The original architectural design for Holly Cottage at Tower Hill Penarth – in the Penarth Conservation Area . Now the owner wants to add a “contemporary glass roofed verandah” to the site of the building

A planning application to install a small glass roofed “verandah” on the picturesque  Holly Cottage, at Tower Hill, Penarth has been recommended for refusal by Penarth Town Council’s planning committee.

Holly Cottage is on the Northern side of Tower Hill Lane and a few yards East of Tower Hill cottages – in the heart of the Penarth Conservation Area.

The front and the side of the picturesque Holly Cottage . [The outline of the proposed verandah had been inserted in pencil on the original drawings for the building]

It is proposed that the verandah would be made of aluminium with a glass roof and occupy an area of 9 square meters at the front right-hand side of the building and would protrude out further than the existing front porch.

A submitted illustration of the type of verandah envisaged for Holly Cottage

The council’s planning consultant [ Emma Langmaid of Prospero Consulting]   stated that although the proposed materials (glass and black painted aluminium)  would be acceptable for the area, the proposed verandah itself would be an “alien feature” .

Ms Langmaid’s report  said such proposals should accept the historic and cultural character of the dwelling.   The proposed verandah, she said, “would not respect or enhance the character of the dwelling “ and recommended rejection of the proposal.

Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines)

Chairing the meeting was  Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) who is deputy chairman of planning.

Cllr Cuddy  lives in Paget Place which is also within the Penarth Conservation area and who –  in the teeth of local opposition – has himself has gained planning permission to build a “contemporary” modernistic  box-like second home at the side of his own Victorian house in Paget Place.

An artistic impression depicting what Cllr Cuddy’s new modern box-like house will look like in the middle of Paget Place in Penarth’s Conservation Area.

Commenting on Ms Langmaid’s observations on the Tower Hill verandah planning application, Cllr Cuddy commented “ I think it’s a reasonable observation on behalf of our planning consultant . Tower Hill is in the centre of the Conservation Area” – he said.  [Cllr Cuddy’s home is also within the Penarth Conservation Area  – at Paget Place Penarth – as is the site of the new modernistic house he has won permission to erect in his grounds]

Cllr Nigel Humphrey (Labour St Augustines)

As deputy chairman of Penarth Town Council , Cllr Cuddy was standing in for Cllr Nigel Humphrey (Labour St Augustines) who is the designated chairman of the planning committee but who was not in attendance at this week’s meeting.

[Cllr Humphrey’s home in Clive Place is currently the subject of a second Enforcement Investigation by the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning department relating to the location of a steel shipping container in his garden.]

The final decision on the proposal for the little verandah at Holly Cottage, Tower Hill will be made by a Vale of Glamorgan Council planning officer.


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  1. Cogan noman says:

    The government proclaimed 6 years ago
    That minor alterations to properties
    Did not need planning permission .
    This is definitely minor and I would contact
    Our local M.P. For clarification .

  2. Lesley Monger says:

    What’s wrong with this council?
    One rule for them and another for their residents
    I think the veranda looks victorian and is great
    Give them permission as I note that ugly box was given permission as have several others around here which are not in keeping with the other buildings
    It’s a disgrace if they refuse!

  3. The hypocrisy of these Councillors is breathtaking. This proposal is almost acceptable in contrast to Cllr Cuddys would be garden development or the development he supports at Northcliffe to be called ridiculously ‘Saint Adresse Apartments’ with no regard to Penarth history or Wales. Silence on that.
    Cllr Humphrey is the subject of a second Enforcement Investigation by the Vale of Glamorgan Council planning department relating to a steel shipping container in his garden! How can the members of the town council or the labour party judge these men to be acceptable chairs of the planning committee or be let any where near it? Who will speak out? If we had a honorable active civic society committed to conservation they would loudly object, however the civic society has been hijacked by the labour party with even discredited Martin Gossage, formerly chair of the secret town council momentum group, is a member of the committee now after they bullied me and my partner out. It is now the new momentuim group so watch out for lots of PR about the town council working with the civic society,, blah, blah, blah.

  4. Andrew Worsley says:

    I’m sure everyone knows by now what a sick joke played on the people , called ‘The Council ‘ is ??? as said many times they are hypocrites and are in it only to get what they want ,not the public.

  5. Forty two says:

    They raised no objections to the demolition of the beautiful mansion “The Highlands” on Cogan Hill but they create a big fuss about this minor alteration! How sad and illogical! Old Penarth is being destroyed despite all the so-called lip service to conservation!

  6. Collieman says:

    Looks OK to me! let them get on with it.
    put a couple of chairs and a table under it and it will look nice. IMO it certainly won’t detract from the area.
    however, there must be some way the monstrosity Cuddy the Clown is proposing can be stopped. What is wrong with building in the same style as the original property – he can do as he likes to the interior, but the exterior should be more in keeping with the surrounding area.

  7. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. More hypocritical behaviour from our supposed representatives. The verandah would have a minimal impact, unlike that box monstrosity.

  8. CelticMan says:

    Looks ok to me too.

  9. Jp03 says:

    Dear me, does the hypocrisy never end?
    Have these so-called Cllrs not one ounc of shame between them? Not one?

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