Former Wales Conservative Leader Andrew R T Davies (South Wales Central which includes Penarth) has been talking for the first time about the secret party plot to oust him from the leadership

It now appears that the secret plot to oust Andrew R T Davies as Leader of the Conservative Party in Wales was hatched in Westminster – probably by pro-EU MPs determined to frustrate the will of the majority of voters in Wales to Leave the EU  .

Andrew R T Davies, who represents Penarth as part of his South Wales Central constituency, has revealed today that as long as 14 months ago he was – by accident – sent a copy of a text  emanating from “the other end of the M4[ code for Westminster] .

He said the text – which he had been sent inadvertently –  showed that there were moves afoot back in 2017 to try to remove him as Conservative Party Leader in Wales . He said text had mentioned the options of “keeping a lid on it or removing him straight away”.

The Welsh Assembly members’ offices are at Ty Hywel. The building was called Crickhowell House after Lord Crickhowell the late Conservative Secretary of State for Wales – but this was more than Labour members could bear and they insisted on changing its name to Ty Hywel claiming it was named after the Welsh historical figure Hywel Dda – which it wasn’t.

Over the last 9 months there had been “discussions” culminating in a “ratcheting up” by fellow Conservative AMs in Cardiff Bay . It all came to a head in a meeting at 08:00 on Wednesday last week at the Assembly’s Ty Hywel office-complex at which the majority present said “fine, Andrew, by all means carry on, but we need to revisit this by 2021” [when a new Welsh Assembly Election is due to be held] .

Andrew R T Davies did not think such a lukewarm endorsement was good enough  and resigned with immediate effect. He said “Otherwise the headlines, the counter briefing, would have been ‘Andrew RT hangs on by his fingertips'”. That – he said – would not have been fair on the party, his staff or his family.

Andrew R T Davies has confirmed that  he will not stand again for election as Conservative Leader in the Assembly .

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  1. Chris David says:

    So the anti Brexit now Pro Brexit “quiet man” heh has committed a grave mistake. Serve him right. Anyway I think SE Wales- the important bit 🙂 was for remaining. Double cock up mate.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    Andrew RT Davies – three volume political biography will be out here are some suggested exciting working titles.

    Vol 1 “Departure Lounge”.
    or My journey on the Airbus to nowhere”

    Vol 2.
    “Last train to Cowbridge”
    or “How I and Teresa May did more damage to the Welsh Railway System than Hitler and Dr.Beeching.”

    Vol 3.
    “All not at Sea. in Swansea”.
    or “Drowning in my Brexit Tidal Lagoon”

    What the Critics say.—————————-

    “This book is a complete flight of fantasy”
    CEO Landow International Airport Cowbridge

    “Not electrifying in anyway”
    Railway World

    “Brilliant Titanic effort to destroy the Welsh Energy System and assist the Russian Economy”
    Vladimir Putin – Soviet Nuclear Power Today

  3. whatsoccurin says:

    Watched his interview on the Welsh news-reminded me of Kenneth Williams as Caesar in “Carry on Cleo” “infamy,infamy,they’ve all got it in for me”!

  4. cosmeston says:

    Andrew RT has done a lot more for this part of South Wales than many realise. Having been trodden on by a Labour administration for nearly 20 years, he has had to fight for what he sees as the real issues for Penarth and district, since the Labour Party only spends money where the folks slavishly vote Labour. Well done to Andrew – No Change to Labour in the Assembly, unfortunately. !

    • Jonathan Livingstone says:

      Eh? I must have missed it. Please tell me what many don’t realise. What has happened in this part of South Wales that can be directly attributed to ART Davies?

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