The Robert Smith car showroom today. It closed in May 2014 when the firm moved out of Penarth and the premises have been empty ever since

The former Robert Smith car showroom at Windsor Road Penarth has been the subject of a site visit today by members of the Vale of Glamorgan planning committee, accompanied by some  Penarth Town councillors and ward members.

When it meets tonight, the planning committee will consider an application to convert the upper floor of the building into 12 apartments, install a commercial gymnasium on the ground floor.

Councillors attending a “site visit” to the former Robert Smith showroom huddle for a briefing from officials in a side alley next to the showroom. The ProMow premises are at the rear but will not be  affected by the development and will continue to operate from the premises.

Six local residents have written to the Vale of Glamorgan Council about the scheme . They have highlighted issues of parking congestion in the area and the “adverse impacts of the development” on the area.

Amongst the letters from the public however there is at least one purporting to express “concerns in relation to lack of provision for affordable housing” in the area.

What the front (left) and the rear (right) of the proposed development would look like

The Vale planning office said that “The principal issue in respect of amenity is whether the development would result in unacceptable levels of overlooking toward neighbouring properties, as well as the impact of the extension of the building and basement access ramp”

On parking, the officers say “It is considered that visitor parking demand can reasonably be accommodated within the surrounding streets, if visitors elect to drive to the site.”

However Vale Council planning officers are recommending that the planning committee should APPROVE the scheme at tonight’s meeting  –  subject to “a legal agreement requiring payment of an off-site affordable housing contribution and completion of development within 24 months”.






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  1. Mike Yorke says:

    “Visitor parking can be accommodated in the immediate area?”……..are you having a laugh?! Bloody clueless. Parking is a nightmare “in the immediate area”. High Street and the bottom of Ludlow Street are full all day with people working in Penarth or travelling by train to Cardiff. Then in the evening the streets are full with residents and pub goers.

    There’s no room left anywhere any more.

    I can only imagine they’ll offer 1/2 a space per flat as well.

  2. Chris David says:

    I still don’t understand why we have this committee. As I understand it the council have all the power and Goldsworthy is king? Do the PTC Johnnies get paid to ponder?

  3. Penarth White Elephant Spotter.. says:

    When this long awaited 24/7 Gym. opens may I suggest its called “THE WHITE ELEPHANT ” after the novelty has worn thin, this little venture will close and low and behold, You guessed it Planning Permission for ground floor apartments will surface.

  4. Local Eye says:

    Just get on with it. Penarth town centre is in desperate need of these old derilect garage showrooms finding new owners to develop them. Brave souls needed to take over Prezzo and the old Pet shop. As for Blockbuster who knows if that will re open.

    • RetailGuru says:

      I doubt if ‘Blockbuster’ will be re-opened. The current owners/tenants have had it for a couple of years and have done nothing, suggesting they either don’t have the money to do it or have changed their mind.

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