It’s been leaking since Monday – but the self-serving multi-billion utility Glas Cymru/ Welsh Water still hasn’t bothered to fix the faulty mains pipe underneath Stanwell Road Penarth

After a week in which thousands of gallons of water have been running to waste from a burst underground main in Stanwell Road, Penarth Welsh Water and its highly-paid executives still haven’t  got around to tacking the problem.

The burst occurred on Monday evening  June 11th – but despite frequent calls to the public utility –  Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru still hasn’t bothered to sent out a repair team .

Cars splashing through some of the thousands of gallons of water which have leaked out of the underground mains pipeline

The leak  has created a large puddle in Stanwell Road and there are now concerns that the road surface will be damaged as escaping water continues to wash away the foundations of the road beneath the tarmac surface .

Welsh Water is a subsidiary of Glas Cymru – a so-called  “not for profit” public utility which – when launched – was supposed to produce reduced bills for householders in Wales with the “dividend” from its operations. Glas Cymru claims to have returned £180,000,000 to customers in Wales in the form of what it calls  vaguely calls “customer dividends’ all but most customers have received is higher bills .

There are allegations that,  rather than reduce bills, the huge water undertaking has actually concentrated hiking-up water charges, enriching its executives and on stashing away over two billion pounds in so-called “reserves” .[Glas Cymru admits in its annual report that “savings to date have largely been used to build up reserves”.]

Glas Cymru is also said to pay its directors and executives far in excess of what its Scottish equivalent (Scottish Water) pays its executives north of the border .

Glas Cymru executives received an increase of 1.5% in their “base salary”  bringing it up to  of between  £297,267 and £240,220 a year in 2017,  plus  “pension (or equivalent payments) and private health and permanent health benefits“.  They also receive, on top of their “base salaries”, the equivalent of:-

  • 30% of base salary “for performance against the Customer and Compliance” duties – [which presumably don’t extend to fixing mains leaks like the one in Stanwell Road]  
  • 23.6% of base salary for something called “Total Expenditure  Cost Performance “
  • 21.8% of base salary  for “ Strategic (Annual Focus) and Personal Objectives” , making – says Glas Cymru’s annual report –  “a total award of between 73.9% and 75.4% of base salary for each Executive Director
  • 28% of base salary for a “Customer Value element” is paid to them on top of that.

Welsh Water also  inflicts far higher charges  on Welsh consumers than does its equivalent – Scottish Water –  in Scotland – which is run by more modestly-paid executives.

A meticulous investigation of Glas Cymru called “The Great Welsh Water Robbery ” has been published by Rebecca Television and can be read on

Embarrassingly enough, as millions of gallons of water run to waste, Welsh Water is also publicly endorsing “Drowning Prevention Week” – which began yesterday.

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  1. Richard Snell says:

    Apart from a chap early evening Tuesday having a look nothing has been done. Am I correct in believing that contractors are responsible for digging the hole then Welsh Water Fix the leak then the contractors fill the hole when they are ready and then someone else resurfaces the road. In the meantime the road will be blocked for an unspecified period of time all the while having a further impact on traffic flow and businesses suffering from reduced turnover.

    • Name supplied says:

      No. A contractor will attend to the site to locate the leak and then it’s up to Welsh Water to Repair

  2. 249ers says:

    On Monday I had an issue with my water supply pressure . I filled in a form on the Welsh Water web page and got an instant acknowledgement. The next day I received a text saying they would come to sort the problem that day and provided a contact number as well. Later that day a guy arrived from Welsh Water, he provided a written summary of what he did and sorted the problem out.
    I couldn’t fault the service I received .

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    Just out of interest, read that builders working on a new housing Estate in Pontaddulais, North of Swansea, were told to be careful as there is a high pressure water main which goes to Penarth and Barry. Checked this out and it does seem that the large Llyn Brianne reservoir in West Wales is now linked into Penarth and the Vale (not so in the 1976 drought) so perhaps Welsh Water think that there is no concern for water supplies these days.

  4. John Henry Ford says:

    Wait until it floods the million pound Police Commissioner’s house and highly paid Welsh Water executives will be locked up and fined.

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