Stephen Doughty – the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth – said he was going to support amendments of the [unelected and anti-Brexit]  peers in the House of Lords – and claimed that in doing so he was being patriotic.

In the House of Commons last night pro-European Union MPs – including Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty  – were roundly defeated in their attempted bid to wreck Brexit [the UK’s departure from the European Union] . 

MPs were  voting on a series of anti-democratic “wrecking amendments” to the EU Withdrawal Bill which had been cooked-up by unelected pro-EU peers in the House of Lords .

The House of Commons during yesterday’s debate

Some MPs – including  Doughty – had seen the debate as another opportunity to  try to reverse the overwhelming “LEAVE” vote in the 2016 National Referendum and to keep the UK shackled in some way to the European Union – an outcome which would have defied the express wishes of the majority of voters in Wales and across the UK.

Despite his anti-democratic stance, Doughty claimed to have patriotism on his side . He said  “There are patriots on all sides of this house who are willing to  vote with their conscience, with their constituents,  and  with the interests of their country at heart”…  ignoring the fact that the country actually voted to LEAVE the European Union .

In a confused and dislocated speech, Doughty said he would be “supporting the Lords in their amendment on the meaningful vote” .

Somewhat tangentially, Doughty then went on to pay tribute to two of his pro-EU pals who had recently died. He said “We are in this place [ i.e. the House of Commons] and indeed in this life, for only a very short time and there are some things which we will make compromise one and move over but when it comes to the very, very big defining issues of our time – and this one  of them – we should be voting with our conscience, we should be voting in the interests of our country. And we should be doing that in the interests of a better future for all of our constituents “.

But Doughty’s peroration didn’t appear to have swayed MPs one iota.  When the Commons votes were tallied-up, the result of was that the pro-EU, anti-Brexit,  “Remainers” – including Doughty –  had been roundly defeated  by  324 votes to 298 .

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  1. Jane Daviess says:

    He represents me and I’m glad he spoke up for those who voted to remain. Many of his constituents agree with his views on Brexit .

    • Eilir says:

      Ere, but the majority don’t Jane. He is in post to represent the MAJORITY and if he can’t do that he should step down as he is not fulfilling his role properly. Of course he wouldn’t dare step off the gravy train express though.

  2. Coexistinpenarth says:

    Would just like to point out that Doughty is not an MP for Wales, he is the MP for Cardiff and Penarth who actually voted REMAIN. So if he is representing his constituents votes in parliament then good for him.

  3. Brian Butterfield says:

    Doughty actually represents Cardiff South and Penarth, and Cardiff and VoG both voted to remain!

    • Caress Morell says:

      I quite agree: whilst Wales as a whole voted Leave, Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan voted fairly overwhelmingly to remain. One could argue therefore that Doughty is being ENTIRELY democratic, and clearly following the majority of his constituents in this matter.
      Incidentally, the Remain vote locally was up in the 60s, percentage wise, significantly more resounding than the U.K. wide 52% to leave.

      • Oakie says:

        You can’t break it down to constituency level otherwise we would all throw our toys out the pram each time a general election is won by a party we didn’t vote for.

        Voting like this is being obstructive to the will of the majority and is aimed at dragging out the whole process of leaving to the point we never do.

  4. Richard Williams says:

    It is ludicrous and totally wrong to claim, as you do, that the Vale of Glamorgan “voted fairly overwhelmingly to remain”. It most certainly did not. The vote in the Vale was extremely narrow:-
    Remain 50.73%
    Leave 49.27%
    The vote across Wales as a whole was:-
    Remain 47.47%
    Leave 52.53%
    Now that really IS an “overwhelming” vote to get out of the EU.

    • Penileaks says:

      Well said !

    • Caress Morell says:

      Fair dos. I was peddling fake news

      Honestly! Some people.

      • Le Compte says:

        I voted to leave the EU, to get out of the single market, to leave the grip of the ECJ(misnamed) and out of the customs union. The unkind attitude of the EU towards the UK negotiators has only led me to believe I made the correct decision. We will still trade with the truncated EU afterwards and they with us but we will free ourselves of euro-narrow-mindedness and their expensive pseudo socialist and indulgent ways. Freedom to make our own rules and laws and freedom to be at the centre of our commonwealth group of nations rather than to be tolerated by the EU and kept on the periphery of Europe.

    • Ian Symonds says:

      Perhaps I can be enlightened as to where exactly a ‘very narrow’ victory of 50.73% becomes an ‘overwhelming’ victory of 52.53%?

    • Brian Butterfield says:

      I’m hardly Doughty’s biggest fan, but my issue is that people expect him to represent the whole of Wales and completely slander him for being “undemocratic” when he actually represents subsets of 2 constituencies which both voted in a way that justifies his actions in parliament.

      If you really care about the numbers:
      VoG: Remain 50.73%, Leave 49.27%
      Cardiff: Remain 60.02%, Leave 39.98%
      Wales: Remain 47.47%, Leave 52.53%

      He represents Parts of VoG and parts of Cardiff, and if anywhere was “overwhelming” it was Cardiff.

      I, personally, am fed up of the Brexit and think we should just get on with it, but I have to respect Doughty for standing up for his constituents.

  5. Chris David says:

    To be fair the only thing overwhelming about Brexit is the utter mess the whole processes has been and is. The fallout will take a decade or more to “clean up”. Its been lies and misrepresentation from all angles and has now sunk to debacle. Remember that saying- “the great flaw in democracy is the majority are always wrong”.

  6. Taffy says:

    When all is said and done he has his own interests at heart and not yours .
    Like all these type of people.. can you name five things he has personally done to improve your way of life..????
    Perhaps it’s me being a bit unfair to him ..?
    Maybe I have got it wrong but doesn’t he put the Labour party first and foremost..Like so many other m p s .being told how to vote by Labour whips..and not by his own convictions..?
    A True democrat would put both sides of the argument forward I wonder if any of them voted in by a narrow margin would like another vote on their own seats in parliament..??
    I think that I can answer this question ( NO )
    So why would he like another referendum when the overall decision by the country ( and by the way was the biggest turn out there has ever been ) was to leave the European union..

    • John Partridge says:

      If both sides of the argument had been put forward fairly and even handedly instead of the barrage of lies, distortions, omissions and dogma from both sides I’m convinced the result of the simplistic “yes/no” referendum would have been different. It is very brave of Stephen Doughty to represent the overall view of his constituents and passsionately defend his own convictions in the face of the bullies peddling “democracy” to further their own ends.

    • Ralph says:

      Maybe, if voters knew then what they know now it may have been a different outcome.

  7. Frank Evans says:

    What a stupid person. Does he not know Wales along with the rest of the UK voted credit.
    Maybe he represents the minority like most in Labour.

  8. Paul says:

    They will have us vote and vote again until they get the outcome they want. It happened with Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty and worse still, the Greeks voted out (over 60%) and it was completely ignored. In fact, the nice people at the EU imposed greater austerity measures to teach them a lesson to dare vote against them. Such nice people.

    They’re all self serving little pip sqweeks.

  9. penarthblog says:

    Well done Stephen, proud of you.

  10. Alan says:

    “the overwhelming “LEAVE” vote in the 2016 National Referendum “? Even nationally it was not overwhelming. Only about 52%. So when politicians talk about the “will of the people” they are talking about the will of only about half of the people.

    • Richard Williams says:

      …So – let me get this right. You believe that when WELL OVER half the voters in the UK – (52.53% in Wales and 51.9% across the entire UK ) cast their vote to LEAVE in the largest referendum that’s ever taken place in the UK, this equates somehow to “only about half of the people”. How stupid – or innumerate – can anyone get?

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