The police have had to be called in – yet again – to another meeting of the South Wales Police and Crime Panel

There has been yet another public outburst at a meeting of the South Wales Police and Crime Panel  – the body comprising mostly of local Labour councillors who are charged with overseeing the conduct of the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner – former Penarth Labour MP Alun Michael. 

The latest outburst  (brief details of which are given in the recently published minutes for last month’s meeting) follows a similar hiatus in a meeting of the same  panel in January this year  when police officers had to be called into the boardroom remove a member of the public.

Both meetings were being held in the South Wales Police headquarters in Bridgend – a building in which there would have been plenty police officers around to stamp-out any trouble.

Former Labour MP and now Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael was giving a presentation on policing commitments in local hospitals

The latest outburst is recorded as having occurred on Tuesday June 5th at the end of a presentation by Alun Michael on the attendance of police officers at the Accident and Emergency departments of local hospitals.

During the discussion the Chief Constable Matt Jukes said that every month police were required to provide between 800 to 1,000 hours of police attendance at local hospitals – a commitment which is the equivalent of 5 police officers.

A new integrated control room has now replaced the previous eight control rooms and  now includes the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and an “Ambulance Desk” . It will also – in the future – accommodate “mental health nurse support”.

The panel discussed the safety of NHS as a workplace, asked for a report to be provided on the mental health post and whether too much emphasis was being made on social housing with regard to ACE’s (sic) ? [ The acromym “ACE” is ‘social-services-speak’ for yet “Adverse Childhood Experiences”

When members of the South Wales Police and Crime Panel opted to pause the proceedings take a “comfort break”, the minutes record that there were  “verbal outbursts from members of the public”.

The members of the public involved were said to have been escorted from the meeting”after which proceedings continued with a discussion “around complaints. and how to manage these situations”.



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  1. Christopher David says:

    Political appointments (especially in dictator led Wales) often seem to attract incompetence and dissent. Mike Baker was the chap to trial.

  2. Taxpayer says:

    So wish I could have attended.

  3. Christopher David says:

    Oh yes Livingstoneage. The great flaw in democracy is the majority are always wrong. Well in pin a rosette in a Labour donkey Wales heh.

  4. Christopher David says:

    You guess- I consider. And as one who spends a considerable amount of time traveling, I have had time to review quite a lot of consequence and balance -even evidence re both sides of the case. I consider, given you evidence here your failure to distinguish between facts and when you’re being egged on,,,you reside amongst the misinformed majority.

    • Lou says:

      Strewth. that takes the biscuit, even by your standards. Do you not realise you make yourself an object of ridicule?

    • Jonathan Livingstone says:

      That “answer” isn’t sufficient. “The great flaw in democracy is the majority are ALWAYS wrong” (C David). That means the majority were wrong about Brexit. Agreed?

      • Christopher David says:

        Jeezz Livvie or whomever you really are- have you ever heard of the words literal and figurative? You’ve just proved my point 🙂 . You’ll have to work it out luv.

    • Jonathan Livingstone says:

      More bluster but I’ll take that as a yes.

    • Jonathan Livingstone says:

      Figuratively speaking!

      • Christopher David says:

        And I’ll take you for an idiot. An anonymous coward of an idiot. Literally speaking 🙂 X

  5. Christopher David says:

    Aw chucks Loui Livingstone that’s heartening love. Now then anon coward you watch out for those “seagulls” nicking your biscuits in Plassey St again 🙂 X

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