Turner House – run by Ffotogallery – is showing an exhibition of Ffotogallery posters covering the last 40 years – and there’s a new freestanding poster on display outside

There have been further changes carried out at Penarth’s  historic Grade II Listed building , the Turner House Art Gallery in Plymouth Road.

Part of the former art gallery – which once housed works by the famous artist JMW Turner –  have been converted into ground floor library and administrative offices whilst all the exhibition material is now confined to the first floor.

An exhibition of Ffotogallery’s own posters is currently on display at Turner House

A free-standing orange-coloured  vertical display poster has now been installed outside the main entrance to the building – although its presence may possibly fall foul of the restrictions which apply to banner advertising within the Penarth Conservation Area. [Many organisations in the Conservation Area – even local churches – have been the subject of enforcement investigations by the Vale of Glamorgan Council  for illegally displaying exterior banners] . 

James Pyke Thompson – who bequeathed Turner House to the people of Penarth on his death

The building – along with its priceless collection of paintings by JMW Turner – was given to the people of Penarth by the flour-milling magnate  – but was subsequently acquired by the National Museum of Wales which locked the paintings away in its vaults and leased out the building to the publicly funded photographic charity”Ffotogallery”.

The lease is due to end shortly and Penarth Town Council has expressed an interest in taking over the running of Turner House when Ffotogallery vacates the building next year.

Last month Penarth Town Council officially confirmed it is in talks with the National Museum of Wales with a view of taking over the Turner House Art Gallery  and  – subject to agreement being reached – it plans to convert Turner House into “a new multi-purpose cultural venue” to promote the culture and heritage of the area.

Currently at Turner House, Ffotogallery is showing a exhibition comprising entirely of a collection of its old Ffotogallery promotional posters –  most of them in monochrome.

Ffotogallery is displaying a selection of its exhibition posters from the last 40 years

The charity states that exhibition is being held to  mark the 40th anniversary of the launch of the organisation in Cardiff in 1978  – when it was called “Yr Oriel Ffotograffeg“[ The Photographic Gallery] . The current display at Turner House Penarth is intended to ” tell the story of how Ffotogallery developed over those forty years, against the backdrop of changes in the nature and role of photography in society and the rise of digital culture”.

At the same time Ffotogallery is launching  a “40th anniversary fundraising campaign” to cover the fit out and development of a  new international centre for photography in  Cardiff.

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  1. Phil Dawson says:

    I’d like to see them mount an exhibition of photographs that are relevant to the history of Penarth. Far more appropriate, considering the location and history of the gallery itself.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      The Turner Paintings were misappropriated with all the finesse and respect for the people of Penarth to whom they belonged as that displayed by Joseph Goebels the fanatical World War 2 Art Thief and .Nazi War Criminal, (Goebels cowardly committed suicide simultaneously murdering his wife and six children 1 May 45.)
      Restitution for the Peoples of Eastern Europe was in the form of Public Auction and many of the paintings were repurchased by ex Nazis on the cheap.
      At the very least Penarth should have the Turner Gallery back and financial compensation in the form of a percentage of the value of the Paintings in today’s terms.
      We should then have a Trust fund for the Gallery set up and use the compensation to purchase new exhibits of relevance such as the Alfred Sisley Paintings. ( e.g. The Pier and Tree that fell in the sea from the crumbling Cliff Top)

  2. John says:

    I honestly don’t know how Ffotogallery managed to make something interesting into something so dull and inert. I hope they donthough raise plenty of funds – so they can pay to restore the Turner House to its original condition – as well as unaauthkrised works the fabric of the place seemed in need of repair and he. I saw it last year.
    So sad, so be off Ffotogallery and stay in Cardiff please.

  3. Peter Church says:

    Bring back the paintings that were taken by Cardiff Council, we want our; Botticelli, Pablo Picasso, Vermeer, Edvard Munch and the Van Gogh back!!
    and that Rodin statue can go back outside the Turner Gallery while their at it.
    Give Penarth back its treasure.

    • June says:

      Never a true word spoken. The National Museum of Wales have stolen Penarth’s paintings and we should have them back. Penarth Town Council don’t have a clue what to do with the building and have launched this online “community consultation survey” regarding the future use but its simple. Bring the paintings back!!!

