The St Fagans Castle in Glebe St bears a hand-painted portrait of the eponymous manor house

The St Fagans pub in Glebe St, Penarth has applied to the Vale of Glamorgan Council for extend its opening hours to 02:30 AM at weekends.

The application follows a similar application which was to have been made by the Railway Hotel in Plymouth Road but which was withdrawn before it came before committee.

The full St Fagans application asks for permission :-

  • To extend the terminal hour for the sale of alcohol and the playing of recorded music on Friday and Saturdays to 02.00, currently 01.00.
  • To extend the terminal hour for the sale of alcohol and the playing of recorded music on Bank Holiday Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and Christmas Eve to 02.30, currently 01.30.
  • To extend all Opening Hours to 30 minutes after the termination of Licensable Activities.
  • To extend the terminal hour for the playing of recorded music on New Year’s Eve to 04.00, currently 03.00.

A council report says the pub has a  “grandfather right” which allows it to  stay open for a continuous period of 36 hours over New Year’s Eve.

Marcus Mulot – the well-known co-licensee of the St Fagans pub in Glebe St Penarth

The St Fagans application is made in the names of  the licensees Mr Harry Lonnkvist and Mr Marcus Mulot.

Officers of the Shared Regulatory Services Envoronmental Health Team visited the St Fagans and notes that the pub has no beer garden and has only single-glazed windows.

The officers say noise emanates from patrons in the street, the pub building itself and is currently the subject of an active complaint. The Environmental Team is recommending that the  council should NOT allow an extension of the current hours .

The Vale of Glamorgan licensing sub-committee is due to consider the application next week.


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  1. AK says:

    Surely it didn’t take a whole team to figure out it has no beer garden and only single glazed windows! Waste of £

    • NewsNet says:

      In her official report the Envinronmental Health Officer, Sue Brown says “Careful consideration has been given to this applications following visits to the area, including during the evening / night.” The report does not specify how exactly many Environmental Health officers were engaged on this assignment.

    • Tom Perry says:

      No “team”, Andrew Worsley told ‘em. Anything to scupper The Fag.

  2. Andrew Worsley says:

    Tom Perry how dare you use my name especially when you have nothing further to add on the subject ………….And hers me thinking trolling only happens on the internet . As for my opposition to extended opening hours for this ‘ dive’ I have stated before that this place is dead during the week and only comes alive from Friday to Sunday……….when they have to make up for ‘tumbleweed days’ . And the only reason the extension is requested is because the night club opposite is or has opened again. This pub used to be a welcoming town centre pub before it was turned into the Brickies Arms under the present Landlord where you have to pass some sort of ‘test’ to be accepted as a regular . We all recall the time a stranger from out of town was told he ‘smelled’ just because of his colour by a racist element in the place . The place needs shutting down till it gets its act together not being given more time for noise ,insults and boozy smokers blocking the pavement and laying a carpet of discarded chewing gum. How’s that for a honest summing up Tommy ?

  3. Slippery Slope says:

    It’s hilarious that people try to promote Penarth as the genteel “Gardens by the Sea”.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    Agree entirely Slippery Slope only the ,natives ‘cannot see the irony its full petty gossips , head in the clouds ideas and people like Tommy the deaf, dumb and blind kid ………………..meaning in thinking nothing more …….lol …………….it was my pleasure Tom you little ray of sunshine ……..go and get that pint before the ‘Brickies Arms’ closes.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Well if I can rain on your parade Tommy I’m happy to do that !!! . And I can be a ray of sunshine and am at times to the ‘right people’ but you see I have a sense of humour and you don’t and you wouldn’t understand mine if you did . Chalk and cheese …………..anyway Tommy now you’ve had your little rant about something entirely irrelevant ……………..go and get that pint you’ve earned it …………..Good boy!!. PS don’t respond to this unless you really, really have something to say thus far you haven’t.

  6. RetailGuru says:

    The ‘Fag’ is a blight on our town centre…Fact. I’ve witnessed people falling out of there drunk at 5pm, not to mention people leaning out of the main entrance door chuntering out a cigarette or sitting on the step, worse for wear. Unsavoury types sitting in the front window all afternoon nurturing a pint or six. It really is a disgrace and an embarrassment.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    Glad we have some one who sees my point at last , I agree with your every word RetailGuru thanks for being truthful , in a town that TRIES TO PRIDE ITSELF ON ITS CHARM and respectability this pub bang in the centre of town is like having a gaping wound visible for all to see.

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