An assortment of rubbish – including used tampax – dumped outside Penarth Leisure Centre

Local residents in Cogan are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of maintenance and rubbish collection in the area around the Penarth Leisure Centre.

People living near the Leisure Centre say there are “constant disturbances from youths drinking alcohol, smoking and drug taking” – about which South Wales Police do nothing. [ The Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commisioner Alun Michael lives in Penarth]  .

Drug-taking paraphenalia dumped at the Leisure Centre

It’s also being alleged that young people are  throwing away  “drug bags and litter” in the area where the previous Vale of Glamorgan Council – then run by Labour – misguidedly built a skateboard facililty which has acted as a magnet for anti-social behaviour .

One local mother – taking a walk in the children’s play area with her 19 month old son –  reports coming across  “broken glass, condoms and a used Tampax” which had been thrown over the hard-court tennis courts at the rear of the building .

The wire safety netting has been torn away around the tennis courts.

The hadcourt tennis  area is due to  dug up and removed when the site becomes the location for the yet-to-be-approved  new GP Health Centre for Penarth.

Cllr Rhiannon Birch (Labour Cornerswell)

Peter King (Labour Cornerswell)

The Leisure Centre is in the Cornerswell Ward of Penarth, which is represented on the Vale Council by two Labour councillors –  Rhiannon Birch and Peter King .

Local residents say they “pay a fortune in council tax” and many also are committed to making hefty regular membership subscriptions to Parkwood Leisure – the company which operates Penarth Leisure Centre on behalf of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

…Local residents say that at least some of that money that they part with should go towards cleaning-up the area around the Leisure Centre.


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  1. Alan George says:

    Do you blame every social problem , all poor services and maybe even global warming ! on Labour politicians?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      A Freedom of information Request submitted to the Vale of Glamorgan Counci will determine who has the responsibility for disposing of the refuse and the alleged substance abuse objects.
      These may be submitted in about 5 minutes on the website “What do they know”

  2. Eilir says:

    @ Alan George – why not blame Labour. They’ve been running Wales since the inception of the Assembly and it’s gone from bad to worse. Not for them though as they’re quite content to pick up their lofty salaries for overseeing this sorry mess.

    • Jp03 says:

      Maybe he because The Tories have run the UK for all but 23 years of the last 100 and of course dish out cash to Wales
      Anyone with eyes can see the very real problem of packs of young houthsbroamimg and cycling the streets, worst ever I’d say, and it needs resolving now before the behaviour and problems it causes get established.

      • John says:

        Yes, it would be lovely if the money that the WAG are allocated from central government was increased, but the fact of the matter is it’s their responsibility to manage what they do receive wisely instead of throwing it down the drain and then crying foul that they don’t have enough.

        You only have to refer to a previous article about WAG subsidising Pinewood Studios Wales at a loss of millions to the taxpayer to understand that very point. Factor in the fact that the first thing Welsh Assembly members did was to award themselves a pay-rise (for what exactly when barely in office?!) and you get a measure of the poeple in office there. The vast amounts of money that are spent on promoting the Welsh language (to the detriment of business and therefore jobs) ahead of prioritising health, education, infrastructure and policing is staggering when services are so under funded there’s barely a budget for cleaning the streets. I think it’s fair to say Labour have failed miserably and the sooner the people of Wales end their love affair with Labour the better. Stokholm syndrome springs to mind.

  3. Name supplied says:

    Must be Alun Michael and Labour’s fault then if he lives in Penarth 🤣😂

  4. AK says:

    Why blame Labour or any other political group.

    It is the fault of whatever thoughtless idiot who leaves the litter, or of whoever’s job it is to clean it up. Perhaps time for a community clean up effort.

  5. cogan nomen says:

    I remember finding a syringe in the town centre .
    Took it to the police station .
    They asked me why I brought it there .

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