More than 20 police officers and ‘police youth volunteers’ took part in the massive door-to-door mail-shot operation conducted in the residential areas of Penarth Marina last night. Local residents say police officers never  patrol the Marina area on foot after dark.

A team of more than 20 South Wales police officers and police ‘youth volunteers’ from Penarth and Barry have carried out a co-ordinated mail-drop of hundreds of “anti-crime leaflets” to residents of Penarth Marina.

The move is the latest strategy to tackle the epidemic of burglaries, car thefts and drug taking which is now afflicting the residential areas of the Marina.

The police also distributed large bi-lingual yellow posters  around the area which say “POLICE WARNING. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE” .

Criminals filmed at night on private infra-red CCTV stealing from  cars in Penarth Marina in May

Tonight Chief Inspector Tony Williams of South Wales Police, who is in charge of policing Penarth and the Eastern Vale, is due to answer questions from concerned members of the Penarth Marina Residents’ Association at a forty-five-minute face-to-face briefing at Pier 64 at 19:00 hours.

He has already posted messages on Twitter urging residents – despite the hot weather – to keep the windows of their homes closed and locked overnight .

The elected Labour Party South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner is Alun Michael.



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  1. The Tax payer says:

    I know the residents of Penarth marina seem to think they are different and special from the rest of us. So why are we not seeing this action being taken for the rest of Penarth who have the same problems??

    • Fed up says:

      It’s because the Penarth Marina and Haven Residents Association have been proactive and asked them to do it.

    • Tom says:

      Marina residents don’t think themselves any different to others in Penarth. If you’ve got a problem in your area of the town do something about it.

      • The Tax payer says:

        Have contacted the police a number of times with NO success what so ever. Total waste of time and that’s if you can find a real police officer and not a PCSO
        If you park in the wrong place for a few minutes they soon seem to turn up ? As that’s nice and easy to deal with

  2. Lynda Constable says:

    We did not receive any materials at Plas St Andresse

  3. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    They have essentially admitted that they cannot solve the problem that their corrupt establishment have unleashed upon you and now the poor ops are required to use highly visible search and rescue operations on Whitcliffe Drive to con you even more.

  4. Kevin Mahoney says:

    Shouldn’t the police be delivering leaflets to the criminals rather than the beleagured householders that are being let down so badly by them?

    • Hannah Sheppard says:

      Err…if they knew where to deliver leaflets to criminals, wouldn’t it be better to arrest them?

    • Ben Dover says:

      Why would the Police deliver leaflets to criminals? Do you even think, before you put this on here? The Police arrest criminals, not give them leaflets.

  5. Tom says:

    Nothing received in Chandlers Quay area of Marina….if the Police can’t properly leaflet drop an area what chance is there of them actually catching a criminal ?? :/

  6. Fleur says:

    Can’t imagine the leaflets states anything other than common sense methods to secure your property/valuables. Simple PR exercise.

  7. Hannah Sheppard says:

    An article about the police and nothing from Andrew Worsley. Hope he’s ok.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    Not one to disappoint Hannah Sheppard but in this case just what does one say ? ive tried my best to encourage the local Bobbies to get back on the beat , instead of avoiding its responsibilities but alas nothing doing . The local Police it seems cannot be shamed into action or ridiculed either, both fail to register and its about people in Penarth realised by now that the Police in this area expect you the citizen TO ‘DO THE JOB FOR THEM’ no CCTV cameras working in the town centre so the robberies have a field day even one shoplifter caught on a SHOPS CCTV didn’t help , they asked all the lads and lasses if they recognised the felon but after 10 days gave up and appealed to the public at large. Now ‘OPERATION GALACTICA ‘ is not working out AS HOPED , when Bobby Constable played it on the Xbox it worked out just fine!?? So its back to lets ‘leaflet the area instead’ ,maybe someone hasn’t heard about the lawbreaking!!? . Its either that or a game of Snakes and Ladders .?………. “or Monopoly ” someone shouted from the back.

  9. Andrew Worsley says:

    And with all the little boys and girls huddled together for a photo opportunity , all in their yellow ‘Look I’m Here’ jackets its no doubt a fitting tribute to a true hero of the wild west known in the annals of history as ‘Custards Last Stand’ !.

  10. Clive Jones says:

    Since when has dropping a leaflet caught a criminal? A more effective measure might be to do some patrols.

  11. AK says:

    ‘Massive leaflet blitz’ seems to be a bit of an exaggeration then ?

  12. Louiseholistic says:

    What a pointless waste of police and “police volunteers “ time. More litter and paper to be recycled. A robust police/PCSO presence is needed all over this area asap. Simples.

  13. Ben Dover says:

    Just a thought, anyone considered that the government cuts might have an impact on Policing.

    Something, that has been failed to mention on all of the deluded comments above.

    Why not praise the Police for making residents aware of the issues within the community?

  14. Andrew Worsley says:

    Ben Dover I think you can safely the people know the issues but the Police appear not to have the means and ways of dealing with them and the reduction in Police numbers in a small town like Penarth does not wash .

  15. Ben Dover says:

    If there are less Police, then there are less people to deal with crime though?

    So does that wash, with yourself?

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