The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s special  food-waste bags are said to be in short supply in Penarth

A number of local residents are reporting that the Vale of Glamorgan Council has not delivered  replacement consignments of the special bio-degradable plastic bags for the disposal of food waste.

It now seems that there’s a shortage of the special bags – which are the only type accepted by the council for the legal disposal of food waste .

Three rolls of food-waste bags are normally distributed to each household in Penarth every year. Additional bags can be purchased at Penarth Library.

The Vale Council says it began delivering the annual supply of food waste bags (3 rolls per household) to local residents in June  – but because of a delay in delivery by the manufacturers, supply of the replacement bags was temporarily suspended.

Deliveries had been due to resume this month but several local residents in Pwenarth say they are still waiting

The Vale Council has apologised for “any inconvenience caused “ and has asked householders to be patient whilst awaiting the delivery of more food waste bags

Unlike most plastic bags, the special food-waste bags are made in Italy and – at least until we leave the European Union – have to meet EU food-waste-disposal-bag standards

The Italian bags are amde out of “compostable bioplastic materials based on corn starch, other plant extracts and vegetable oils” and are certified as being biodegradable. They eventually “rot” to become just water, carbon dioxide and plant compost  – leaving no harmful residues.


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  1. AK says:

    Available to buy in most supermarkets.

    If you can afford to waste so much food, you can afford to buy.

  2. Mary says:

    Well said!

  3. Christopher David says:

    If they can be bought then no problem! Sounds like a possible business opportunity for Wales here!

  4. Dan Potts says:

    This is not a problem in Cardiff, reserdents their just collect as many rolls of food bags as they need along with their mixed recycling bags from a library etc, maybe we should merge with Cardiff?

    • AK says:

      Cardiff with its £19M budget hole ?

    • Kevin Mahoney says:

      On the other hand maybe the Labour run Welsh Assembly should ‘adjust’ the £200+ per head per year imbalance in the block grant handed out to the Vale council as opposed to neighbouring Cardiff Council?

      We’d be rolling in biodegradable food bags then as well as reversing the cuts in budgets.

  5. June Hurley says:

    Lucky to get any free bags in Marina area.I have always had to buy them.99p in Poundstretcher .

  6. Penarthian says:

    Waitrose , Tesco sell them
    Think we should pay for them anyway if the council is cash strapped.

    • John says:

      It really really isn’t! The Tory Vale has the highest reserves in wales, and 6/10 ofnthr highest paid officers too …’ Whixh is why welsh lab would live us to merge with deficit ridden Labour Cardiff.

      Meanwhile no sign of any bags, high quality pre-Brexit EU ones or post- Brexit standards free cheap cr@p … just as well you can get them online!

  7. Lesley Monger says:

    These ‘free’ bags are far too small anyway
    I buy my own as hardly use any

    • Lesley Monger says:

      Meant to say anyway why do we have to buy all recycling bags when Cardiff don’t!

  8. Chris Franks says:

    Available from Dinas Powys library, Murch by the primary school

  9. Dizzydeb says:

    Some will buy, some won’t, if you want people to recycle then supply the bags free. We’ve never had them delivered??

  10. Christopher David says:

    Frankly Chris (ooppss sorry) the public should be bright enough to solve this little conundrum…..still.

  11. Dan Potts says:

    Just to clear things up , every household in the vale should have 3 rolls of food bags delivered to their property to last the year . According to the vale’s website if you do not receive your family’s allocation you shoud contact the council.

  12. Cozzo says:

    How stupid to say if you can afford to waste so much food then you can afford to buy your bags. Orange peel? Banana skins?Pea pods? Vale bags are too small and don’t fit the under sink box. Best Buy Aldi

  13. gareth says:

    “special bags – which are the only type accepted by the council for the legal disposal of food waste ”
    Are the Poundstretcher / Tesco etc the type accepted by the Vale?.
    Anyway you can always go back to putting them in your “2 medium black bags per month”

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