The Prince of Wales accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall yesterday unveiled a plaque commemorating the re-naming of the Second Severn Crossing as “The Prince of Wales Bridge” [ Pont Tywysog Cymru]” . The plaque will be installed on the bridge at a later date

Neil McEvoy the Independent Assembly Member for South Wales Central – which includes Penarth – has criticised yesterday’s ultra-low-profile ceremony to controversially re-name the Second Severn Crossing as the “Prince of Wales Bridge”.

Neil McEvoy (Independent AM for South Wales Central which includes Penarth) criticised the re-naming of the Second Severn Bridge in the Welsh Assembly

Mr McEvoy describes the event – which was given little, if any, pre-publicity as “A very poor show. If made public, they knew what reaction they would get.”

The re-naming of the Bridge was carried in a subdued ceremony –  which some people have described as “secret”  –  by the Prince of Wales yesterday accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall. The commemorative plaque was unveiled in a motorway portacabin.

The bridge has been renamed in honour of the Prince Charles’s  70th birthday and his forthcoming 60th anniversary as Prince of Wales  and was the first event on the royal couple’s annual tour of Wales.

The only evidence that the bridge has been re-named is a  temporary flashing sign at the side of the M4 which now spells out the words “Prince of Wales Bridge” in illuminated orange lettering. It is not bi-lingual.

Secretary for State for Wales Alun Cairns (Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns (Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan) led Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall of a tour of the Severn Crossing toll office and said afterwards “I am delighted that their Royal Highnesses have been able to join us at this special occasion which marks the start of a new era of cross-border opportunity.”

Mr Cairns said ” I hope that the new Prince of Wales bridge and its sister bridge will be seen as positive symbols of the newly invigorated economic, cultural and social opportunities that will present themselves to Wales, helping to make our nation fit for the future.”

Long queues built up at the toll booths as the re-naming ceremony progressed. Motorists still have to pay £5.60 to cross – but the toll will be lifted at the end of December this year. Critics said it might have been a more inspired idea for the toll to have been scrapped at the same time as the bridge was renamed

Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones accompanied the Duchess of Cornwall at the Severn Bridge renaming ceremony

The re-naming decision was endorsed by the Queen, the Prime Minister and by Carwyn Jones the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly Labour Government.

However the decision to rename the Second Severn Crossing as The Prince of Wales Bridge has been criticised with more than 40,000 people signing an on-line protest petition .

A Plaid Cymru  spokesman Dai Lloyd (AM South Wales West) said he regarded the renaming as “A bit of an insult” and claimed that public opinion was not on the side of the Secretary of State for Wales on this matter .

The Secretary for State, Alun Cairns, had earlier called those who objected “republicans” and claimed that the  “wider, silent majority is absolutely with us”.

Mr Cairns said  yesterday ” I would never have done this unless it had the strong approval of the Welsh Government”

In his re-naming speech, Prince Charles appeared to seek to diffuse the public criticism and had  worked-in a passage which seemed to suggest that the bridge hadn’t been named after him personally, but would call to mind  ALL those who had borne the title “Prince of Wales/Tywysogion Cymru “ down though history and the “different heritages and traditions that they represent”.


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  1. cw james says:

    Why not call the sister bridge The Princess Royal Bridge

  2. Chris Franks says:

    Alun Cairn has achieved nothing as Secretary of State for Wales. Rail electrification cancelled, lagoon cancelled and the cost of the Wales Office is ridiculous.

    • June says:

      Prince Charles has done nothing for Wales either.

      Royalty is an outdated concept and should be completely abolished.

    • Peter Church says:

      Chris the Rail Electrification to Swansea is a complete red herring.
      The line speed in Wales on the Swansea-Paddington track is 90mph
      The bi-mode trains do 100mph when in diesel mode, 125/140mph in electric mode.
      Better use of the money would be to sort out the signalling and basic infrastructure rather than waste it on raising bridges for no reason.
      Lots of projects in Wales talked about, but the M4 relief road would bring the greatest benefit to the most people, and guess who is responsible for that one!
      You should not always spout the WAG party line as they couldn’t organise a p*ss up in brewery.

  3. Peter Church says:

    Great news, I cant see why on earth some people signed a petition against it.
    They would they have chosen a snappy name like:
    Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr which gives you no clue where it is.

    • John says:

      No, we would have chosen ‘Severn bridge’.
      Am sure Cairns is waiting for his knight-hood, but names can be changed again.
      Still, nice to see that the Prince of Wales managed to set foot in the place (if only just!)

    • Jonathan Livingstone says:

      And Prince of Wales Bridge gives more clue to its location than Severn Bridge?

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    I am certainly not a Republican from Trump to Mugabe they are all equally dreadful.and I would not swap our system for any other.. A Constitutional Monarchy prevents the likes of Teresa May abusing Parliament’s rights.
    Sycophantic “God you bless you Sire” buffoonery and grovelling in secret in a garden shed in my very embarrassing
    Having suffered the George Thomas- Callaghan bowing and scraping era I find this transparent attempt to relive it is a disgrace..
    We saw off the rather distasteful George Thomas and Wealthy lined pockets of Gentleman Farmer Jim Callaghan.
    We can therefore assure you that you will not re-colonise Wales with your sycophancy furtive grabbing of powers back to Westminster using Brexit as an excuse
    Driving round posing in your Limousines and touching your forelock at Royalty behind the backs of the People of Wales is no help to the Welsh Economy

  5. Cynical Jock! says:

    What a waste of taxpayers money!! How much did it cost to carry out this pointless exercise! Who can give me a logical,reasoned answer to why the bridge needed a name in the first place? Names for bridges? Why not a name for our public toilets in Penarth! Would be a good excuse for our local politicians ,of all parties to have free p… up! (Excuse the terrible pun!!!) Suggestions for a name for the afore mentioned public convenience on the back of a five pound note to me please!

  6. snoggerdog says:

    the second severn crossing should have a double rail line underneath,never mind what some toadying suits are calling it why hasnt the leaky old severn tunnel got some worthys name.

  7. Don’t see the point myself unless it’s to secure Alun Cairns an honour somewhere along the line. Apart from that it’s achieved nothing. Oh and WAG fell over themselves to agree it, more legacies from Carwyn to come……

  8. Louiseholistic says:

    It will always be the second Severn crossing to me, despite Mrs Windsor’s insistence on “gifting” it to her spineless English son in the face of huge public opposition.

  9. GwR says:

    Waste of time and money and agree that HRH and Cairns has done very liitle for the whole of Wales …very little indeed. The ignorance of it all ….while both live in luxury from the public purse a few miles down the road there is poverty …how dare they !!!!! Get rid of both of them I say..

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