Penarth Esplanade today where last minute preparations for the start of Picnic Penarth were under way

Penarth Esplanade is closed to traffic today and tomorrow for the annual Picnic Penarth street food festival

The public picnic is due to open at 13:30 this afternoon and all morning street food sellers have been setting up their stalls on both sides of the promenade

One of the food stalls features an impressive double-oven

Famous award-winning Penarth restaurateur James Sommerin sets up a outdoor gazebo outside his restaurant . He’ll be cooking alfresco from 13:30

Penarth Town Council – which is organising the event – is hoping that there will be large crowds attracted to the sea front because of the start tomorrow (Sunday) of the next leg of the Volvo Ocean Race – which begins at 16:00.

At the start of the Volvo Race on Sunday the 7 competing yachts will complete a short course off Cardiff before sailing past Penarth Pier towards Lavernock and the open sea – destination Gothenburg.

The main sailing action tomorrow will be off the Cardiff foreshore and Penarth Head where yesterday there were large crowds at the Penarth end of the Barrage to watch the Sky Ocean Rescue InPort race.

Tomorrow (Sunday) after completing the course marked on the graphic above, the fleet will set sail past Penarth Pier and the Esplanade and down channel – destination Gothenburg.

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  1. Andrew Worsley says:

    Ooooh! another chance to eat in Penarth !? forget Costa and Subway and Coffee 1 and Wetherspoons and Ocho Lounge and Mint and Mustard and The Washington oh and Whitmores and The Busy Kettle and The Winsor Arms and The Crepe Escape . And apart from them Windsor Café , and the directly opposite (name escapes me) then we get to the pubs such as The Albion , the Pilot , The Railway etc . Lastly not forgetting the rest of the takeaways about 3 Chinese on Glebe St plus an Asian takeaway then we have another café at the junction of Arcot St and Plassey St then we have the cafes on the seafront and a handful of places I will have missed . So now you have chance to eat OUTSIDE and some of the cafes on the front are even bringing their food OUT to you . Yes I know I may seem a misery but the above is fact , the other day it was a picnic that only sections of the town were informed of . Being on a boat seems the only place in Penarth that you cannot obtain food , unless of course Sommerins are to hire rowing boats to ferry food to the yachts (remember you heard that idea here first in case its taken up at the next yacht event ) Oh and if anyone wants to watch from the cliff top Marios café (or whatever) is there so don’t worry about going without food .

    • mikeyorke says:

      And what’s your point? Stay at home if you don’t like it i guess…….or there’s more places to eat in the Bay if you like a change.

  2. Tom Perry says:

    Yep, you said it – a misery. Why not stay home and watch repeats of The Good Life on Dave?

  3. Chris David says:

    Oh it sounds a great chance for a get together to me. I hope it’s a great success and the weather holds out. Just one caveat- I do hope we have robust litter control- on the spot fines levied in the dirty would be nice. In fact photo and out them in public as has been done in some towns 🙂

  4. AK says:

    Glorious weather for the picnic, and good crowds but I’m afraid mobile food vans don’t entice me to eat.

    Sadly the message of ‘no single use plastics’ or plastic free Penarth doesn’t seem to have reached the Esplanade.

  5. Taffy says:

    And no parking bollards ignored or moved in marine parade, so bus could not get thru as every year for summer festival

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    What else is on Dave Tom Perry? give me a run down of some of the programmes ……….thanking you in advance, and which other progs do you recommend as i’m sure you’ve seen them all as you picked out the Good Life as one of your favourites.

  7. JP03 says:

    Why not just stay in town and help the businesses you name by buying something from them? The Town Council will gladly spend your Council tax and their business rates helping any business it can find to trade here, provided of course that they are not based here!

    • AK says:

      Town centre was very busy, even at 4pm.

      I bought some foodstuffs, made a purchase in a shop I had never been in before, and returned later to dine in Tony’s.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Yes it was very busy even at 4 pm ……………guess what ? it was a sunny day and people were enjoying it and took advantage of it , very unusual by the sound of the contribution from AK….and as the town centre is quite some distance from the seafront especially on foot I don’t see the connection to a boat race ??? It was sunny in Swansea too strange that , oh and Cardiff.

    • AK says:

      The race wasn’t actually on on Saturday, so no connection whatever.

      Penarth esplanade is actually quite close to the town centre, you’ll find it just down the hill.

  9. Fishhenge says:

    I had a very enjoyable afternoon of eating, drinking and burning. Well done organisers! And thank you very much to whoever took my phone into the Pavilion after I left it on a bench on the pier, much appreciated.

  10. Andrew Worsley says:

    But the race wasn’t in the town centre at all AK so your comments had no link to the boat race which the item was about ……………………………You may as well have told you were in Cardiff. Yes the Pier is actually close to the town centre BUT NOT IN IT ……….AND YOU WONT PASS THE PIER AT ALL. Sorry if that explanation is hard to grasp.

  11. Tommy says:

    Sadly bicycles weren’t considered traffic as a number decided to try an cycle through the crowds!

    There were also a group that thought wheeling their bikes with the front wheel raised, narrowly missing adults and children, was also a good idea.

    Would hope that in future years bicycles would be considered as unsuitable for pedestrian crowds.

    In spite of that we had a great time there and appreciated the extra space, and cooling breeze, of the sea front.

  12. CelticMan says:

    Despite the usual negatives I enjoyed it and thought the choice of food interesting and had a great couple of meals from Brother Thai. Regarding Andrew’s choice of establishments I avoid most of them although spent lots of money in them over the years. Picnic Penarth was a welcome change and a great venue.

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