Penarth police officers regularly hold so-called “public re-assurance initiatives”  at Penarth Marina – but it’s alleged they are nowhere to be seen when criminals are active in the area (Photo John Clark)

South Wales Police have issued a warning about a continuing crimewave in the Penarth Marina area.

Police say a number of cars were broken-into on Sunday June 10th – the day of the start of the 10th leg of the Volvo Ocean Race from Cardiff to Gothenburg when there were large crowds at the Penarth end of the barrage, the barrage car park was full and the Penarth Quays Marina itself was extremely busy.

The police alert has been issued 3 days after the latest spate of car break-ins at Penarth Marina

South Wales police have not said specifically which areas of the Marina were targeted – but are urging all local residents to “lock their cars and vans” and to remove any valuable items from them .

Last week South Wales Police had said on Twitter that its “Neighbourhood Police Team” would be working throughout the weekend Volvo event to “keep everyone safe”. However on Sunday June 10th -the day  the Volvo Ocean race started – there was yet another spate of crime at Penarth marina. The police spell-checker was evidently also off duty.

Penarth Marina residents are becoming increasingly concerned about what they say is a lack of action by South Wales Police and a failure to have officers patrolling the area regularly.

A gang of youths – some apparently wearing long Muslim-style robes were filmed breaking into a car in Penarth Marina on the night of May 18th/19th

On the night of May the 18th criminals were filmed by a resident’s automatic CCTV camera breaking into cars in the Marina’s residential area with apparent impunity – but the video has yet to be published by the police [ See https://tinyurl.com/y9ajk8yw ]


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  1. penarthian says:

    There were thousands of people on the esplanade and pier during this race and I didn’t see one single officer! I Think there needs to be a change of management in the Penarth Policing sector and Police and Crime Commissioner as there is no public confidence left in the Police in Penarth. The only officers I have seen recently were having breakfast in the cafe near to the Sully tip. That doesn’t bode well in the current climate. They need to patrol on foot and start seeing what’s going on at ground level.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    Ring 101 – that’s a joke. I spoke to police officers staffing the police stand at the Ocean Race Village and they told me to ring 101 about the issue I wanted to report. I have tried several times and I never, ever, got through. I have now given up all efforts to tell them!

  3. AK says:

    There were plenty of police all week out on the Barrage at the Volvo Village, and out on the water on their boat.

  4. Dan says:

    There were 3 car break-ins and an attempted house break-in in the Chandlers Quay area of the Marina over the last week. There needs to be action and not just words from the Police now all over Penarth.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Ive said it before and its worth repeating the Policing of Penarth is pathetic …and what on Earth is a ..Public Reassurance Initiative !!??? according to the photo it seems to mean a group of Hobby Bobbies are dropped off at a certain location so they can say to the public . “hey look we are here and here to reassure you ” , and note they are not the real Police. Of course the Police problem is not confined to Penarth as other parts of Britain have the same problem , no wonder , muggings , robberies and knife crime are rampant And anyone with half a brain knows not to leave valuables or any other prized item on view even in a locked car.

  6. penarthian says:

    Here here Dan.
    What good are the Police on a boat????
    Do burglars swim with their loot ???? 🙈

  7. daipop1 says:

    Alun Michael the Police Commissioner has increased the precept by 50% but where is the additional policing promised from this extra funding
    C’mon Alun your local area is in desperate need of your support so get a bobby on the beat every night from 12-5 please

  8. Those who’ve been walking about the marina and not seen a police presence over the past few weeks must have been walking around with their eyes closed. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen police and PCSOs around the marina over the last week or so. And not just in daylight. Their presence has been noticeable.

    I’ve used 101 several times over the past three weeks on an unrelated matter and I’ve spoken to someone on every occasions. You do have to be very patient with with the bilingual bit and all the options which can take a couple of minutes.

  9. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    They won’t put any police in Penarth for the same reason they won’t fix the CCTV. The problem is that most Penarthians are law-abiding citizens and most of the crimes are committed by immigrants. They cannot allow this to become proven public knowledge.

    The only way to solve the problem in the short term is to start repatriating the immigrants. That way you get rid of acid attacks, stabbings, rapes of young girls and gun crime and return the UK to the civilised country that it was 50 years ago.

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