More that 80 car parking spaces had been needlessly commandeered  from  09:00 yesterday for a film crew – which  didn’t actually turn up until last night. Only 28 parking spaces remained for the use of visitors (right) . Photo John Clark

Scores of irate visitors to the Penarth end of the Cardiff Barrage – on one of the warmest days of the summer –  were incensed yesterday to find that 80  parking spaces had been needlessly coned off all day for the use of a film crew.

The coned-off area was so large than only 28 ordinary car park spaces  were left for regular visitors –  who all pay to park at the barrage . Every available space was taken by 11:00 am – except for the acres of empty space allocated to the absent film crew.

Even disabled parking spaces were coned off all day for a film crew than never turned up (Photo John Clark)

With all the available  spaces in the car park taken, there were angry scenes as visitors  – whose day out had been ruined –  confronted a lone parking attendant on duty . There was nowhere else to park a car in the vicinity .

At a special disadavantage were disabled motorists who were not allowed to park at their designated disabled parking spots – they too had been coned off to prevent their use. The Penarth Barrage Car Park is operated by the left-wing Labour-controlled Cardiff Council who had given no advance warning of the closures.

Parking spaces are always in high demand during the summer months at the Barrage but yesterday with 80 spaces coned off – awaiting the arrival of the tv location trucks. However by 18:30 yesterday evening only one solitary vehicle – a mobile canteen – had turned up – meaning that visitors – including the many keen anglers who fish from the Barrage –  had been unnecessarily deprived of parking spaces  throughout the day

The Vale of Glamorgan Council website said the Esplanade would be closed from 16:00 hours yesterday July 11th as well as tonight and tomorrow night – which was not the same as the information given on the Esplanade road signage

Meanwhile on Penarth Esplanade temporary road closures were – at least in theory – in force from last night “ to allow filming to take place”.

The Vale Council said on its website that traffic restrictions would apply last night (July 11th)  along the Esplanade. Cliff Road and Cliff Hill  from 16:00 yesterday  afternoon until 04:00 am this morning .

The information on the roadsign on Penarth Esplanade conflicts with the information on the Vale Council website . The roadsign says the road will be closed for only TWO nights ( tonight July 12 2018) and tomorrow (July 13th)  – but in fact the road closure order on the Vale Council website included last night as well

However this did not tally with the actual traffic sign displayed on the Esplanade which said the Esplanade, Cliff Road and Cliff Hill would be closed from  today (July 12 th 2018) from 15:00 hours this afternoon until 03:00 tomorrow morning . The same roads will also be closed – for the same reason tomorrow (July 13th 2018)  from 15:00 in the afternoon until 02:00 on Saturday morning.

The closure is being organised by a firm called Forest Traffic Management who have received permission for the closures from the Vale of Glamorgan Council. How much the Vale Council will charge for the closures is not known.

Penarth Esplanade, Cliff Hill and Cliff Road up to the junction with Marine Parade will also be closed for two days from July 13th to July 15th inclusive for the Penarth Summer Festival

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  1. Hannah Sheppard says:

    Ahh, so the right-wing Tory-controlled VoG Council are in cahoots with the left-wing Labour-controlled Cardiff Council.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Perhaps not too inconvenient as most schools still functioning, but Amusement firm Sayers must have spend thousands on their theme park (where the Volvo Yachts were) and many customers will be parking at the barrage-it would be inconvenient if these closures occurred through the summer.

    • CC says:

      I disagree, the seafront has been so busy with visitors coming to the replace, have you not realised the sun has been out for weeks. It’s not only busy in Penarth during the school holiday, like Barry Island !

  3. CC says:

    there is the Penarth Chamber Festival in the Pavilion for the next two evenings. This has got to be a big inconvenience to those attending the event. Where can I park? Do I really want to be confronted by a generator and cables to trip over just outside the Pavilion. Which person is responsible for allowing this to happen? Anyone got a name?

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