Penarth Town Council – it’s now been revealed – wanted to turn the upstairs area of The Kymin into three apartments for “reasonably priced” holiday lets

It’s now been revealed that  the Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council – was planning to redesign the upstairs of the venerable building – and let part of it out as three “reasonably priced holiday apartments”.

It’s the first time such a revelation has come to light about the council’s top-secret – and abortive – plans to acquire and run the  Kymin .

The Kymin and its grounds are public property

Penarth Town Council had been involved in 18 months of top-secret negotiations  to acquire the Kymin from its landlords, the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The scheme became badly unstuck when Penarth Council’s business plan was found not to stack-up and was thrown out by the Conservative-controlled Vale Council.

If Penarth Town Council HAD entered the holiday lettings business – it would be been competing head-to-head with private Bed and Breakfast operators in the town.

All the private B&B’s pay Council Tax and the Penarth Precept – which the council uses to fund its explanding operations.  B&B owners would therefore have been paying tax to subsidise a  competitive rival – in the shape of the council itself .

In letting out the Kymin as Holiday Apartments Penarth Town Council would have been competing head to head with private B&B operators in the town. The council says the upstairs of the Kymin could have been redesigned to offer 3 “reasonably priced holiday apartments with dedicated access”. The council claims that the plan would have “satisfied a shortage of accommodation in Penarth’s tourism sector

A council report released last night says the bed and breakfast scheme was envisaged as part of what the council describes as its “future vision” .

Following the failure of its takeover bid for the Kymin the council is now asking the Vale of Glamorgan Council was a 25 year lease on the Kymin site

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  1. Martin Crack says:

    Not sure I see the issue here. Are local B&B businesses scared of competition from the council of all people. I personally would endorse inviting more people to our lovely town and am sure that seafront businesses would be happy also and probably need some positives given the vale ban on dog walking etc..

  2. Phil Nedin says:

    An excellent excellent example of income generation. They should be congratulated.

  3. CC says:

    Brilliant idea – it’s about time the building was put to more use. How much is it for a week? I would like to recommend it for the family when they visit.

  4. Tim says:

    More like it was would be subsidised by tax payers and used for coseying up to corporate interests.

  5. AK says:

    What legislation would give the Town Council the right to rent out public property for B&B ?

  6. Andrew Worsley says:

    Reminds me of Fawlty Towers .

  7. Chris David says:

    One thing perplexes me. They say the VoG threw out the business plan. Well no surprise with PTC but how did the VoG assess it? They clearly aren’t capable on that front- remember the Pier and Cinema debacle. They demonstrated quite clearly there they haven’t a clue. Odd eh!

  8. Martin Crack says:

    Sadly not odd. Just predicatble

  9. Grey local says:

    Isn’t the B&B in Kymin ter owned by a well known vale councillor? So conflict of interest?

  10. Jp03 says:

    I have real issues with the Town Council using public money to compete with local businesses, but am not sure that Penarth has a surplus of ‘proper’ (i.e. not just crafty air bnb sublets) holiday accommodation. Even if the Vale wins the current tug of war over the Kymin the best that will happen is that nothing will happen.

    Whatever did we do to deserve such governance?!

  11. Andrew Worsley says:

    Looks like Fawlty Towers too.

  12. Name and shame em! says:

    So in the meantime I guess the upstairs space goes under used. Another prime example of council waste and i mean the VoG.

  13. cosmeston says:

    More to the point, do Penarth folk actually realise that correctly registered Hospitality (B&B) businesses are 1. Registered with Environmental Health, and have regular inspections by them, 2. Are inspected by the Fire Safety Service and have to install very expensive Fire Alarms in every room and on every floor. 3. Are inspected regularly by the Welsh Government’s representatives. I do wonder whether The Kymin would ever pass these several inspections and tests without big big investment.

  14. Collieman says:

    And how long before they would be used as “Social Housing”

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