The Big Lunch at Plassey Square 2018 – as seen from 100 feet in the air by the drone of photographer Michael Daniels

The now-traditional “Big Lunch” at Plassey Recreation Ground has built on the success of the event last year with even more local residents and families taking part in this weekend’s festivities.

Local photographer –  and drone pilot –  Michael Daniels captured the popularity of the event from an altitude of 100 feet as the community of Plassey Square and Penarth Heights enjoyed the big get-together in great weather and under a blazing sun.

The jury’s still out on whether the wildflower beds (top left) are a success – but the Big Lunch certainly is (Photo Michael Daniels)

This is the first year that the two new wildflower beds – sown by the Vale of Glamorgan Council at either end of the “Rec.” – have been in evidence for the event. The intention was to provide a natural barrier to discourage children playing on the grass from running onto the adjacent roads.

Local opinion is still mixed as to whether the wildflower beds are actually a good idea or not – but, as far the turnout for the Big Lunch is concerned, it’s reckoned that there were at least double the numbers attending the event last weekend compared with the year before.

[The Plassey Square Recreation Ground was established in 1889 when the land of the Recreation Ground was given to the town by the Windsor Estate.  In the following year -1890 –  the houses were built around it to create Plassey Square. Originally the lane approaching the Recreation Ground was called “Recreation Avenue”. and later became “Harbour View”.]


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  1. FlowerPower says:

    I live close by and had no idea it was on? How was it advertised?
    Not seen anything re Picnic Penarth targeted at residents this end of town?

    • LISA MULENGA says:

      If you were a resident within the plassey square or penarth heights area you would of received a flyer through your door.
      This event is a yearly event focusing the neighbouring plassey square residents to promote community and getting to know your neighbours.
      Thanks to ALL who came! Was a real success!

      • Plassey Resident says:

        A great event, I think there was likely more people there than the photos depict. Perhaps they we’re taken a little late in the day when people had started going home.

        I do agree that the event could have been advertised in more places and earlier. We live in Plassey Square and only received a a flyer through through the door around ten days before the event.

      • Gramma Man says:

        “Would HAVE received a flyer”

        Gramma Man strikes again.

      • Taxpayer says:

        So it’s not for all Penath????Did not know anythink about it.

  2. Hope Springs says:

    “This is the first year that the two new wildflower beds – sown by the Vale of Glamorgan Council at either end of the “Rec.” have been in evidence for the event.”
    I fear that’s a little optimistic – to date, the majority of ‘flowers’ appear to be dandelions.

  3. Eyes and Ears says:

    It’s a good job they fenced off those flower beds a while back.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    That will be the same kind of wildflower bed that was sown in the so called Dingle Park , year one all lovely flowers in the spring / summer after that just weeds and next year just weeds. As for this event judging by the drone photo ( when a normal photo would do) the crowd was almost shoulder to shoulder hardly enough room to leave several large empty tennis court size spaces . And yes I’m being critical , I just have a thing about exaggerated claims that conflict with evidence.

    • Ben Dover says:

      Why are you such a miserable (I am guessing old) man? Never have anything positive to say and you are criticising a community picnic. Have a long hard look at yourself. Why not relax, enjoy a nice cold beverage at the Bear’s Head or any other of the fine drinking establishments in the Penarth area.

  5. AK says:

    Nice to see the community get together – maybe an opportunity for some to meet new neighbours, something often missed in these days of rented apartment blocks.

  6. HW says:

    Great event once again. Lovely to see so many children out in the fresh air enjoying time with their friends and family. Well done to the organisers.

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