The Holm House Hotel in Marine Parade Penarth.

A number of neighbours living close to the exclusive Holm House Hotel in Marine Parade, Penarth lodged objections to a proposal to set up an outdoor bar in the grounds of the hotel.

A company called Hayton Leisure Ltd  has applied to the Vale of Glamorgan Council for a variation in the hotel’s licence to operate an outdoor  bar 7 days a week in the garden of the premises up until midnight each night. The outdoor bar will be in addition to the hotel’s existing indoor bar.

The east-facing frontage of Holm House Hotel

Hayton Leisure is a company 75% owned by the Equorium Property Company Ltd which was previously known as EWM (Edinburgh Woollen Mill) Property Ltd – the firm which also owns the three classic mansions in Penarth – Ashdene Manor, Normandy and Gardenhurst.

Seven local residents had written to the council spelling out their objections to the Holm House garden-bar licence application.

The rear East-facing garden of Holm House is within a few feet of neighbouring properties

One objector strongly objected on behalf of herself and her elderly mother that Holm House  “although a welcome addition to the area has unfortunately created high levels of noise, disruption and distress”  . She said “It has become all too frequently for guests at Holm House events to disregard local residents” …an external bar “would only exacerbate the situation” 

Another objector said “This will create agreat deal of noise especially at night-time including the probability of the inebriated breaking into song”

One of the objectors said the new outdoor bar would be the equivalent of having a pub on Cliff Road

A third local resident said  “I’ve spent thousands of pounds increasing the height of my boundary wall ” in an attempt to reduce noise and says that entertainers “have set up their amplifiers on the hotel patio for the purpose of entertaining patrons drinking in the garden“. He alleged the “management have no care for the peace and comfort of their neighbours”

Another wrote  “should a bar area be set up in the garden, accessible from the Cliff Walk side of Holm House,  the premises would become more of a pub venue rather than the restaurant/hotel it is at present

However a report by the Environmental Health Officer, Sue Brown advised that should the licence be amended to allow the garden bar to be set up,  the bar and garden area should not be open before 10:00 and not be open after 23:00 (rather than closing at midnight as proposed).

The application was approved subject to the officer’s recommendation that the bar closes at 23:00 rather than midnight as originally proposed.





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  1. parsons says:

    No Licence should be granted before Ashdene Manor, Normandy and Gardenhurst are restored, they are a real eyesore for Penarth and pressure now needs to be applied for them to be
    restored. Why Gardenhurst was ever sold to this person/company when it was supposed to be for the elderly people in Penarth is a mystery.

    • AK says:

      The Licensing Committee can’t just make up the rules as it goes along to suit random situations 😂.

      Can’t see this application failing if the garden and indoor bar are already open, but will certainly upset the neighbours and especially if it is open to anyone who ambles by.

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      Time to give Gardenhurst back me thinks. There was a covenant on it!!!!

  2. PB says:

    I know other people speak highly of Holm House but my own personal experience has been that it’s poorly run and I wouldn’t expect the hotel to abide by any rules that are set. But no doubt it will be granted and they will get a beer garden as it slowly transforms into just a pub.

  3. Green Lungs Penarth says:

    Interesting that neighbours are complaining.
    A new feature of Google street view is that you can scroll back in time at any given spot.
    At least 3 trees have been damaged outside houses adjacent to Holme House on Cliff Hill.
    You can see where the bark has been hacked and cut in 2011 and by 2014 all the trees have gone.
    Also the vegetation in the back gardens gets cut back around the same time, presumably to have a better view.
    Its all about house prices in Penarth, but at any cost???

    This is the area and the damage.

    In other countries when this happens, large banners are erected which block the view and tell people what has happened, extra trees are then planted.

    • Frank Evans says:

      Old photos does look like someone has had a go at the tree trunks with an axe.

    • Gabriel says:

      Irrelevant and pointless comment.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Very relevant as these are the neighbours who are complaining.
        Good luck to the pop bar. Views are not just for the million pound home owners.

    • Dewi says:

      Human beings are living creatures and their well being is also important.

