Police (left) and Penarth Coastguard officers (wearing the blue overalls) gave safety advice to two tanned and scantily-clad girls (right) after deflating their inflatable dinghy. (Penarth Coastguard photo)

Penarth Coastguard officers and South Wales Police were called last night to attend to two scantily-clad girls reported to be “jumping” in a semi-inflated dinghy  in Cardiff Bay.

Quite what the girls, who were wearing only bikini bottoms,  were up to is still unclear – but it was a very warm evening  .

Their 10ft 4inch long Excursion 4 plastic inflatable dinghy was equipped with a pair of oars, an air pump and two reclining seats and is described as an “entry-level” craft.  The Excursion 4 dinghies sell on EBay for just £128.

The girls were safely brought ashore at the Penarth Water-Taxi pontoon where their dinghy was deflated.

Penarth Coastguards say local by-laws prohibit the use of inflatables in anywhere in Cardiff Bay – but no such by-law appears to be  listed on the on-line version of the Cardiff Harbour Authority by-laws –  and in fact inflatable craft are used extensively in Cardiff Bay although these are rather more robust than the dinghy in last night’s incident.

Swimming in Cardiff Bay is prohibited however and currently the low volume of water flowing into the Bay from the Rivers Taff and Ely has caused locking restrictions to be imposed.

The Coastguard officers , gave the two girls “safety advice” and then escorted them off the pontoon.

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  1. Amanda Cruttenden says:

    Is it important what the girls were or were not wearing as far as this incident goes? They were swimming( jumping in the water.) In case we’re in the middle of a heatwave!!! If it was two males involved in this incident would any comment have been made on their attire or lack of it?

  2. Bertie Blunt says:

    Surely this story is worthy of more pictures…

  3. Chris David says:

    Oh hells bells what has it all come too? Two girls in bikini’s go for a swim. just like all around the coasts of the world, sometimes they even paddle out on even flimsier Li-Lo’s or enjoy rubber rings. OOhh. Ealth n Safety call out the navy, tow them to port and give them safety advice. Turn over- love Island is on the other side. Come on jobsworths 🙂

    • Victor M says:

      Fortunately the coastguard know a lot more about the dangers involved than you clearly do, or don’t, as the case may be!

      • Christopher David says:

        Jobsworth one. Rowlocks VM.

      • Victor M says:

        CD – you may think you’re being “clever” calling the coastguard a jobsworth, but as I have already said you clearly do not know what the hazards are of using an inflatable in the Bay and the danger these girls were putting themselves in, if you did then you’d have more respect for them instead of making silly remarks on subjects you obviously know nothing about.

      • Christopher David says:

        Ha Anon Victor- and you like to twist the words. No luv coastguards not mentioned- they do the job they have by the book. The real experts of course are the short trouser jobsworths like you x.

  4. Racist and Misogynistic Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Ellie and Kathryn please do not go jumping with inflatables in Tiger Bay. LOL.

  5. snoggerdog says:

    the coastguards are pulling the wool over their own eyes as well as ours,the bay is awash with infatables,tell it to the marines theyve (sorry chris)most probably got a R.I.B. as well!

  6. Frank Evans says:

    Wow. Calm down Frank.
    Does PDN have anymore pictures of the events 😍
    Shocking incident. I’m sure the RNLI crew offered them every possible assistance.
    Makes a change from the usual gnarled wrinkly sorts the usual rescue.

  7. John Guilfoyle says:

    There are two topics here, firstly. the presence of inflatables in the Bay. There are many rigid-hulled inflatable boats in the Bay, used by professionals, by training schools, and by boaters to get to their moorings. These are not like the flimsy inflatable referred to in the article. Whether or not it is banned, I do not know, but it is not a safe craft for two people unable effectively to control it.

    I was there, and followed the incident from about 2030 onwards. I had earlier seen the craft floating in the Bay with three people, I believe, on board, the third being a man, who was described to me as having left via Cardiff Bay Yacht Club. My attention was called to it by a dinghy sailor from CBYC, where I had been working on my boat. I drove round to the south bank of the river Ely, and saw the inflatable drifting aimlessly in the river with the two young women aboard it, both wearing bikinis without bras. They tried to row the inflatable and appeared unable effectively to control it. I was concerned and rang the police, who later rang me back to say they had informed the Coastguard, which are apparently responsible for water safety in the Bay. A passing motor boat took the inflatable in tow to the Barrage pontoon, during which time the two women were texting on their mobiles. I followed to the Barrage, where I was rung by the Coastguard. Barrage Control asked the Coastguard to send Penarth mobile Coastguard to resolve the situation. I rang Barrage Control later to find out what had happened, and they told me that all was well.

    I only write this reply to point out the stupidity of most of the comments above. Two women were behaving in a manner which made them vulnerable. They were behaving stupidly, and a change of wind could have stranded them in the middle of the Bay, and their lack of dress invited improper sexual attention.

    • Jonathan Livingstone says:

      Thanks for providing a little authority. Unfortunately stupid comments are quite frequent.

    • Victor M says:

      John, thanks for providing the actual facts of what happened. As a boat owner myself and regular user of the Bay I appreciate the potential danger they were putting themselves in, its just a shame that the likes of Chris David thinks he knows best (arrogance seems to be his default setting) and that some of the commenters on here are more interested in perving at the girls and not care about their safety.

  8. Christopher David says:

    Dammed right they are and your recount if accurate reports matters in a far more concise manner- only flawed by some unfortunate conjecture. You’ll now attract the £moral ground” jobsworths who’d like to ban Li-Lo’s and insist on life jacket for swimmers “down” the baths 🙂

  9. Christopher David says:

    I like to wheeze.

  10. Christopher David says:

    Ah you been deleted Livingstoneage 🙂 Must be your pseud comic Bullying ways x

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