Dogs are banned from Penarth Beach in summer – but during the rest of the year dog-owners who allow their dogs to defecate on Penarth Beach would be under no obligation to pick up the mess

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has now issued a detailed list of the areas in Penarth where its proposed new anti-dog measures would be applied.

Now more details of the precise areas where controls on dogs would be imposed have been published (see table below).

On Cliff Walk dogs can be off leads – but the new order would compel owners have to scoop up poop

As previously reported by PDN ( )  the council is consulting the public on a proposal to impose a Public Spaces Protection Order which would mean £100 on-the-spot fines being imposed on dog walkers who don’t obey  the proposed new regulations.

The council says it’s proposing to bring in the dog controls because “it has been established that certain activities carried out in specified public spaces have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality”

The list of places in Penarth where various degrees of dog control would be imposed under the new legal order some of which involve an outright ban

From the list it would appear there would be an outright ban on dogs throughout the year  in Alexandra Park, Victoria Park and Cosmeston Lakes Country Park.

The Music in the Park  audience sits on the grass at Belle Vue Park – but dogs would still be allowed to defecate there – provided owners pick up afterwards

In Belle Vue Park it’s proposed to ban dogs from the children’s play area and  the Bowling Green – but apparently not from pathways and the grassy slope area on which hundreds of people sit for the annual Music in the Park event and where children play around the year.

Some local residents say there should be an outright ban on all dogs covering the entire Belle Vue Park .

Groups of families and friends settling down for a picnic in the sunshine on the Recreation Field at Plassey Square

All other childrens’ play areas and sports pitches in Penarth would be prohibited no-go areas for dogs. These include the Plassey Square play area which is already fenced off.

Under the  current proposals would be allowed without leads on the open area of Reaction Ground but dog owners would have to pick-up excrement deposited by their animals – but again – this is now an area where scores of people sit on the grass in the summer months and local residents may well call for an outright dog ban.

Cliff Walk

On Cliff Walk ( with the exception of the children’s play area) dogs would be allowed to run around without leads – but owners would have to pick up their excrement.

On Penarth Pier boardwalk there would be a total ban on dogs during the summer months .

On Penarth Esplanade dogs would have to be kept on leads and owners would have to “poop scoop” after their animals .

On Penarth Beach however – although there would be (and currently is)  a total ban on dogs in the summer months – there would be no requirement for dog owners to put their animals on leads or bother to pick up their foulings.

The Council will consult with partners, key stakeholders and the local community to establish an evidence base and support for the prohibition proposal. If the result of the consultation is supportive, the final PSPO will be based on these results in autumn 2018.

There is more information available on

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  1. penarthian says:

    An outright ban on dogs throughout the year in Alexandra Park is disgraceful. I used to live in the old Park keepers house inside the park and was plagued by kids having sex on the bench, taking drugs, fighting and throwing bottles around. When they were really bored they used to set fire to the trees, causing the house to nearly burn down. Worry about who really causes a problem in the parks!!!

  2. Clare says:

    Dogs should be kept on leads in public areas for safety of everyone. Cosmeston lakes in particular as loose dogs are a nuisance to public and responsible owners who keep their dogs on leads as notices instruct. The issue would be who would monitor these proposals ?

    • E S McParplleparry says:

      There is plenty of space in Cosmeston to allow areas where responsible dogs can run free of the lead.

      • Steve says:

        You’re right, there is, but many owners appear to choose the space where dogs should be kept on a lead to let them run free.

  3. Lesley Monger says:

    Can’t believe they are considering a ban in Cosmeston after all the rubbish and barbecue detritus left by humans!
    Come on!!!!!

  4. Mike D says:

    Even by the woeful standards of public administration practiced by the Vale Council (both under Labour or Conservative control) this is a spectacularly ill-considered proposal. We are supposed to live in an era of evidence-based policymaking, yet there is not a shred of evidence produced to support a proposal with far-reaching effects for many residents and visitors, aside from a vague assertion that there continues to be a problem.
    Of course there should be restrictions on dogs, for example in children’s play areas and on sports pitches, and of course there should be a requirement for dog faeces to be picked up. THERE ALREADY IS – the problem is that there is zero enforcement, and the likelihood is that this lack of enforcement would continue if the new proposals were adopted.
    What is needed is a much more in-depth and comprehensive consideration of the issues, including the physical and social benefits of dog-walking as well as the need for sensible and proportionate controls.

    • E S McParplleparry says:

      Take a look at the survey supporting this process. It’s completely driving to a biased outcome.

  5. Dan Potts says:

    That survey is very biased, no point filling it in unless you hate dogs ! All responsible dog owners should email VOG to complain.

