Crime appears to be on the increase throughout Penarth

What was described in the spring as a temporary “spike” in crime in Penarth appears to be continuing unabated.

It’s now reported that two cars were stolen on Friday night from outside an address in Westbourne Road, Penarth – a prosperous street which has been targeted before by criminals.

Its also understood that there was at least one car theft on Redlands Road on Thursday night last week.

Chief Inspector Tony Williams (right) poses with the fun-figure of a policeman’s helmet. CI Williams is in charge of Police Operations in the Vale of Glamorgan area

At another Penarth crime hotspot –  Penarth Marina – Chief Inspector Tony Williams of South Wales Police is due to give a presentation to concerned local residents at a meeting of Penarth Marina Residents Association at Pier 64 at 19:00 hours on Tuesday evening July 10th.

Chief Inspector Tony Williams of South Wales Police has posted this Twitter message urging local residents in Penarth to keep their windows closed and locked overnight during the hot weather

Chief Inspector Williams has also reported – on Twitter – a car theft in “Plymouth Ward” – but it is not clear whether this is one of the two cars stolen in Westbourne Road or is an additional theft.

With the crime rate in Penarth rising faster than the temperature – yet another less than re-assuring Tweet has been posted by Chief Inspector Williams tonight

A South Wales Police officer had been due to attend last month’s meeting of Penarth Town Council and to provide councillors with a regular update  on the latest crime figures – but in the event no one turned up and no data was provided.

The elected Labour South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner is Penarth resident Alun Michael – the former Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth.

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  1. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    Some questions for South Wales Police:

    1. Can we please have a photo of the teenager who was stopped from deliberately driving into a crowd of people in Cardiff Whitchurch High Street the other week and was subsequently arrested at Gatwick Airport and stopped from leaving the country? This was described in the MSM as a Hit and Run. Was it? Is he a Muslim? Was this following a confrontation between white indigenous British teens and Muslim immigrants?

    2. Have you got a photograph of Macaulay Cox who deliberately drove the car into the crowd of people in Newport? Is he black?

    3. Was the teenager who allegedly raped and murdered a 4 year old girl on the Island of Bute a Syrian immigrant?

    Does Chief Inspector Tony Williams, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, have any advice for the Citizens of Penarth other than “secure your doors and windows overnight and when you leave the house.”

    What measures do you and the rest of the corrupt British establishment intend to take to protect the British people in the years ahead?

  2. bobby says:

    are you sure you got them the right way round in your picture?

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Aww! come on Penarth or is that Vale of Glamorgan Police? , now your inviting ridicule and it was already easy before , if I was CI Williams id keep quiet about the pathetic efforts to Police Penarth and the anywhere in the vicinity . No wonder there’s a spike in crime in recent days the criminals have now learnt just how pathetic the situation in Penarth really is. For example because their are no working CCTVs in town the Police have only a photo of a shoplifter to go on taken by the stores own camera and they held on to it for 10 days ,when they eventually realised they were getting nowhere they appeal to the public , that very same public they are letting down by total incompetence . I wonder how ‘Operation Galatica ‘ is going or shouldn’t one ask?

  4. Mark Watkins says:

    I’m sure Alun Michael will quickly resolve this problem in the same
    manner with which he dealt with his expenses issue.

  5. Andrew Worsley says:

    Alun Michael is doing a wonderful job , the only problem we have is finding out what it is ? I wonder if there’s been any rowdy youths recently near the Commissioners home ? oops! I meant near the homes on Rectory Road …..?

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