To local residents it appeared that several fishermen were on the pier ignoring the Summer “No Fishing” rules. It now emerges that a special arrangement had been made to allow them to do so – despite it being one of the most congested weekends of the summer on the Esplanade

A number of local residents are asking why it was that during a period when Penarth Pier was crowded – and officially closed to anglers – members of Penarth Angling Club were taking part in a  fishing competition there during what was one of the busiest weekends of the summer.

Fishing is supposed to be banned – by a local by-law – from taking place the pier throughout the summer months because of the large number of visitors and local residents on the boardwalk and the danger of them being hooked  by accident.

There were scores of visitors and several children on the pier watching the sailing event, whilst the Penarth Angling Club’s competition was in progress.

On Sunday there were even more visitors on the Pier than usual watching  the start of the Volvo Ocean Race on Sunday afternoon or visiting Picnic Penarth which was being staged at the same time to coincide with the start of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Despite the congestion,  local anglers – belonging to Penarth Angling Club – had apparently managed to negotiate arrangements with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to fish in an angling competition from the Penarth Pier – despite the risks such activity involves for other people nearby.

There was no official piermaster on duty on the pier on Sunday afternoon – despite the number of people present.

It’s understood the fishing competition had been originally advertised as a “Beach Only” event  – which would not have allowed anglers to use the Pier at all.

However,  when it was realised that the fishing competition would coincide with high tide – and there would be little if any room left on the beach –  the Penarth Angling Club is said to have negotiated a concession from the Vale Council to use the pier for fishing as well – despite the fact that hundreds of people were likely to be strolling along it in the course of what turned out to be a very busy afternoon.

Penarth Pier is now without an official piermaster to oversee the safety of people on the pIer  following the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s decision last year to transfer well-known piermaster Peter Andrews to other duties.

There is now no piermaster on duty throughout the day – although the pier continues to be maintained and its toilets cleaned by a roster of council staff .

The Penarth Sea Anglers are said to be fully insured in the event of any untoward accident happening.




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  1. Chris says:

    The fishing competition looked perfectly safe with due consideration from responsible fishermen and women. It’s only fair to accommodate the club in this way when their space on the Esplanade has been let out for an alternative event.

  2. Taffy says:

    Ignoring fishing bylaws,parking on double yellow lines, abusing disabled parking bays and letting dogs off leads on the beach in summer months is common practice in Penarth. Where is the enforcement we are paying for?

  3. AK says:

    Absolute disgrace that the Council left the pier unstaffed last weekend with all those events clashing, complete dereliction of their responsibilities to the public.

    The angling club may well be insured, but that would be little consolation to some child losing an eye to a rusty hook and manky lugworm.

    Explanation required by the department concerned.

  4. Mark Williams says:

    As a member of Penarth sea angling club we always take the upmost respect to all public and put the safety of visitors first wether it’s 1 person or 100 and we do this every week of the year so this week was no different respect people respect the pier.

  5. Penileaks says:

    Incompetence and lack of coordination between the anglers and the Vale Council methinks, with the anglers incompetent to note that there was a high tide exactly when they wanted to fish from the beach and the Vale incompetent to not note that there were two large and likely to be popular events happening on the same day, the Volvo race and the Penarth Picnic.
    As for saying that Penarth Angling Club are insured, ”in the event of any untoward accident happening.’, is not really good enough if some poor child loses an eye or similar. The risks were too high around a relatively unimportant angling competition that was poorly planned and agreed to by a couldn’t-care-less attitude towards the safety of the public by the Vale Council.

  6. Mark Williams says:

    Ok we as penarth sea angling fishermen/woman and children take care of the pier and are aware of visits coming onto the pier and respect the visits space and safety every week all year.

    • Chris says:

      I think the bye-law should be changed to allow fishing all year round. We should be an inclusive community, the pier is for the enjoyment of everyone, including fishermen/ women.

  7. Jp03 says:

    This happens every year. The anglers should be banned permanently, or else be given a designated space but frankly when you want to stroll the pier and enjoy the sea
    View their noise, radios, cigarettes, fishing mess etc etc really spoils the experience. The fact that they are insured against accidents shows that there is a real danger -and how would a victim know whether the angler was an insured club member anyway.

    I know that most of the anglers don’t even live in the town, though they usually find a couple who do to protest when it is suggested that they move on for good.

    A simple question – how many other piers allow fishermen to use the pier as they like
    for 9 months of the year? And they will be back again during the summer break too, because they are working to make the summer by-law irrelevant.

    • Chris says:

      It’s clear you haven’t been to the pier recently, this not my experience as someone who regularly walks the pier.

  8. Chris David says:

    Ban ban ban …….ban everything including strollers and their “fish bite better in the rain” advice 🙂

  9. David Llewellyn says:

    Think you need to get your facts right before you publish incorrect and degrading information regarding the local angling club. Your report on this topic is couldn’t be further from the truth.
    Your account is a great example on how reporters spread personal opinion and not the actual factual truth.

    • NewsNet says:

      If you would like to submit your version of the “actual factual truth”, we will publish it. Meanwhile we stand by the story.

    • Penileaks says:

      The bare facts are these.
      There were two events taking place that would affect the numbers of people on the sea front and pier areas and both (assuming that the weather was good), could be expected to be popular with the general public.
      The Penarth Sea Anglers were allowed to fish off the pier on probably the busiest day of the year for pier visitors.
      Both Penarth Angling Club and the Vale Council failed to see the possibility of any clash with public safety and both are at fault. I and my family were stood right next to one angler, who was a nice chap and was being quite careful with the way he was casting, etc., but if he or any of the other 20 odd anglers had got it wrong and a child or adult was injured, the Angling Club and the Vale would have had questions to answer.
      Hiding behind having insurance to cover any possible claim is not good enough. The people involved in organising and permitting an event, any event, have a duty to consider any risks to both themselves and innocent members of the public and reducing those risks to zero if at all possible. This was not done in this instance.

      • Dewi says:

        So are you saying non anglers should take presidency over anglers. I don’t care either way but how would you decide?

      • Dewi says:

        Presidence not presidency

      • Penileaks says:

        Dewi, I think in this instance the Volvo Yacht Race was not exactly cancellable nor date shiftable.
        The Penarth Picnic was arranged a long time ago for that weekend and with so many different businesses and organisations involved, was not exactly easily cancelled or moved elsewhere and so unfortunately the angling competition .would have been the easiest to re-organise for the previous or the next weekend believe and the question over whether it was allowed to take place on the pier or not could have been discussed, knowing full well that there would not have been so many members of the public expected on to the pier on the alternative dates, whereas It would not have been to difficult to realise that the two main events on the weekend in question would have drawn hundreds.

      • CC says:

        So glad you had the same experience as me – the fishing community are a friendly crowd and take their responsibility carefully.

        Insurance is taken out for the just in case an accident happens. That’s being responsible in my view as a club. Just like driving a car – just in case! Most people don’t cover themselves for accidents whilst out and about. How many fishermen do you know who have individual liability insurance?

  10. snoggerdog says:

    my cod why are you all floundering about on here,am i the sole old crab who thinks you should be respectful of each other on a beautiful day as sunday the world should be your lobster. oh hang on !you will happy to learn my tide has gone out.

    • CC says:

      It’s everyone’s Pier – let’s support the fishering community. They had interest to the otherwise quiet pier. Who are they harming?

  11. Chris David says:

    Yup- tis all an Eeeling comedy.

  12. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    ‘oh I do like to be beside the seaside, beside the seaside, beside the sea’

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