    • penarthian says:

      I suggest a public demonstration with our dogs outside Penarth Town Council offices . Anyone else prepared to join in and cause mayhem ?

  6. Cathryn Evans-Swain says:

    These proposed bans are appalling news to dog owners! Where would the council suggest that responsible dog owners walk their dogs other than on pavements?
    I totally agree that irresponsible dog owners should be cautioned and fined but the majority of dog owners are responsible and are therefore being punished for the irresponsible behaviour of s small minority.
    The council needs to spend more money on providing bins especially in Cosmeston for dog owners to put dog poo bags in.
    More mess and damage to the environment is caused by humans than dogs which can be seen every where, everyday in Penarth and the Vale of Glamorgan!! The overflowing rubbish bins at Weekends and Bank Holidays as well as rubbish left by humans with no attempt to put in bins throughout the towns and country side of the Vale proves this fact!

    • David Day says:

      Would it not be even more effective if the council provided bins to put the actual dogs in?

  7. K Williams says:

    I am absolutely disgusted and outraged by these proposed bans. As a responsible dog owner, I bought my house in Caversham Park in order to allow easy access to Cosmeston Lakes Country Park to excercise my dogs. Had I have known of any potential future ridiculous dog ban, I would not have purchased the property. I walk my dogs in Cosmeston daily, and should this ban take place, I would be forced to move to a more suitable area where dog walking is permitted. I have spoken to several neighbours who are all equally outraged by these proposals.
    In my 7 years of living here and walking in Cosmeston daily, the main problem I have experienced is not dog faeces, or dogs off leads, but a handful of irresponsible cyclists (and one irresponsible horse rider), who almost ran me over.
    I would urge you to reconsider these unfounded and unfair plans, as I fear the strength of feeling on the matter will undoubtedly lead to a great deal of negative press for the Vale Council. One of my neighbours is already talking about arranging a protest at the Council Offices, and we will certainly be joining her. These proposals will not be tolerated.

    • E S McParplleparry says:

      I’m in Victoria Road and feel exactly the same way. We’re already excluded from the beach and now Cosmeston. Much of the year, the only people using Cosmeston (including the café) are dog walkers. Frankly, I’ll move the family out of Penarth if this draconian measure goes through.

    • Keith says:

      What a silly reason to buy a house! I’m sure your decision to buy had nothing to with catchments for schools. I was only on the cwrt vil football pitch the other day and within 5 mins a dog owner with dog walks right over the playing fields defecating while people are playing on there.

  8. Martin Crack says:

    This is ridiculous – the council seem hell bent on stopping people having any reason to go to Cosmeston! First the village, now no dog walkers. Shall we ban bicycles and water sports too – should reduce visitor numbers to a manageable level and then they can get rid of the rest of the staff. Oh, perhaps leave one person to look after the wildfowl. I am an environmentalist by education and believe that when sites do not get used, they lose value and eventually fall into, at best, disrepair and at worst, the hands of someone who values them commercially. Slippery slope VoG Council.

    As for Alexandra & Victoria parks – should also cut down the numbers of visitors. Perhaps turn it over to the youth who want a quiet place to “chill” and not be disturbed by responsible adults walking their dogs at all hours. Perhaps the council will shortly designate them “wild areas” and save on park maintenance works.

  9. Gareth Rees says:

    Surely what the Vale Council should be doing is offering local dog-owners a counselling service so that they no longer need to keep a dog as some sort of emotional crutch.

    • E S McParplleparry says:

      Do they also provide counseling for Trolls?

    • David Day says:

      Yes. They could always be given a free transparent bag of dog excrement to carry about with them as a sort of dog-withdrawal technique – a bit like methadone instead if heroin.

  10. E S McParplleparry says:

    I’ve sent messages to Councilors and local MP. The survey is biasing the process. The survey should be soliciting feedback on the proposal, rather than feedback on dog faeces. Banning dogs at Cosmeston Lakes will merely add to over-crowding of dogs on the cliff-top. Target the minority irresponsible dog owner rather than enacting draconian measures that deny rights of the responsible majority.

    • St Augustine says:

      Judging by the number of dogs off leads in the streets, in Alexandra Park, in Windsor Gardens and Plassey Square, and the amount of dog waste I see, I’m starting to think that maybe it’s an irresponsible majority and responsible minority. If dog owners cannot police themselves then why should the tax payer have to pay for enforcement officers to police them?

  11. Robert Donaldson says:

    Dingle Park Open Space!


  12. Fred says:

    Hasn’t anyone bothered to look at the map? There’s virtually no change at all being proposed for Penarth. There’s no dog ban for the whole of Cosmeston, dogs will continue to be banned only from the play area and a few nature reserves. Similarly in Alexandra Park, only the tiny play area will be off limits to dogs while the rest of the park will continue to require dogs to be kept on leads which I’m sure Penarth’s dog owners will be happy to continue to universally ignore.

