The Coates-Carter- designed public toilets at Albert Road could be transferred from the Vale of Glamorgan Council, which maintains them at the moment, to Penarth Town Council

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been listing the assets it currently owns , indicating which ones it wants to retain ownership of and which ones it might be prepared to transfer to local town and community councils  – like Penarth Town Council.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has now defined as “strategic” its ownership of

  • Penarth Pier
  • Penarth parks and gardens such as  Windsor Gardens and Alexandra Park,
  • The Kymin in Penarth and the land around it
  • Cliff Top car park

Penarth Pier is regarded as a “strategic asset” of the Vale of Glamorgan and would not be transferred to Penarth Town Council

The council says these assets have been  classed as strategic “by virtue of them serving visitors from outside of the Vale area as well as providing for local communities.”

The Vale Council has is developing a “a protocol for considering requests from Town & Community Councils for the operation and transfer of assets or services based on a set of engagement principles.”

That means that the Vale Council would NOT consider transferring these “strategic assets”  to bodies like Penarth Town Council

The Pavilion at Belle Vue Park bowling Green

However the Vale Council MIGHT consider transferring so-called “non-strategic assets” to Penarth  Town Council. These are defined as  “allotments, bowling greens and small local parks and areas of public open space.”

The Vale Council says that Penarth Town Council would need to demonstrate it could  operate these non-strategic assets at the same –  or lower – cost to local residents.

The “non-strategic assets in Penarth are listed as :-

  • The allotments at Cawnpore Street, Cogan, Penarth
  • The public conveniences at Albert Road, Penarth
  • The community centre at Glyndwr Avenue, Penarth
  • Belle Vue Gardens, Penarth
  • Cogan Recreation Field

GRASS CUTTING : In 2000, the Vale of Glamorgan Council generally cut grass on 16 occasions per annum but as a cost-cutting measure has now whittled this down to  8 cuts a  a  year. The Vale COuncil says Penarth Town Council ” may choose to enhance this level of service” and could either pay the Vale to do it or undertake the job itself.

The entire issue is due to be further discussed at a meeting of a Vale Council Scrutiny Committee next week.


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  1. Is this anything to do with them being closed at 8.45 yesterday morning?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Hopefully this will scupper the Vale of Glamorgan Council plan to demolish the Public Cons in Albert Road and convert the site in to high rise social housing.

  2. Lesley Monger says:

    Time for an upgrade then
    Let visitors to Penarth be impressed with our facilities
    I know I’m not at present!

  3. Shirley Hodges says:

    For clarification “strategic assets” are places the Vale can make money from for instance car park charging or hire out costs. The community facitites which cost too much or the Vale has no potential income from are the ones they want shot of. These smaller facilities are unlikely to be affordable options for town and community councils as the Vale quote 25k as the cost to maintain a single bowling green. This isn’t a golden opportunity for town can community councils, it’s the Vale making cuts and shifting the blame.

  4. Racist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    How petty! Stopping my neighbours and I from viewing the Volvo tall fleet.

  5. FlowerPower says:

    They can’t properly maintain the assets they have now 😧

  6. Penileaks says:

    To ‘Non strategic assets’, they should add, ‘…which can be developed as desired’
    Then we will have:
    ◾The allotments at Cawnpore Street, Cogan, Penarth – acres of social housing
    ◾The public conveniences at Albert Road, Penarth – not much social housing, but they will all come with an en-suite
    ◾The community centre at Glyndwr Avenue, Penarth – a fair bit of social housing
    ◾Belle Vue Gardens, Penarth – to be retained as gardens to provide recreational amenities for top town social housing
    ◾Cogan Recreation Field – keep a pitch or two to provide recreational facilities for those in the new social housing to be built on the rest of it

    • david wilton says:

      Penileaks – your bitterness really is funny.
      Penarth builds very little social housing with the Vale letting developers to bend the law to their advantage to get out of their obligations.
      Also social housing including sheltered housing schemes for pensioners, stable homes for young families. There are an high levels of nurses, teachers,cleaners and care workers living in social housing as it provide security of tenure.

      • Penileaks says:

        David, I was actually taking the M*ckey out of the whole VoG/PTC planning situation and how certain people get exactly what they want without any contribution to 106 funds and both councils approve not only planning on a building that they actually asked residents for the opinions on and then ignored them, but actively flout their own planning regulations.

        The truth of the matter is, that if these ‘strategic assets’ do get transferred to the PTC to tend and care for, there will undoubtedly be a rise in the local precept to help cover costs and there will be no reduction in what we pay to the Vale. This is just another way for the Vale to reduce their costs/workload and pass it on to others who will then have a good excuse to charge to maintain it, until they find that they can make some money from selling it for development and then we will see it slowly disappear down that route.

        I would love to see a more local PUDC type organisation in our area again – I actually worked for them briefly in the early ’70’s – and run properly (not as it was often then), I feel that it would benefit the area, but we need Independent councillors in charge, ones who care for the town they are living in instead of what we generally have now, with them blindly following party and their own agendas.

  7. Lambrettagirl says:

    It appears that the Vale want to keep only the more lucrative assets ( those being the most valuable) and will now maybe consider the ‘non strategic’ assets. How generous of them

  8. John Guilfoyle says:

    Curiously, I take a different tack. There’s a certain logic in placing ‘strategic assets’ in the hands of the overall authority, and placing the purely local ones in the hands of the local authority. We could, at least in theory, have some control over the local ones by raising local issues far more effectively with people who live here, and again in theory, are in the business of serving only the town. The town elections might then be on local issues – the availability of toilets, the state of the roundabout, the lack of tree planting. We’ve needed a local authority since the days of PUDC, and this offers an opportunity. With responsibility would come fund-raising powers, so the money which is saved by the Vale would have to be recouped. Now there’s a thought: in return for the higher local precept on Council Tax for the Penarth Authority, we would, of course expect a reduction in the slice of Council Tax paid to the Vale. Or am I too non-party-political, naïve, caring of Penarth, and living in a parallel universe?

  9. Jack says:

    I’m guessing that if PTC get given these “assetts” they’ll get Genero to manage them as they can’t seem to be able to do anything without them at the moment 🤔

    • Jp says:

      Well they might have to double their staff, they ‘only’ have 20 at the moment …

  10. snoggerdog says:

    so in essence the vale gets the pier & penarth gets the urinals. & no im not taking the erm—-mickey.

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