The Railway Hotel has scrapped a bid to stay open until 02:30 am – despite Penarth Town Council voting in favour of it

The Railway Hotel in Plymouth Road, Penarth has now withdrawn a highly contentious licensing application which would have enabled it to stay open until 02:30 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The pub had proposed to  “Extend the terminal hour for the sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment (films, indoor sports and live music) and late night refreshment on Fridays and Saturdays to 02:00 the following day.”  .

The Railway Hotel beer garden

The application would have involved extending opening hours to allow the premises to close at 02:30 am the “morning after” Friday and Saturday nights and also sought permission to  “Extend the provision of films to commence from 07:00 Monday to Sunday (in line with opening)”.

Last month the Labour-run Penarth Town Council ‘s planning committee – without any public consultation –  recommended that the Vale of Glamorgan Council should GRANT the extension to the Railway Hotel.

Cllr Nigel Humphrey (Labour St Augustines)

In considering this application, Penarth Council’s  planning committee – under its chairman Cllr Nigel Humphrey (Labour St Augustines)  – appeared to have consulted only the  “seamless” multi-tiered Labour political machine.

In the Penarth Town Council planning committee on April 19th Cllr Humphrey told members that he had managed with the help of Alun Michael” [the Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner] to speak to PC Jason Young – the police licensing officer.

PC Young had told Cllr Humphrey that if he were to object to this application, he would “need to come up with valid reasons for refusal” and that – as far as crime associated with the Railway Pub was concerned, PC Young had said that he did not have a “valid reason to actually object”.

Police carrying out investigations at the Railway Pub in Plymouth Road in 2016 following an alleged  incident off the premises.

However Cllr Humphrey had gone on admit that  some local councillors” [ he didn’t say who] “have concerns about extending these hours “. and noted that if the extension to 02:30 were granted to the Railway Hotel, then other pubs in Penarth might well apply for a similar extensions.[In fact the St Fagans already had. The St Fagans application is to be discussed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s full  licensing committee next month].

Penarth Labour councillors seemed to think an extension of hours would be good for the local pubs – and the local Labour Club – and would increase their business. Not one councillor on the Planning Committee raised any concerns about the potential effect that the proposed extension at the Railway Hotel might have on local residents.

Cllr Ian Buckley (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Ian Buckley (Labour Cornerswell)  said airily “If people complain, it will go through the police and the licence will be changed “.  Allowing the Railway Pub’s licence to be extended – he argued – would “keep the business in Penarth instead it going to Cardiff”.

The Penarth Town Council planning committee then voted in favour of recommending to the Vale of Glamorgan Council that it should allow the Railway Hotel to extend its hours to 02:30 – and also to recommend that the rival St Fagan’s pub should be allowed to extend its hours as well.  

However the public of Penarth clearly did not agree with the Penarth’s Labour councillors or their laissez-faire attitude to opening hours. The Railway licensing application has raised a storm of opposition from local residents and other organisations who objected vociferously to the proposed extension.

Some local residents expressed worries about “noise levels” and “threatening behaviour” . Others have expressed concern about young school pupils openly drinking in the streets of Penarth late at night. The recent vandalism in nearby Rectory Road Lane has also worried local householders.

So powerful was the backlash that the Railway Pub has now withdrawn the application and will retain its existing opening hours – closing its doors at 24:30.


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  1. Andrew Worsley says:

    As I keep on saying regarding half baked ideas put forward by certain people in Penarth,” you could not make it up”! , we read that Police have recently told a crowd of youngsters to keep away from the vicinity of the Police Commissioners home but referenced the homes on Rectory Rd to justify their actions .Now we have a PC telling the Railway pub he had no objections to the Railway pub staying open till 2-30am now I’m sure their would have been no noise or trouble when the drunks start acting up!!!!!???, obviously this PC is totally naïve or stupid to even think that . Anyway the permission for extension has been hastily withdrawn (no reason given) and its not because the Police Commissioners home is only a stones throw from the pub , so get that idea out of your head!!??? What is silly is to give an extension to the St Fagans pub , this place is empty for most of the week apart from a dozen or so locals , that’s how welcoming it is , most of those ‘regulars ‘ also happen to be builders who hang around the front door smoking , giving anyone who enters the ‘once over’ seal of approval !!! the pub has taken a nosedive in recent years from the old fashioned welcoming place to one of coldness. Even the Bears Head beats this pub for cordiality and that’s a stretch of the imagination too !!! And the pub employs bouncers on Fridays and Sat…… says it all really .

  2. cogan nomen says:

    You cannot even take your beer outside
    The st fag ends pub .

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    That cogan nomen is because they may use the glasses as weapons in any fight or dispute , and if you have seen the types that hang around the door you will know what I mean. Only the youngsters who go for the disco on Fridays and Sat and who don’t care about the pubs reputation or anything else apart from the music and drink go their. In the week most of them wouldn’t be seen dead in the place ……as thats what it is most week nights DEAD ….hence the extension wanted … a sort of financial lifeboat to save the place.

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