This land next to Cogan Railway Stations – where the former old-age pensioners’ facility – the Cogan Community Hall stands –  is now definitely to become a “Metro Transport Hub” (Photo John Clark)

The  long-derelict plot of land adjacent to Cogan Railway Station – which was to have been the site of a massive block of social housing apartments – IS now definitely set to become an advanced “Metro Transport Hub”.

Originally the land included the Cogan Old Age Pensioners’ Hall (which is about to be demolished) . The plot of land also includes part of what was the roadway which led to the North Western end of the original Penarth Docks and ran beneath the present railway and the main road into Penarth.

Before clearance work began Cogan Community Hall was totally obscured by trees

The land was bought by the contractors Jehu from former Penarth car dealer Robert Smith. Jehu put in a controversial planning application to build a large block of low-rent social housing apartments on the site.

The design for the heavily-criticised apartment development at Cogan Hill was modified several times before it eventually received planning permission. It will not now be built and the land will be used as a “Metro Transport Hub”

The proposed scheme was criticised as “a gross monstrosity at the gateway to Penarth”   After various modifications were made to the initial scheme, it was given planning permission.

Towards the end of last year it emerged that Jehu quietly sold the land to the Welsh Labour Government for £620,000 – a sum far in excess of what they had bought it for.

As reported on PDN last month (See the Land Registry now records that the plot s now owned by “THE WELSH MINISTERS of Director Of Legal Services, Crown Building, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ and of Welsh Goverment, Transport Department, Crown Building, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ.”

One  PDN source had accurately forecast that there were plans afoot to develop a “transport hub” in association with Network Rail on the site. However another PDN source had dioscovered that amongst the options also being looked at by the Welsh Labour Government was the construction of an accommodation block which would offer a choice of 2  schemes for the site . One was apparently to house African immigrants, and the other was to house “recovering drug addicts” and/or alcoholics during an intermediate stage in their rehabilitation. Both these schemes are now dead in the water.

Confirmation from the Welsh Government that the derelict Cogan Hill site – next to Cogan Station – is to be developed as a Transport Interchange

Now after several requests – a letter from the Rail Project Manager in the Welsh Labour Government has, at long last, confirmed that a “Metro Transport Hub” is to be developed on the site although no planning application of any kind has yet been submitted.

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  1. penarthblog says:

    I’m not sure what a transport hub is, I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Cardiff Central railway station and the adjacent bus station used to be a transport hub until the latter was closed by Cardiff County Council. Now you have to use a SatNav

    • Cardiff Central railway station and the adjacent bus station used to be a transport hub until the latter was closed by Cardiff County Council. Now you have to use a SatNav to find where the bus stops are.

    • David Day says:

      A bus station?

  2. sjleworthy says:

    and a metro transport hub is?

    (i think i can guess, but i cant see why here)

  3. Ford Prefect says:

    This is good news. Penarth is so well placed for public and active transport into Cardiff and beyond, it is about time some serious investment was put in to it.

  4. mikeyorke says:

    I wonder if they’ll replace the bridge with a wider version to allow 2 lanes out of Penarth to stop those in the Cogan area from being slowly gased to a premature death?

  5. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    I thought they were going to put Hermann Goering’s Ministry of Aviation there and now they’re going to turn it into a multicultural shithole like Clapham Junction. Damn!

  6. Mike Fox says:

    I would reopen the tunnel under cogan hill/windsor road for pedestrians and rebuild a platform on the Penarth Branch. This would give 4 trains an hour extra stoping at cogan. The rest of the area could be used for parking and for the road to reallianged to creating bus stops.

  7. Jp03 says:

    Definitely agree should have a marina halt on the penarth train line.

  8. Duncan says:

    Transport hubs are supposed to reduce traffic and traffic jams so why put it where it will just increase traffic into Cogan?

  9. Fishhenge says:

    So that will mean the end of the Penarth branch line with Penarth passengers going by train to Cogan and by bus from there to town, with all that will entail.

  10. Luca says:

    Who were the previous owners? “JKehu can quiteyl”…..Never heard of them.

    • Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

      Jehu was a king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel as opposed to the Southern Kingdom of Judea so I presume it was a Jewish company who made the money out of the Welsh Labour Government by selling them the land for £620K

  11. Luca says:

    For the sake of clarity, a metro transport hub is usually a rail station with adjacent car parking and taxi rank. You’re welcome 🙂

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