  13. sjleworthy says:

    As usual it’s all down to policing these issues. If they are not then even responsible dog owners take liberties once in a while. As with motorists and cyclists, there’s good and bad and the latter give the former a blanketing bad name.

  14. Mike hembury says:

    Will take away coffee cups be banned from café? You can find them in bushes all around cosmeston lakes.

  15. Lex79 says:

    I took a walk down to the marina at 8am this morning and had to swerve to avoid 2 fresh dog poos and one that had already been smeared across the pavement by some unfortunate pedestrian on their way to work/school. The other morning at Cosmeston at 9am 3 fresh poos waiting to be trodden in. I’m sure all of the pdn readers clear up the mess so where does it all come from!

  16. Matt says:

    I’m fed up of irresponsible dog owners ruining our green spaces for everyone else.

    I don’t understand why topics like this are always flooded with people who say they pick up their dog’s mess. You are clearly not the problem. The fact is, there are a significant number of dog owners who do not behave responsibly and this really spoils things for everyone else.

    I think it’s time to have some dog-free areas where people can enjoy themselves without the risk of stepping-in or sitting-on dog waste or being hassled by dogs running free.

  17. St Augustine says:

    It seems they’re removing the dog’s on leads rule on Plassey Square. That’s a real shame. It would be nice if kids could play there without the risk of infection from dog faeces or being harrassed by dogs off leads. Some dog owners don’t even get out of their cars – they just turf the dog out of the car.

    • Martin says:

      Last week there were dozens of bags of dog crap strewn over Harbour View Road. Absolutely disgusting!

      How do dog owners get so irate and indignant when this sort of thing goes on?

      I counted 5 fresh dog turds this morning walking less than half a mile into town.

      Should we all turn a blind eye and keep our mouths shut for fear of upsetting the dog owners?

  18. RIchard Williams says:

    Dogs and dog-dirt represent a major public health issue in Penarth. The Vale Council is quite right to clamp-down on dog-owners. The very act of keeping a dog is anti-social. Allowing dogs to foul green spaces and pavements presents a public health hazard like passive smoking, possibly worse

  19. Terry healey says:

    I live across the road from cosmeston park and frequently walk my dog there, I am a responsible dog owner who walks him on a lead and picks up his ” mess”, unlike many humans who think it’s ok to leave broken glass and portable barbecues littered across the park during the summer months. I let my dog of the lead when he is in the open fields beyond the park boundary, the only other people you see up there are fellow dog walkers. Us dog walkers keep the cafe running during the wet and cold winter months, we don’t just go over there to let our dogs do their business. This is a disgrace and I hope all dog walkers join together to protest against outr totally inept council, rest assured they will not stop me taking my canine pal on his regular walks.

  20. David Day says:

    Anything short of a total ban on dogs of every sort in the universe as a whole falls far short of what is required. ACT NOW!

  21. Dizzydeb says:

    Let’s have a total ban on fishermen then and drinking alcohol on the beach!
    When I walked my dog on the beach I would pick up a carrier bag full of fishing line, empty tackle bags and hooks along with copious amounts of beer and larger cans every day sometimes.
    In the fourteen years I walked her I came across so much litter and plastic and very little dog mess.


    • Lesley Monger says:

      Totally agree
      I am forever picking up rubbish and what about all the fag ends around the St Fagans appropriately named!
      Don’t punish responsible dog owners but fine the abusers!
      Typical of this council
      As anyone taken as look at Plassey Square lately with the so called flower beds it’s an absolute disgrace

    • Jp03 says:

      I agree so much – fishermen are a pain and have no place on the pier.

  22. Jp03 says:

    It’s all about policing, and authorities being seen to do ‘something’ when they don’t do it. Dog mess is foul, by definition, and there are a lot of irresponsible owners, esp
    If they think no one is looking. Dog mess is even left in shop doorways and on the zebra crossings.

    None of that means that the current proposals make sense. So many crimes and incidents are uncovered by dog walkers, and it’s only adults and families with dogs that save the parks from the ill-disciplined and unpleasant packs of kids.

