Would-be UKIP Wales leader Gareth Bennett (South Wales Central) taking a swipe at the “transgender community” and Labour political correctness in December last year

The result is due before the end of this month of the election for the new leader of UKIP in the Welsh Assembly  – in which the outspoken UKIP Assembly Member for Penarth –  Gareth Bennett –  is amongst the candidates.

Mr Bennett, is Assembly Member for the constituency of South Wales Central (which includes Penarth) but is an outspoken and frequently controversial figure – and one who infuriates the politically-correct elements in the Welsh Assembly.

There was trouble following a speech he made  December 2017 in the Senedd about the alleged encroachment of “minority rights ” on the rights of the majority population  – an issue since brought into sharp focus by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s controversial “Transgender Toolkit” for schools  .

When, last December, Bennett cited, in particular, the potential impact of rights claimed by the  “transgender community” Labour AMs could be heard gasping with faux-outrage. Female Labour AMs cackled with contrived laughter as Mr Bennett – ploughing-on unperturbed – asserted that there should be “limits to minority rights”.

Vaughan Gething (Labour AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) seemed to be amused at Bennett’s temerity in questioning the rights of  “the nuttiest elements of the transgender community”

In that same December 2017 debate, when Mr Bennett had questioned why minority rights should trump those of the majority, the would-be Labour First Minister of Wales Vaughan Gething (AM for Cardiff South and Penarth) could be seen rolling his chair back and turning to his colleagues with a “can you believe what this guy is saying?” expression on his face .

Taking aim at trendy left-wing trangender activists, Mr Bennett said “There is only so much deviation from the norm that any society can take before that society completely implodes and if we carry on down this road of appeasing the nuttiest elements of the transgender movement, then what we will face as a society within a very short space of time is total implosion.”

Later the  politically-correct presiding officer Elin Jones demanded that Mr Bennett should apologise. When he refused to do any such thing he was  suspended from the Assembly Chamber .

In 2017 UKIP AM Neil Hamilton defended right of his colleague Gareth Bennett to make his controversial remarks

Fellow UKIP AM Neil Hamilton rallied to Bennet’s defence and had a “frank exchange of views with the presiding officer” saying that UKIP was also a minority whose rights needed to be protected . Mr Hamilton said “We were elected to confront the Cardiff Bay consensus and political correctness and will continue to do so.”

Mr Bennet’s suspension – which was supposed to last for the whole of 2018 – has since been lifted.

Both Gareth Bennett and Neil Hamilton are standing for election as leader of the UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly. The results of the ballot will be announced at the end of this month.

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    William Hill have slashed the Odds on an imminent General Election to 2 / 1. The Nation and strongly unstable Teresa May are on the Brexit brink.The King of the Council Estate Tory Uncle Tom’s has resigned from the Cabinet.
    I am really surprised anyone can be bothered with a Party that has no Councillor’s in Wales, no MPs and achieved only 1.8% of the votes in the last Election.
    Your photos seem to indicate they are in more need of a barber and a tailor than a Leader
    However perhaps the following will remind your readers that this type of Policy did very little for Adolf Hitler’s Nazi’s War effort as according to the Holocaust Museum

    “On May 6th, 1933, during the infamous “Night of the Long Knives,” Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science was raided and destroyed by Nazis. Writings on sexology were burnt, clients and sexologists were persecuted. Hirschfeld, in exile, died two years later.
    On November 11, 1933, the Hamburg City Administration asked the Head of Police to “pay special attention to transvestites” and to “deliver them to the concentration camps.”
    Nazis burning Hirschfield Institute documents along with other books and materials that were deemed to be “un-German”
    Nazi Germany did not make distinctions between transvestites and transsexuals. Most of the time, Nazis referred to gender-atypical behavior as homosexual behavior. When they did consciously choose to distinguish between gays and transgenders, Nazi’s referred to all transgenders as “transvestites.” Indeed, in 1938 the Institute of Forensic Medicine recommended that the “phenomena of transvestism” be “exterminated from public life.” The Institute went on to state, “draconian measures by the government against stubborn and hard-headed transvestites are … adequate.”
    In Nazi Death Camps, interned homosexuals and transgenders were forced to wear upside-down pink triangles. On the 24th anniversary of the burning of the Hirschfeld’s Institute’s library, the post-Hitler German government upheld Nazi laws used to oppress the homosexual and transgender community stating that “homosexual acts unquestionably offended the moral feelings of the German people.”

  2. John says:

    What a jolly good laugh this article is!
    What a profound tragedy for the nation the dog’s Brexit is – perhaps we’ve had enough of the rabid-right for a while?

  3. Lou says:

    Sounds just the sort of guy that Penarthians on here will love.

  4. S. Jones says:

    He is NOT our AM! Please change your headline . Most voters in Penarth would be glad to see the end of UKIP .

    • NewsNet says:

      Penarth is in the South Wales Central Constituency for which Gareth Bennett is an elected AM.

      • Alan George says:

        But it is misleading to claim he is the Penarth AM

      • NewsNet says:

        No, it isn’t “misleading”. There are FIVE AMs who represent Penarth. Mr Bennett is one of them. All of them have equal status.

      • Hannah Sheppard says:

        He does represent the South Wales Central region, which includes Penarth, but the only AM directly elected by the voters of Penarth is Vaughan Gething.

      • NewsNet says:

        There is absolutely no difference in the respective status of Assembly Members irrespective of the way in which they were elected. There is no means of establishing who the voters of Penarth actually voted for – because no breakdown of the voting figures for AMs is available on a town-by-town basis. It is therefore not correct to claim Vaughan Gething was “elected by the voters of Penarth”. It’s far more likely the voters of Splott were more instrumental in voting for Gething – but the fact is, nobody knows.

    • Fleur says:

      End of the WAG more like.

    • Grif says:

      ‘cos the current three party system has done so much for the UK?!?! You keep voting for the same then ma’ boy.

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