Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies (South Wales Central)

Penarth’s Conservative AM Andrew R T Davies  has warned the Welsh Labour Government to keep its hands off all of the extra cash the UK Conservative government is providing for the National Health Service in Wales .

The NHS in Wales stands to gain an extra £1,200,000,000 funding boost – provided, that is, that the Welsh Labour Government ACTUALLY DOES hand over all the cash the NHS is supposed to receive from the UK Government.

The £400,000,000 a week being pumped into the NHS is far in excess of the £350,000,000 quoted  by Leave during the 2016 referendum campaign and more than makes good on the “promise” of the Leave campaign

Andrew R T Davies (Conservative South Wales Central) says the extra cash must ALL be invested in health and social care in Wales. It’s the Welsh share of the £400,000,000 a week being pumped into the English NHS by 2023-24 – and the money will be made available to the Welsh Government over the same period.

However it’ll be up to Welsh Labour Government ministers in Cardiff Bay to decide how it spend the extra money – and Welsh Labour has a reputation for having sticky fingers when it comes to counting cash intended to fund the NHS. The Welsh Labour Government has cut funding for the NHS in Wales  – the only region in the UK to have done so.

Mr Davies says “It may seem bizarre we’re even questioning this – but Welsh Labour have form when it comes to cutting health budgets – so it can’t be taken for granted.”

The Conservative Leader’s “hands-off” warning to the Welsh Labour Government will be seen as a shot-across-the-bows of ministers in Cardiff Bay who – as they have in the past – may well be tempted not to give the NHS in Wales the full amount of funding that is being provided by Westminster.

Mr Davies said, “The Prime Minister’s announcement will be a huge boost for the English NHS – and it’s the Welsh Labour Government must follow suit. £1.2million has been made available by Westminster – and it’s vital this goes on health spending.”

Mr Davies says “Health is without doubt the top issue that comes into my postbag – with constituents facing unacceptable waiting times for surgery and ambulances – far worse than in England.”

Andrew R T Davies says Welsh Labour Ministers now have “an opportunity to put things right – and this cannot be squandered. The money must be invested wisely to secure local NHS services for generations to come.”


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  1. Chris Franks says:

    Interesting but Andrew RT Davies has absolutely no influence in the Assembly. I have asked if he will support the tax and NIC increases planned by Mrs May but have not received a reply. I do recall the Conservatives promised no tax increases at the last election.

  2. Frank Evans says:

    You just know the Welsh and Scottish government can’t resist using some of this money for PR projects.
    Disabled Badgers Welsh language lessons.
    Bilingual Cycle routes.
    Aberystwyth/Sydney twinning fact finding.
    Cardiff to Newtown flights on hot sir gallons
    Helping failed Labour politicians with their mortgages by setting up more overseeing authorities.

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    Andrew RT Davies is the very picture of a gammon!

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