The South Wales Police HQ where the Police and Crime Panel met – and where the police had to be called in

It’s emerged that a police officer had to be called-in to deal with a disorderly situation at a meeting of the Police and Crime Panel held at South Wales Police HQ at Bridgend.

The meeting was being attended by the Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael (former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth).

South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner ,Alun Michael in his office at the South Wales Police HQ at Bridgend. The disturbance – to which police had to be called – was in the same building

The panel’s duty is to oversee the activities of Alun Michael in his role as  Police and Crime Commissioner. It is made up of local council representatives and “independent” nominees. Members of the public are entitled to attend the meetings of the Police and Crime Panel if they wish.

It’s now emerged in the recently published minutes of a meeting held back in January, that  as the chairman of the meeting Councillor R Smith (Rhondda Cynon Taf Council) .was setting out “the criteria for public questions”, a member of the public “raised an ongoing complaint”.

The chair told the member of the public that “individual complaints”  could not be dealt with . Clearly at this point the member of the public was dissatisfied with the response and the normally dull  proceedings of the panel  began to get somewhat lively.

Panel meetings are normally held on an industrial estate in Merthyr Tydfil, but this one was – unusually – being held in the  South Wales Police Headquarters at Bridgend – which meant that there were plenty of policemen around – one of whom was called in to the Police and Crime Panel’s meeting to deal with the disturbance.

The minutes say “A police officer then escorted the member of public out of the
meeting and Mr Michael [Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael]  refuted an allegation made by a member of the public.”  No  details of the complaint made about the Police Commissioner are recorded in the minutes and it is not stated what Mr Michael said when refuting the allegation.

The member of the public causing the ruckus was told he – [or “she”  – the gender isn’t specified in the minutes]  would have to leave the meeting  – otherwise the Panel would postpone its meeting .

The aggrieved member of the public then left the meeting. The panel then concluded that it  needed to adopt a “vexatious complaints” policy.

Cllr Janice Charles (at the rear) was the 2017/18 Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan . Council leader Cllr John Thomas,  from whom she now takes over the Vale seat on the Police and Crime Panel, is in the foreground (standing)

The South Wales Police and Crime Panel has also reported that the Vale of Glamorgan Conservative Councillor Janice Charles has now taken over the Vale Council’s seat on the crime Panel . Cllr Charles succeeds the Leader of the Vale Council Cllr John Thomas who has been the Vale representative since May last year .

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  1. Frank Evans says:

    Maybe we need s police Tzar to oversee the panel that oversees the commissioner that oversees the police.
    Yes. And the Tzar could be another failed Labour political figure spending tax payer money.
    You could not make this up.

  2. Arthur Cole says:

    Quite entertaining I would have guessed, but I agree with Frank, these commissioners are just figureheads. Were there any senior officers attending this meeting.

  3. Darryl Jones says:

    Alun Michael and his cronies need to be investigated regarding the legitamy of
    The spending. It would be only right to see his answers for the spending and every excuse he can put forward to justify.

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