“Fancy meeting you here”: Three picnickers had deliberately grounded themselves on their temporary “desert island” (Cardiff Grounds sandbanks near the Cardiff Spit buoy) – to enjoy the sand, the sun and the glorious weather at low tide . They had a VHF radio with them – and were not in need of being rescued. The D class lifeboat “Spirit of Penarth II” is the orange object in the centre of the picture. The lifeboat crew were just making sure everyone was OK

An eagle-eyed member of the public this afternoon reported what looked like a vessel in distress on the sandbanks – about a mile out to sea from Penarth.

The boat seemed to have been abandoned with heaven-only-knows what consequences for whoever had been aboard.

The coastguard headquarters at Milford Haven alerted Penarth RNLI. Despite the fact that it was almost low water,  Penarth’s new D Class lifeboat “Spirit of Penarth II” was launched after a long tractor push beyond the end of the lifeboat slipway and across the soft sand and mud to reach the sea.

After a long tractor-push down the sea Spirit of Penarth II heads east across to the sandbanks about a mile offshore from Penarth

Spirit of Penarth II duly reached the scene of the ‘casualty’ on the sandbanks and found a white runabout solidly aground and  a fishing boat nearby, anchored in deeper water.

Eventually the three people who had been aboard the white runabout turned up. They’d been on a leisurely walk along the sandbank and were planning to have a picnic there  – something which they’ve done many times before.

The sandbank offers long stretch of golden sand and was once the venue of an  annual (low-tide) sandbank cricket match in which the late Prime Minister and MP for Cardiff South James Callaghan used to participate.

Duly satisfied that – at least this time – no one needed rescuing,  Spirit of Penarth II returned to the lifeboat station .

Earlier in the day the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter had been carryout of a co-ordinated Summer Festival display with Penarth’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat

Strollers on Penarth Pier had a grandstand view of the display this morning

Earlier in the day the larger Atlantic 85 Penarth lifeboat Maureen Lilian  had also been out on the water participating in an impressive co-ordinated rescue display with the local Coastguard helicopter .


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  1. Old Sea Dog says:

    Perhaps if you intend to run aground for any reason it might be a good idea to tell Milford Haven Coastguard. Especially if you have a VHF radio. Channel 67.

  2. cogan nomen says:

    I’m going to the dogs .

  3. Christopher David - not an anon says:

    Good advice indeed. Reminiscent ?

  4. Mr. Loving Diff says:

    Ridiculous not to have informed the Coastguard.

  5. Mr. Loving Diff says:

    Seem to recall Jim ?Callaghan played cricket on sandbar once?

    • Old Sea Dog says:

      Mid 1980s. He played opening bat in a muddy game over low tide to raise funds for RNLI.

  6. Jp says:

    What a waste of valuable time and money.

  7. snoggerdog says:

    i wonder if that sandbank will ‘glow ‘ in the moonlight at low tide soon?

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