  23. Andrew Worsley says:

    My God! Penarth town centre itself is literally ‘ going to the dogs’ with improvements needed on the roads the pavements (especially around the shops) the towns Policing the list goes on and on. But what gets the peoples attention the most is it any of the above , is it the shoddy way the Council do not prioritise the jobs needing to be done but put pie in the sky or grand plans ahead of what needs to be done under their very noses. And now we know what gets under peoples noses is ‘ dog crap’, bugger the CCTV cameras not working and the aforementioned work to be done , dog poo , is the thing that arises passions in the people of the town . If i’m correct the problem with dog mess as being going on for centuries and no one has solved it because apart from picking up the mess their is no answer . And yet this item gets an avalanche of replies on the subject . Most other items get replies in single figures or just into the teens ,but do poo!!??? over 30 letters letting us all know whats close to the hearts of the people of the town and that is ‘DOG POO’ (that’s when they are not eating) , that’s another biggie for the residents.

  24. S. Page says:

    The mini golf course beside Cliff Walk should be out of bounds for dogs which can be kept on leads for the walk along the cliffs because playing mini golf there or sitting and playing with children is currently really unpleasant because of the dog mess and the way dogs tear about after golf balls and children’s balls etc

  25. John Wilson says:

    We walk our dog at Cosmeston more or less every day and pick up her messes, and quite often pick up the bags of dog faeces that other dog walkers have picked up and then can’t be bothered to take to a bin and either chuck them in the bushes or leave them on the ground by the various kissing gates. On one occasions we collected around 15 bags and took them back to a rubbish bin. These people are so inconsiderate and give dog owners a bad name as are the ones who don’t pick up. We have asked about extra bins but they are ridiculously expensive for what they are, as are the costs of employing someone to go round emptying them. On the specifics of the list shown at the top I note that all three options re Cosmeston are marked – doesn’t seem to make any sense – if you ban dogs why have regulations that dogs shd be on leads and their faeces shd be picked up. There are already bye laws re picking up faeces and there are regulations as to where dogs can and can’t be on leads, and there are signs, which my wife & I seem to be the only folk who abide by.

  26. FairsFair says:

    The table reported in the PDN article does not correlate with the table in the Vale’s Notice of Proposal Document!! E.g. the wording in your article suggests a total ban at Cosmeston Country Park whereas the consultation document clearly states that the ban would apply to play areas and conservation areas (and that these restrictions currently exist and are proposed to be renewed in line with current legislation). The same applies to areas where dogs need to be kept on a lead.

    • NewsNet says:

      The table reproduced by PDN is the table published by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

      • AK says:

        Probably by the same bloke that drew up the erroneous tender documents for the Leisure Centre refurbishment.

        This is what happens when local councils just shuffle staff around instead of getting rid of them.

  27. says:

    Richard Williams can you explain why the “very act of keeping a dog is anti social” perhaps you and David Day should get together reading your puerile comments .

  28. Andrew Worsley says:

    As I said talk about dogs or dog poo and the responses are in double figures , talk about the towns ‘real’ priorities NOT A SINGLE WORD. In my opinion , says it all really!!.

  29. Concerned says:

    I’m sure all you dog owners love your dogs and dutifully clean up after them. I’d just like to walk the streets and parks of Penarth without having to constantly watch where I’m putting my feet. Remember, not everyone likes dogs, if you want one it’s for you to look after it not for us to be inconvenienced or for our rates to be used to clear up after it. Take the s**t home.

    • Lex79 says:

      I agree and as you say not everyone likes dogs and certainly not on 20ft extendable leads sniffing at my ankles!!

  30. cariad says:

    I was born in Penarth and I have to say Penarth has always had a problem with dog poo, that is why Penarth people walk with their heads down to avoid the mess.

  31. John Wilson says:

    It turns out that the table in this thread was part of a document that was being circulated internally in VoG for consideration. It was leaked ahead of time and the final version is due for publication tomorrow [Weds 20th]. From another source which I belong to, there was never intended to be an overall ban at Cosmeston. The regulations there will be much has they are now. So, it was a mistake to leak that document ahead of time and cause this ‘storm’.

  32. Penarthian says:

    Trust me the Dog brigade will cause an ever bigger storm if our pooches are banned !

    • Matt says:

      It’s funny, I haven’t seen one comment from dog owners about how they can take ownership of the very real problems that are caused by dog owners not clearing up after their dogs and letting dogs off the lead where they shouldn’t. You’re all absolute saints and up in arms about this consultation, but you aren’t coming up with any solutions and you aren’t acknowledging the views of those that don’t own or don’t like dogs. Something has to change and you’ve got to admit there’s a problem, which isn’t going to be solved by have dog waste bins on every street corner.

  33. Andrew Worsley says:

    Has no one seen a gap in the market here????????????????? Dog Nappies , or to be more precise Canine Care Nappies ……… put one on before you take the dog out , hey presto! in 3 sizes small, medium and large , they could be stocked in say Boots or some other well known store …………and don’t all rush to thank me .there’s nothing worse than not seeing the bl**ding obvious ………….WAKE UP .

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