The new lifeboat “Spirit of Penarth II” made her maiden rescue by bringing 4 people and a dog to safety from Sully Island (Penarth Coastguard photo)

Penarth’s new D Class lifeboat “Spirit of Penarth II” has been in action today rescuing 4 people who had been trapped by the rising tide on Sully Island.

High tide this afternoon was just after 16:00 hours.

Despite the traffic light system installed by the RNLI, and despite the new patrols of the island by newly-appointed RNLI lifeguards it appears that people are still taken by surprise at the fact that the causeway leading to the island floods twice a day.

Spirit of Penarth II answered what will inevitably be the first call out of many to Sully Island

This was the second time that the new lifeboat – (officially launched last Saturday)  has been called out on a rescue mission and her first actual rescue  . All the people were brought ashore at Swanbridge – safe and well –  and discharged into the care of Penarth Coastguard officers .



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  1. AK says:


    They need to start taking them to Weston Super Mare and put them ashore there!

    • The Tax payer says:

      Bit OTT but drop them off them at Barry or Penarth on the way back would be good for them 👍😎

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Spoke to the RNLI Rep at the Volvo Centre, raising the issue of this type of frequent call-out-she explained that training from Day One was about being non-judgmental whatever personal thoughts were about the nature of the call out-also noticed that young children were being allowed to clamber around the yachts without life jackets-getting too Health and Safety conscious in my old age!

  3. Robert Edwards says:

    Change anyone who does not observe the tide time for their safety and the crew. Also display charges at both ends of the tidal walk.

  4. CelticMan says:

    Just leave them there until low tide and make their own way back

  5. Frank Evans says:

    I would have rescued the dog and left the 4 stupid people there. Dogs can’t read tide tables but people can. A night on sully island this time of year would be a great learning experience for these people.
    Send them all on a holiday to Fungi Bay and tell them when you see same just walk out to sea.

  6. Parcel says:

    “Five get stuck on Sully Island”, anyone?

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