The roundabout at the end of Plassey Street could be reconfigured – or disappear altogether

Scores of local residents attended the first “drop-in” consultation session held last night on plans to re-vamp the “Gateway to Penarth” – the main approach into the town from Cardiff via Windsor Road/Plassey St.

The session, the first of two being organised by the Conservative-run Vale of Glamorgan Council,  was held in the Bowls Pavilion at Belle Vue Park.

The Pavilion at Belle Vue Park was the venue for last night’s consultation – and is also the location for the coming “drop-in session”  be held on Tuesday June 12th at 17:00

On display were 4 alternative proposals for re-aligning the approach into Penarth which had been produced by Vale Council officers

None of the proposded layouts are, in any way, cast in stone and local residents are welcome to propose their own alternatives. Vale officers were on hand to discuss the details with local residents.

Local residents examining the alternative plans for the “Gateway to Penarth” – and discussing details with Vale Council officers

The scheme will be funded from Section 106 cash paid to the Vale Council by the Crest Nicholson – the developers of Penarth Heights –  and will therefore not be a cost to local council-tax payers.  These are the 4 alternative proposals under discussion :-

OPTION 1 : Re-aligned roundabout junction

The proposed layout for Option One

This option would retain a roundabout junction. The roundabout central island would be enlarged to reduce the speed of vehicles going through the junction. There would be press-button controlled “Toucan” Crossings on Windsor Road and Plassey Street to allow for safer movements around this area for pedestrians and cyclists. However this this option would require a small amount of land from The Dingle park to allow for the enlarged roundabout, resulting in the removal of some trees from this area.

OPTION 2: One Way System – Plassey Street

Option 2 involves a proposed One-Way system

This option proposes to remove the roundabout and introduce a three way signalised junction with “Toucan” crossings.

OPTION 3: A “Give-Way” junction

The proposed layout for Option 3

This option proposes to remove the roundabout. The primary route would be Windsor Road, and there would be a new T-junction introduced to connect Windsor Road with Plassey Street. The T-junction would not “be signalised”. There would be an uncontrolled – or possibly a Toucan – crossing on Plassey Street AND  an uncontrolled – or a Toucan – crossing on Windsor Road. There would be significant “build-outs” [ i.e. enlarged pavement sections]  , which could allow for “street furniture and planting”. Parking bays would be available to the South of Hill Terrace.
OPTION 4: A complete One-Way system

Option 4 proposes a complete One-Way system

This option would see a complete one way system in place on Windsor Road from the junction with High Street, travelling north towards Cogan, and travelling south from Cogan along Plassey Street up to the junction with High Street. There would be a right turn lane allowing vehicles travelling from Penarth Town Centre on Windsor Road to turn right in to Plassey Street. Two way traffic would resume  at the junction of High Street heading south towards the town centre.

It is said that this option would “significantly improve movement for pedestrians and cyclists in this area”  with the introduction of new traffic signalled controlled pedestrian / cyclist crossings at the junctions of Windsor Road/Plassey Street, High Street/Plassey Street and High Street/Windsor Road. There would also be improved segregated cycle-lanes on both Windsor Road and Plassey Street. Parking bays would be provided to the south of Hill Terrace.

Also being discussed as part of the same consultation are proposals for “sustainable transport links” in the vicinity of Penarth Heights.

Details of the schemes are available on line on

There is to be a further drop-in consultation on Tuesday June 12th – again at the Bowls Pavilion at Belle Vue Park from 17:00 to 19:00.

The council says there has already been a significant amount of reponse to the consultation by local residents on-line. The full results will not be available until some time after September.

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  1. flowerpower says:

    Has anyone actually done any computer simulation of the itraffic flow to demonstrate the impact of the dfferent schemes. Assumptions and opinions are often wrong – things that work can be counterintuitive?

  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    What an elitist venue for an event important to all the people of Penarth, not just the Blue Rinse Set at Bellevue Hill, sorry Bellevue Park. Good to see good old British democracy at work. Christ its too small even to hold a Torchlight Parade there. Why don’t they go down market and put it on at the Ex-Servicemens Club or the Penarth Labour Club? That might win them some votes in your democratic electorate.

  3. fishhenge says:

    Plassey Street is almost entirely residential along its entire length, whereas the equivalent stretch in Windsor Road is significantly open space and commercial. Windsor Road is also significantly narrower, meaning the traffic speeds are much lower along its length, reducing the likelihood of death or serious injury in the event of a pedestrian or cyclist being hit by a vehicle.
    With the high volume and speed of traffic currently using Plassey Street and the high number of younger children living along and north of it, inevitably it is only a matter of time before someone gets knocked down and killed, so whichever option is selected, if any, the volume and speed of traffic using Plassey Street must be reduced.
    In my humble opinion the only option capable of achieving such a reduction is the ‘T’ junction option, combined with changing the priorities of High Street, Arcot Street and Glebe Street and making the three junctions into Plassey Square one way only from Plassey Street towards Penarth Heights.

  4. Penarth realist1 says:

    Is there an option 5?
    Sort out the morning marina rat run.

  5. cogan nomen says:

    I reckon all traffic should
    Go via Dina’s Powys .

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    Yes the location for this first meeting was not well chosen and the numbers attending are neither here nor their and nothing special or extraordinary, there are lots of things that need doing in Penarth and this ONCE AGAIN …. another fanciful idea, and isn’t one of them.

  7. Bluesman says:

    Easiest option would be to make the end of Plassey street a dead end only accessible by cyclists + pedestrians all traffic could then flow up and down Windsor road without the need for a roundabout.

  8. PD says:

    Option 4 is an awful idea, forcing all incoming traffic to Penarth to go up Plassey St, then have to cut down either High Street or Albert Road. Have any studies been carried out into the congestion this would cause or has any consideration been given to the affect this would have on the residents. It was only fairly recently that there was a lot of concern about traffic on Plassey Street and the speeds cars were going so pedestrian crossings were installed which cars still regularly ignore while you are stood there waiting to cross.

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