The Parish Hall at Dinas Powys can seat an audience of 250 – far more than the Paget Rooms in Penarth – and could be the venue for the January 2019 pantomime

The annual Penarth Christmas pantomime – normally staged at the Paget Rooms – could be held in January in the larger Dinas Powys Parish Hall .

Yesterday it was revealed that comedian Owen Money’s Rainbow Productions company had terminated negotiations over holding the January 2019 panto in the Paget Rooms because  Penarth Town Council was  demanding an unprecedented 40% slice of the total box-office receipts – double what it received in January this year.

The Dinas Powys Parish Hall could be the venue for next January’s traditional panto – in place of the Paget Rooms where Penarth Town Council were demanding a 40% slice of the box office takings.

Last night, however,  Dinas Powys Community Council passed a motion from Conservative Councillor Edward Jenkins proposing that the Dinas Council should enter into discussions with  Rainbow Productions to stage the panto at the Dinas Powys Community Hall.

The Parish Hall (full name St Andrew’s Parish Hall) on Britway Road is actually larger than the Paget Rooms in Penarth and has capacity for almost 250 people – far more than can be accommodated in the Paget Rooms.

Celebrated comedian Owen Money MBE

The Clerk of the council told councillors at last night’s meeting  that the matter was now “in hand”.

Many villagers from Dinas Powys regularly travel to Penarth in January with their children to attend the traditional panto at the Paget Rooms. Local residents are now looking forward to the possibility of having the panto staged on their own doorstep

Negotiations will now take place between the Dinas Powys Community Council and Rainbow Productions  which – if successful – could mean that for everyone in Penarth and Dinas Powys there will still be a top-quality local panto to attend .


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  1. whatsoccurin says:

    Noticed that there seems to be a “fad” for streaming-what about streaming one of the Valley pantos to the Pier Pavilion Cinema?(accepting Dinas Powys or one of the Penarth school halls would be a preferred option”

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Wonderfully appreciative audiences in Dinas Powys. I do hope the negotiations are a success.
      The late Stan Stennet would have been proud of the fighting spirit of the producers.

  2. Graham Brown says:

    It seems to me that Penarth Town Council will not be satisfied until they have turned everyone from the town. With on street parking and now this popular annual event, it makes me wonder what they are going to come up with next.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Any chance we can move Picnic Penarth aka “P**s Up in Penarth” to a new location. How about Benidorm? That should be just about manageable and would be in line the Council’s cultural policy of maximising alcohol consumption on the streets.

  3. Jayflan says:

    Has everybody forgotten that PODS put on an excellent panto every December at The Paget Rooms? It’s ‘Pinnochio’ this year. PODS is a Penarth based am dram group, who are also being crippled by the Paj’s hire costs.

  4. Christopher David - not an anon says:

    What a good idea. In fact what about the DP council taking over responsibility for Penarth and booting out the PTC ?

    • Hannah Sheppard says:

      Is that comment intended to be humorous or is it simply facile?

      • Christopher David - not an anon says:

        Tis Intended to get a fool to react. Even if it’s not without merit Mz Sheppard x

    • Jp says:

      This Genero thing seems to run us now – even the poster for the Downhill Derby says ‘Genero and Penarth Town Council present…’
      Who knew Genero were more important than our elected council?

  5. Mary says:

    Oh no it isn’t it’s behind you !

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