The Casualty encampment on the Cliff Walk golf course

The familiar tv crew from the BBC medical soap “Casualty” is back in Penarth this week to shoot an action sequence for an episode which will be going out later in the year.

Today they set up base camp on the freshly mown but somewhat parched minature golf course

Casualty character Dylan Keogh (played by William Beck) guns the throttle of the Land Rover down Plymouth Road with a cameraman shooting from the rear. Little does “Dylan” know how seriously  injured he is about to be

In the action sequence which makes suburban Penarth look like the streets of San Francisco, a saloon car chases a Land Rover past some of the most exclusive and pricey properties in Plymouth Road.

The producers of the classic ’60s Steve McQueen car chase movie Bullitt couldn’t afford aerials – but Casualty can . Earlier in the day the Casualty crew had deployed their new secret weapon  – a remote-control drone carrying a tv camera which provides aerial tracking shots of the car chase  as it happens.

The chase car a Nissan Qashqai reverses back as far as it can before going after the Land Rover.

You never know with Casualty – there may just be an awful accident waiting to befall the blue Landrover . Filming however, stretches out reality and the actual impact won’t be shot until tomorrow. The crew said  local residents had been very helpful and co-operative.

The unit were working at the location tonight until 19:00   and will be back again in an adjacent the area tomorrow to finish off their shoot. The crew say they’re hoping for a cloudy grey day – because the weather in this episode is supposed to look like November.

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    They’ve certainly got to do something according to BARB Audience Ratings Casualty struggles to beat A and E Live Documentary telling the truth about hospital life
    .Antiques Road Show and Have I Got News For You have more fans .and higher viewing figures.
    Final Script on the drawing board me thinks
    Scene No.13
    Budget £850k p.a per Actor
    Location -Exterior Railway Pub Penarth
    What do you think you’re playing at Charley?.
    Who cares nobody is watching
    Looks like this is the end
    (Connie and BBC Management make incision decision which leave large hole in her bank account)
    What will we do with the drone?
    (SFX Connie ducks to avoid being hit by drone)
    Oh! We will just keep taking the money and droning on week after week as usual. No one takes any notice. The show is in terminal decline.
    (she collapses on floor as drone lands on her head)
    (SFX sound of ambulance which arrives 2 hours and 35 minutes earlier than a real ambulance)

  2. Henry says:

    Casualty must be the most depressing tv program going. I don’t understand why anyone would want to watch that on a Sat evening. Also, the actors of the show earn rediculous salaries for little talent which we all fund through our tv licence.PFFFF!!!

  3. Didn’t watch it for years , only do now cos filmed in Penarth ha ha ha

  4. Peter Church says:

    The great thing about always watching catch-up TV rather than live TV is you will never come across a “continuing drama” again!!!!!
    Soap opera’s are for brain dead people.

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