Long overdue refurbishment of the changing rooms may be further delayed

Long-overdue repairs to wet and dry changing rooms at Penarth Leisure Centre may be  yet further delayed  according to PDN sources – following two unsuccessful attempts to get local firms to quote for the work, funding problems and what’s rumoured to be mistakes in the measurements.

The Vale Council had invited 6 companies to submit tenders to carry out the work – but only 1 of those companies responded.

The existing changing rooms at Penarth Leisure Centre are segregated with separate rooms for men and women and families.

On May 25th PDN reported that the Vale of Glamorgan Council  had been “disappointed” at the response received from contractors the second time it had invited them to tender for the work (See

The council then said it would  “re-tender” for the work on the Leisure Centre via the Welsh Labour Government’s Sell 2 Wales website – and that a  wider group of companies would be invited to contacted.

However this new (third) invitation to tender has yet to be published.

One PDN source says it’s understood that the specifications and some measurements which had been initially supplied by the Vale Council have turned out to be incorrect and there is speculation that council budgets may not now be able to cover the costs .

Work under way on building Penarth Leisure Centre on the Cogan Recreation Ground in 1982. (Photo John Clark)

Repairs to the Penarth Leisure Centre were continually postponed by the 2012/2017 Labour administration in the Vale of Glamorgan Council  – but when the Conservative administration took over the council last year they initiated a plan for a major make-over for the Leisure Centre.

Under the terms of this contract the successful firms would have been required to deliver what are described as “community Benefits in support of the authority’s economic and social objectives”.

Fire fighters at Penarth Leisure Centre in February 2014 . Only the smoke-affected and burned-out parts of the building were repaired. The locker rooms were left as they were.

There was repair work done to the Leisure Centre after the disastrous fire in February 2014 – but the then Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council only refurbished the fire-damaged areas – and not the rest of the building.

The long overdue work to the changing rooms – including plans to  convert the facilities into a Unisex “changing village” had been constantly delayed by the Labour administration.

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  1. Frank Evans says:

    What wrong with the current changing rooms??
    I’ve been told it’s now UK practice to have changing villages as some minority groups, nudity in any context is frowned upon.
    Yet again the UK is been changed by those who should accept UK ways.

    • Lucy says:

      What are you talking about? Do you even swim at the pool? The current changing rooms are disgusting and are falling to bits. At least half of the lockers don’t work. Having a changing village makes sense for everyone as families can get ready together rather than having to split off into separate rooms. It’s nothing to do with minority groups. Stop being so bloody ridiculous.

      Personally I’m looking forward to the update and think it will be a positive change.

  2. The Tax payer says:

    Can anyone remember the date of the first fire in the 80s when the main roof went up ??

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