Bay, within yards of the homes of local residents.  Discarded  balloons, hypodermic needles and other drug-taking paraphernalia were also being found.   

Cllr Allman said the gas sniffing problem extended throughout the Marina . Discarded gas canisters were also being found in the vicinity of the Oystercatcher pub and elsewhere.

Hundreds of used canisters of laughing gas have been found littering the quiet and tranquil area

Mr Constable that on Thursday morning last week he had found large numbers of laughing gas chargers littering the area . These, he says, are being sold in many local clubs and pubs. The contents are  discharged into  balloons and then “snorted”  – giving the drug users a “high”.

The gas is illegal under the Psychotic Substances Act of  2016 but the police – Mr Constable says   – are  “taking a fairly relaxed view” pending the outcome of an appeal in case in which a user claimed the gas  was being sniffed for “medicinal purposes” .

The houses of Plas Taliesin directly overlook Cardiff Bay

Mr Constable stresses that a spate of crime  is also a prime concern of local residents. On Wednesday evening last week (May 16th) residents saw  two men park a black BMW car near Plas Taliesin and then fly a radio-controlled drone – not over Cardiff Bay – but at the first floor level of local houses – from which height they could easily peer inside into upstairs rooms.

The following Sunday (May 27th) one of the houses which had been videoed by the drone was broken into . A knapsack was stolen in which there were the ignition keys of a black Ford Mondeo. That car was  driven away and has yet to be traced . Two other cars in the Marina area were also broken into over the weekend – one of which is the vehicle in the video at the top of this item.

Marking it easy for burglars. The Vale Council switches off the streetlights in the Marina at midnight

Residents say the  Vale of Glamorgan Council’s decision [taken by the former Labour administration]  to switch off street lights in the Marina between midnight and 06:00 is also thought to be a factor in the increase in criminal activity in the area .

Cllr Allman says it’s recognised that eventually the Marina district’s street lamps will be converted to more economical LED lights – but in the meantime the lack of light at night poses an additional risk for residents. He says that if enough local people got together –  in the whole of the Marina – to demand the reinstatement of overnight lighting he would be able to do something about it.

On the increasing anti-social behaviour problem Mr Constable said local people were now taking a “community initiative”   with residents “keeping an eye out for each other”  and in many cases  had their own CCTV cameras and were noting faces and car numbers.

John Constable is chaiman of the Penarth Portway Management Company

However, Mr Constable said, the local community was “looking for more in the way of assistance from the police”It was not good enough, he said, to be asked to dial 101 and have a police community service officer turn up 2 days later ; residents wanted to be able to “dial 999 and have flashing blue lights on the scene” immediately.

As all cars entering and exiting the Marina can only use two roads in or out, one idea suggested by residents is to have Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras constantly monitoring these two routes.

Cllr Gary Allman (Conservative St Augustines) is encouraging a pro-active approach to the problem

Cllr Allman is also encouraging the revival of the local Neighbourhood Watch scheme which became defunct many years ago .

He wants to the Penarth Marina Residents Association to bring the whole community together  to “put a plan together” and take the initiative to combat the problems.

Meanwhile other residents are pressing local Labour AM Vaughan Gething and Labour MP Stephen Doughty to take action on their behalf – specifically in regard to the Cardiff Barrage Car Park which has now become a Mecca for drug taking and anti social activity.

The Cardiff Barrage car park is owned by the Labour-run Cardiff Council .

Discarded laughing gas canisters littering Paget Place – on the main route towards the Marina

Disacarded gas canisters  have also been found at other parts of the marina , on nearby roads and on the Barrage – along with needles  and other drug-taking paraphenalia. Police have been informed but – residents say they only advise people to ring 101 – a number which can take ages to get through on. Police officers rarely patrol the marina area itself



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  1. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    I’m afraid you Marina residents will have to put up with it. These crimes are mainly committed by immigrant Moslems, Pakistanis, Blacks and Easter Europeans from the surrounding suburbs. Alun Michael and the South Wales Police will not target them. Perhaps you need to form your own police force like the Showrim in London?

    • coexistinpenarth says:

      An Easter European? They sound festive!

    • PB says:

      Mark, please quote your source when you say things like this otherwise it sounds like you’re making up any old rubbish and saying it’s fact.

    • Louise C says:

      Shame our mental health budgets are so stretched but you could see if your GP can help with those dillusions.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      “All it takes for evil to triumph is good men to do nothing.”
      Do nothing – seems to be the approach of Penarth Town Council to extreme Late Night Drinking Licensing.
      Well PTC Councillors it looks as though you are getting what you asked for in our Marina by your idle, incompetence, complacency and dereliction of duty. Shame on you!
      The first duty of any Public Authority is to keep the Citizens safe.
      Clearly you disagree. If that is what you think then resign and let someone who cares about us have your seat.

  2. Bored Ben says:

    Youll be lucky PB. Mark loves any opportunity to spout his vile racist views before fleeing the scene without providing sources or facts. He’ll probably post a twitter link from Donald Trump! Easter Europeans are also new to me. They cant be Muslim (or Moslim as Mark calls them) since we dont celebrate Easter, but enjoy a Cream Egg once in a while!

  3. “Cllr Allman says it’s recognised that eventually the Marina district’s street lamps will be converted to more economical LED lights – but in the meantime the lack of light at night poses an additional risk for residents. He says that if enough local people got together – in the whole of the Marina – to demand the reinstatement of overnight lighting he would be able to do something about it.”

    All I can say to this is that if the meeting was not such a closely guarded secret more of us could have turned up “to demand the reinstatement”.

    Could Cllr Allman please be more open about when he is holding these meetings rather than continue with this secrecy?

  4. Zapper says:

    Doesn’t look like the street light that was on in the video put them off!

  5. Nincompoop says:

    Is Racist Mark’s comment meant to be a joke..?

  6. Caress Morell says:

    Penarth Marina is well known around and about as, generally, a more affluent area. It stands to reason that in particular, car theft, where often cars are taken ‘to order’, would target the marina: the story is the same in many towns and cities. So Racist Mark clearly has nothing of use or value to add to the conversation.
    In my house, we’re taking the Police advice seriously, double checking doors, windows etc, and heeding advice about taking care not to leave keys and valuables in sight or near the entrance.

  7. John Powell says:

    The gas canisters are all over Penarth -it’s what happens when
    Tory governments cut the police by 25% and the Tory Vale Council doesn’t reverse stupid Labour policies.

    • Richard Williams says:

      John Powell is totally wrong . The Conservative Government did NOT “cut police by 25%”. South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael has INCREASED the number of officers in South Wales Police . There are now 2,862 “sworn officers” and 400 PCSOs in South Wales Police Force.

      • snoggerdog says:

        i i could have “sworn” i saw an “officer” the week before last,iwas at the secret policemans ball.

  8. Ian Perry says:

    Street lighting is irrelevant to the issues here. The problem stems from the urban design. The architects took all the bad ideas from the estates of the 1950’s and 1960’s and implemented them at Penarth Marina.

    Thieves don’t worry about street lighting. They are concerned only about being seen (the dark makes it more difficult to see…). The problem here is that the street and car parks are not observed by many/any homes. How can this problem be fixed – without demolition?

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