    • John says:

      I noticed that a couple of years ago – has no one really investigated who chainsaws the trees and when? Am sure we all know why … someone wants a better view … but can mature trees and shrubs really just ‘disappear’ in a public park ?!

      That abominable behaviour by someone aside, I have some sympathy for residents, and why a boutique hotel needs an outdoor bar and sound system Heaven only knows. But the residents along Marine Parade rarely do themselves any favours, and we all know they’d love for it and the public park to be gated just for themselves. How can someone suffer ‘distress’ from having a small hotel on the same road of – very – large houses?! 😂 I remember there even used to be one resident there are who regularly wrote to the Penarth Times complaining about traffic on the grounds that residents there paid ‘the highest Council Tax in Wales’. (Though actually given they pay about twice what I do for a small house, I think they should be lucky to be so heavily subsidised by the rest of us !)

  4. graham vodden says:

    Not appropriate for this quiet residential area and if there are existing noise problems why hasn’t the environmental health officer shut it down

  5. Chris David says:

    Any councillors on the shareholders list? If the main plan doesn’t work move to fall back position. Knock it down and build 340 flat’s with 20 car parking spaces and 298 “affordable” one bed units. Advertise the latter in Barry- home of Golds-worthy 🙂

  6. CC says:

    I understand exactly the concerns of local residents and their concerns need to be taken into consideration, however this exactly what Penarth Seafront needs.

    Since Chandlers bar closed many years ago, there has been nowhere nice to pop in for a drink. There is however ample opportunity for Crazy Cafe, the Pavilion or the Fig Tree roof terrace to open their bar in the evening, however all these establishments don’t see the potential business. Either they don’t see the opportunity or they are just too lazy to get their act together. They all have the license in place to sell alcohol. Maybe their licensing hours should be cut back. Use it or loose it!

    At last Holm House has grabbed the initiative and I hope they make the most of it. I’ll be one of the first customers.

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes I couldn’t agree more.
      Used to enjoy a drink inside or outside Chandlers (even with the scaffolding)
      There is no where on the front anymore where you can pop in for a evening drink.
      Pebbles Bistro (or whatever its called this week) doesn’t stay open late or even have draught on tap any more, is it run as a business I often think!
      The Fig Tree is not really interested in staying open in the evening and the Cray Cafe is just that a a cafe.
      Turn the Pier Pavillion into a Bar/Restaurant in the summer with outside seats on the pier in the evening sun and make some money and use the damn place!
      Maybe they could even show films 😉

  7. Jackson says:

    How many bars do they need?

  8. Chris David says:

    Great idea Mr Church. It worked once and could work again. And the added bonus of the cinema- very Chapter-esq. Just ensure they eject the not a professor Hazel and get in a good manager with a proper job description. Problem, 125 year lease- unless “they” go bust.

  9. Peter Church says:

    I suggest some of the aggrieved residents swap their huge houses with those who live at the top of Plymouth road. A few nights of world cup action from the Railway hotel will think themselves lucky and maybe stop ’em moaning and objecting.
    The little Brittan spa sketch comes to mind when I see punters in their white towelling robes outside Holme House, I wonder is “bubbles” inside some where?

  10. Penarthian says:

    It’s interesting that Holm House has been described as ‘poorly run.’No surprise then when the staff are paid peanuts like they are in Peacocks, EWM, Jaeger, Ponden Mills etc. A friend of mine said the work areas were damp and filthy, staff were denied tea and lunch breaks, staff were ‘clock watched’ when they went to the loo, and forced to ram customer surveys down elderly people’s throats every time they shopped. They weren’t paid overtime and expected to come in on days off for one hours training.

  11. Penarthian says:

    See the Article in the Guardisn about bulldozing through a village to get planning permission for holiday let’s. He was fined in Court but let’s be honest a couple of hundred grande is no real deterrent.

  12. Penarthian says:

    An incidentally- No -Penarth does NOT need any more bars !!!

  13. Christopher David says:

    It does need some better bars.

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