Back the future: The Penarth Town Council on-line survey on the future of the town is illustrated with an archive photograph of the Town Clock displaying – perhaps symbolically – two different times.

Out of thousands of images it could have selected, Penarth Town Council has chosen one of Penarth’s infamously unreliable town clock to illustrate its latest public consultation.

Time has already been called on the faux-Victorian clock on the roundabout at Windsor Road . It is due be scrapped some time this year and replaced with a similar-looking  new one ordered from the makers, Smiths of Derby.

The most-consulted Fourth Face of Penarth’s town clock (facing Windsor Road) was blanked off in desperation by Penarth Town Council after it persisted in displaying the wrong time

The faulty face – which continually displayed the wrong time , or at least not the same time as the other four faces – was blanked off a year ago  when it proved impossible to source spare parts for repairs .

The “wrong” face was covered-up with a grammatically-incorrect bi-lingual message “Welcome to Penarth” [the Welsh soft mutation is missing].

Unlike a legendary stopped clock- which is said to be “right twice a day“-  the right hand face of Penarth’s clock was always wrong at all times of the day.

The public consultation/ survey officially called “Your Future Your Say was originally reported by PDN on June 7th 2018 on  https://tinyurl.com/y7e6htph.

The on-line consultation itself is on the Penarth Town Council website on   https://www.penarthtowncouncil.gov.uk/

When the consultation was first placed on-line, the internet links to website did not work but at least now it does. The consultation will run until October.

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  1. RetailGuru says:

    If only it were ‘time up’ for the councillors and their inept band of staff. Maybe time for Penarth Independence Party to be resurrected and sort this lot out?

  2. Cynical Jock! says:

    As my pal and fellow country man Victor would say ,”I don’t believe it!”. Perhaps the photograph was deliberately chosen to demonstrate that our town council operates in a totally different time zone to the rest of us! Whether they are ahead of us in time or behind us is open to debate!
    On the subject of competent/incompetent councils I am somewhat surprised that little or no “publicity” has been given to the fact that the Esplanade is to be closed from 4 pm on Thursday 12 th July and again from 4pm on Friday 13 th July to allow filming to take place. The filming in due to start at 10 pm. on Thursday night and last until 4 am!!!! on Friday morning.It will start again on Friday at 10pm and finish at 1 am Saturday morning!! I assume our beloved council knew about this or was the decision made by their counterparts in Barry!
    Did either of these elected bodies, before giving permission for the closures (a) think to consult residents or businesses operating on the Esplanade (b) consider the impact it would have on the business of the cafes/restaurants operating on the seafront (c) The noise levels and disruption, in the early hours of the morning, and how it would affect residents?
    I think not!!!!
    Come on Penarth Daily News this is news worthy of reporting!!!

  3. Jonathan Livingstone says:

    Damn, I enjoy my 1am stroll on the esplanade.

  4. Christopher David says:

    What’s the direct local pay back from the filming? What are the wider benefits? Filming has to take place somewhere suitable. Without the facts it’s hard to judge! Anyway the clock job should be very simple to sort out.

    • Cynical Jock! says:

      You and many others Jonathan especially in this warm weather!

    • Cynical Jock! says:

      I agree ,Christopher,it is hard to judge without the facts.I am perhaps being naive to believe that businesses will suffer from the road closure and residents will not be disturbed by
      ” 2x cherry pickers with generators at either end of the Esplanade which will form the high platforms for lights to illuminate the filming area during the hours of darkness”
      or by “the large technical vehicles that will service this type of filming”
      ( Reliance Entertainment Productions)
      “Wider benefits” and “direct local payback” will ,I am sure, be subjects for discussion in the future

  5. Christopher David says:

    Yes that’s the negs but I’d love to see the other side of the (factual) discussion. I doubt anyone here know- but some will tell 🙂 Be nice of someone did. But as I said- filming has to take place somewhere (suitable) as things stand. For very force……………and all that!

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