      • Victor M says:

        The Turner House Gallery is not secure enough to house these now very valuable paintings nor does it have the correct atmospheric controls in place to stop them degrading, so they are best kept in the National Museum. What would be good though would be for these paintings to be put on display occasionally in the NMW for all to enjoy as James Thompson intended.

      • Christopher David - not an anon says:

        Victor M you state two of the obvious problems but no ides or solutions. That wont get you anywhere. There have been ideas published here to address these inconveniences. For example have a look at the Turner House museum for Penarth pages on Facebook. Then perhaps you could come back with your thoughts.

      • Victor M says:

        CD – How about YOU come up with some ideas of how to keep Turner House secure enough to house these valuable paintings and protecting them from deterioration if you are that keen to get them back?

        I have already given an alternative solution to the problem i.e. NMW putting on an exhibition of these paintings in their own gallery, they put on themed exhibitions all the time so maybe PTC could discuss this with them.

  4. Christopher David - non an anon says:

    Legacy! If only the new initiative could take in the big picture and we could have back the Turner collection. Now sadly by and large vaulted in the NMW. It appears unlikely in the plans for the new Penarth museum. That’ll be exiting !

    • Hannah Sheppard says:

      No, no you’re getting confused. It’s exiting the EU that we’re all getting excited about.

      • snoggerdog says:

        dampen down your excitement,hannah we are not (see mrs mays cunning plan)

    • Christopher David - not an anon says:

      Victor M anon- try thinking for a change. I’ve already given you a clue. Go to ‘Turner House of Penarth- the Penarth Museum Proposal’. It’s on Facebook. Click on a heading and read. Indeed scroll down to the dates between the 4th and 15th of March and you will see I do have some ideas which examine the issues far deeper than your anodyne little non plan. If that’s too technical for you then just shut up 🙂

      • Vic says:

        Wow, you’ve turned your arrogance level up to full power CD and thrown in patronisation too and yet I am still not impressed. That FB group you have created is locked so only those that you deem fit to enter can see what you are planning; have you got the backing of the people of Penarth to do this or are you just assuming that you have?? I know Turner House very well so if you want to waste your time trying to get the paintings back there permanently then go ahead, just don’t go doing it at the expanse of tax payers money!

        My original comments were intended to help but as they don’t fit in with your plans you have decided to berate me for it, again total arrogance on your part CD, so I shall not be wasting my time trying to view YOUR facebook group thank you very much!

      • Christopher David - not an anon says:

        “Vic” once again you show your stupidity and cowardice. F Book structures the pages in a standard format which requires persons wanting to observe such pages “apply”- well they certainly did in this case anyway. That is NOT of my doing and I’ll be happy for it to be open. I’m not a tecky and just followed the instructions. You of course wont “apply” because your identity will be revealed and you are a yellow belly hiding behind several non de plumes. So “Vic” stay in abject ignorance. You don’t know Turner House well- you have no idea about the issues, you’re a defeatist and you have not been berated you’ve been invited to discuss but you’re too damn scared. So “Vic” the arrogance is ALL yours along with the outstanding ignorance. Even contradiction- you say I’m wasting my time but add don’t go ahead at the expense of the tax payer. Hells bells. “Vic” read up or ride about-you’re just not up to this.

      • Victor M says:

        Chris – is that the best you’ve got haha?? You know nothing about me yet you make so many assumptions and also throw insults, its not really the way to go about getting people to help out and give advice regarding Turner House now is it?!

      • Christopher David - not an anon says:

        Ha the secret councillor Vic anon shows his petticoats.

  5. Fishhenge says:

    During the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011 whilst the demonstrations were going on in Tahrir Square, armed gangs were trying to break into the adjacent museum housing various antiquities including the Tutankhamun collection, but were defeated by the staff and locals. Somehow i can’t imagine the overfed of Penarth town council doing likewise over any paintings, fending the marina baddies off with copies of their expenses meeting minutes.

    • Victor M says:

      That’s the point I’ve been trying to make, but alas those who feel they are more superior than us i.e. Chris David, feels that we should not be allowed an opinion.

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