The night was so warm many residents of Paget Road were attempting to sleep with their windows open – but then could not avoid hearing the two-tone klaxon

It was not only the warm weather that kept hundreds of householders in Penarth awake last night  – it was also the incessant sounding of a two-tone klaxon alarm.

The sound could be distinctly heard along , Cliff Walk, Penarth Esplanade and by residents of properties overlooking Cardiff Bay – particularly along Paget Road.

The funfair on Cardiff Barrage has not been ruled out as a possible source of the irritating sound

Some people thought he noise might have been something to do with last night’s filming on Penarth Esplanade – but that had finished at 04:00 AM this morning – and still the klaxon went on – and on.

Others thought that the criminal gang which has been stealing from vehicles in Penarth Marina might have called around again to their happy hunting ground, but it seems the sound – which persisted for hours – wasn’t coming from a car alarm.

The automatic warnings on the bascule bridges over the Cardiff Barrage locks weren’t to blame. At least their audible warnings stop when the bridges are not being moved

The next obvious suspects were the trio of bascule bridges across the locks of Cardiff Barrage – but they have their sound signals muted at night and in the the early morning and not even the bilingual spoken safety warnings were  loud enough to  disturb slumbering Penarth.

The rogue sound appeared to be radiating over the water towards Penarth from Cardiff

The rogue alarm appeared to be emanating from somewhere directly across Cardiff Bay – but, as yet, has still not been identified.


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  1. David wilton says:

    I live on Pembroke terrace ancbit has kept us awake . Tempted to get in the car and drive around until I find the source. Very irritating.

  2. Insomniac says:

    The alarm woke me up at 2am (despite having earplugs in) and is still going strong at 0815!! When will it stop?!

  3. Daviesgirl3 says:

    And for those living on the promenade…. filming with shooting, cars revving, crew shouting until 4:00 then all the noise of setting up stalls for the festival from 6:30 am. Why they are allowed to start so early in a residential area beggars belief

    • Cynical Jock! says:

      Agree totally!! Last night(Friday) was an absolute nightmare!! But who cares, not the bunch of incompetent idiots on Penarth Town Council and their counterparts on the Vale Council.Without any consultation or consideration of the wellbeing of those many people who live on or near the Esplanade they gave permission for this to happen! One resident had a lighting unit on a cherry picker positioned within 20 feet of their apartment “spewing ” toxic diesel fumes directly into their bedroom window all night and until 10 am. this morning! Still, no problem,I am sure the council received a healthy fat fee for the 2 nights of misery we had to suffer!! As regards setting up for the Festival,noisy,yes,but I am sure fellow residents of the Esplanade are prepared to live with this as it results in something which is of direct benefit to all residents of Penarth! Hopefully the Festival will be a great success and everyone will have a good time!

      • whatsoccurin says:

        agree-no consideration at all and to make things worse a huge floodlight appeared on the Cliff Top and covered the Esplanade “Stalag style”. A little consideration and warning would have been much appreciated.

  4. Christine Havard says:

    Seek and Destroy!

  5. Racist and Fascist Mark (aka Mark Foster) says:

    I though it was a ship off Sully Island transporting radioactive mud aarrrr but it was ectuelly Welsh democratic politicians letting off wind after a late night on the champagne and oysters.

  6. Residents around Penarth Marina are going to have to put up with this nightly if the residents’ association get their way and have the bridge reinstated.

  7. snoggerdog says:

    may as well blame trump,he gets the blame for everything else!

  8. LeighA says:

    When I heard the siren at 4:30 ish the lock gate bridge was definitely up and flashing and remained so for some time and again at 6:00 ish when two of the lock gate bridges were up, so definitely the source of the sirens at this time of the night!

  9. Crazy Nites says:

    I could hear this from the marina, that was after having to put up with that dirty mare having screaming sex for hours. I thought someone was feeding cats through a shredder!

  10. Hahahaaa, I was told about this , but thankfully didn’t hear it! I’d love to know which of my neighbours is a screamer …..

  11. Insomniac says:

    I was thinking of going for a snooze, but that flipping alarm is going off again!! Did anyone find out where it is coming from?

  12. NettieW says:

    Its going again this afternoon (Sunday) , been sounding for a while now

  13. AK says:

    I’ve heard it while walking across the barrage. It’s seems to be either from the big blue warehouses in the docks or from a pumping station alarm opposite the derelict Doctor Who place.. Either way, someone from ABP needs to get off their ass and sort it out. Surely they work 24/7 ?

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