Welsh Labour Government Health Minister Vaughan Gething AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) is in overall charge of the NHS in Wales. He wants patients not to go to hospital

The Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth – Health Minister Vaughan Gething – has announced that in the future sick people in Wales will ONLY be admitted to hospital “when it is essential” – otherwise they should stay home.

The statement is the latest from the heavily-criticised Welsh Labour Health Minister who  is struggling to control the National Health Service in Wales.

The drive to keep patients at home would relieve pressure on NHS ambulances. The hard-pressed vehicles are seen here standing by at Penarth Barrage for the Volvo Race where there was no call on their services (Photo John Clark)

Vaughan Gething says  “We …[ it’s not clear exactly who the “we” he is talking about are]  …have to move on from the idea that the hospital is the first or best place for you to be when you are unwell.”

“That isn’t always the case” – says Gething (who is a solicitor with no medical qualifications)  “especially when there are a range of local services that will allow you to remain safely at home.” He says patients should only  to hospital when it is “essential” and more care should be provided in communities or at home.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething speaking at a recent “Ask About Clots” event

Under what is described as a “New National Transformation Programme” changes in the NHS will be  “kick started”  across Wales.

  • Instead of antibiotics being administered to patients in hospital, the Welsh Labour Government says than soon “a nurse will be giving you antibiotics at home”.[It’s not clear whether this home treatment would include drips and cannulas] 
  • Consultant doctors will hold appointments with patients “on a video link from home or a GP surgery” cutting out the need to travel to a hospital clinic for a face-to-face diagnosis [This proposal appears to ignore the fact that very often consultants need to physically examine their patients]  
  • It’s proposed that medical “scans” could take place at “your local community surgery” [ a proposal which appears to suggest a huge investment in technology at GP surgeries]

Vaughan Gething claims the new arrangements will be what he calls “a revolution from within the Health Service” .

The virtually leaderless Welsh Labour Government says what are called “Regional Panel Boards”  – comprising local councils, local health boards and “voluntary representatives” will “drive this work to bring health and social care work more seamlessly together”,  find the most innovative new ways of working in local areas and “scale them up quickly to work across all of Wales”.

The only people who would be admitted to hospital under the Welsh Labour Government’s new proposals are those for which hospital treatment is deemed “essential”. It is not now clear who decides what cases are “essential” and which ones are not.

A “centralised NHS executive” is to be created which will sit above the health boards to “speed up decision-making about national issues – including the future shape of hospital and specialist services.” .

The Welsh Labour Government says the public is to be part of a “continuous dialogue”  about the future of services – but quite how this consultative process will operate has not been specified.

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  1. Taffy says:

    And this is the man who said on Saturday that he has a vision for the health service and a plan for elderly care as part of his manifesto to be Labour Leader. Why NO vision during his months as Minister for Health and Social Care?

  2. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    What would he know about how to run a health service? Meanwhile more of your old people needlessly die.I think you need to start standing up for them.

  3. Name supplied says:

    “Future sick people in Wales will ONLY be admitted to hospital “when it is essential” – otherwise they should stay home.”

    He’s absolutely spot on I don’t always agree with what he says but he’s bang on this time.

  4. graham vodden says:

    who is going to be our POLDARK AGAINST PENARTH

  5. Slippery Slope says:

    a thick mass of coagulated liquid, especially blood
    a foolish or clumsy person.

  6. Timothy says:

    Vaughan is not qualified for this position. In fact, most MPs aren’t. The whole system needs to be cleared out.

    The creation of a “centralised NHS executive” is basically so that he can point the finger of blame for all its failings at someone else other than himself.

    • Frank Evans says:

      How about a health commissioner😀
      I’m sure some locsl Labour political figures are getting near retirement and would their pension funded from tax payers.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    Timothy none of our MPs are qualified to do their jobs you cannot be say Environment Minister and then moved from that to Health Secretary the next week and expect to know how to do the job.This is where the back room staff come in , they wet nurse the new Minister , tell him all he needs to know , how to do this and that ,also tell him any problems they are their to help etc etc . He or she is treated in a child like sort of fashion , the there is an over abundance of advisers etc etc and so a man or woman is led by the hand by the back room staff. Do you imagine clown Gething or wide boy Hunt know how to do their job ……..its painfully obvious they don’t.

  8. Paul Gunter says:

    I noticed reference electric bicycle where people are going up the hill on Dock road that the driver of a car coming down is on is mobile.
    Have a close look at the photo.
    Paul g

  9. Graham Brown says:

    The recomendations such as nurses visiting homes to administer antibiotics and having scans based at GP surgeries are going to cost a fortune, not save money. As for consultants using video links, I have never heard anything more ridiculous!

  10. CelticMan says:

    You couldn’t make this up if you tried. Yet another layer of management to sit above health boards and speed up decision making, video links etc. etc. Maybe a spare bed for him at the new unit at Llandough unless it’s full!

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