The bulldozers are due to demolish “The Highlands” shortly along with its “Tourelle” tower.

It’s emerged that the Vale of Glamorgan Council is set to receive so-called Section 106 cash amounting to only £7,650 after giving permission to developers to knock down one of Penarth’s most spectacular Victorian mansions “The Highlands”.

The Vale Council had given the go ahead to flatten The Highlands in  March last year – when the authority was still under Labour control .

The site of The Highlands and its lush lawns will be ripped up and 11 houses crammed onto the site – including a terrace of 3 “affordable homes”

Conservatives opposed the demolition but at the time – before the 2017 elections – Labour councillors held the majority on the Vale planning committee.

The house is a classic Penarth shipowner’s mansion which overlooks the River Ely from a position high above the “Gateway to Penarth” .

The classic Penarth mansion “The Highlands” – occupies a commanding position at the “Gateway to Penarth”

The plan is to build  11 new dwellings on the site – 8 of which will be detached houses and 3 of which will be a terrace of “affordable housing” – 2 of which would be regarded in perpetuity as “social” and one of which will be designated as “intermediate”.

The house can best be seen when coming along the Ely Link Road Bridge from Cardiff Bay. For many years it was completely obscured by trees  ‘ so much so that the team which compiled the official list of “County Treasures” [ architectural gems of the Vale of Glamorgan] didn’t even realise it was there .

The mansion only became visible relatively recently when the trees were removed. The house, on the hard-to-get-to Old Barry Road, has an imposing conical-roofed turret with a balcony giving views over a 270 degree panorama.

Opponents of the demolition say the mansion is part of the heritage of Penarth and should be preserved – particularly in view of the paltry amount that will go to the Vale Council when it is demolished.

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  1. Tim Russell says:

    Why should the vale get a penny for allowing a demolition…they would have cpined it with the planning applications anf will now be collecting community charge “Rates” on 11 properties instead of just 1.

  2. Steve says:

    What a shame. The decision should be overturned.

  3. Phil Dawson says:

    It’s all terribly sad to see the town’s heritage and history being swept away under the carpet like it never happened. Still, perhaps ‘allowing’ the demolition of Highlands is a more dignified fate than that which has befallen other such icons of the town’s past which are being ‘allowed’ to rot and decay into obscurity.

  4. Lesley Monger says:

    Poor poor Penarth
    Losing all it’s heritage for boxes on a hill just like the flats as
    at Penarth Heights as you drive in

    • Victor M says:

      So you preferred the look of the old BIllybanks then did you? Penarth Heights is a vast improvement in my opinion.

      • Christopher David - not an anon says:

        Yes like Turner House councillor anon- you just don’t understand the history do you, let alone the passion?

      • Victor M says:

        Chris. 1. Its my opinion as stated so nothing to do with you. 2. Stop pretending that you are not an anon, your name is incredibly common, if I could be bothered to google your name I bet there would be hundreds if not thousands of results.

      • Christopher David - not an anon says:

        Vic- 1. if you blather here its to do with us all- confused .com 2. Google Chris David Welsh Development agency for starters. You’ll find I have a few round objects you lack ! 🙂 Why are you such a coward- and so mixed up X

      • Lesley Monger says:

        Yes I agree but think that the high rise flats on the hill as you drive into Penarth are an eyesore and how they ever got planning permission I don’t know but could hazard a guess!!

      • Victor M says:

        Chris – so you’ve dropped to the level of name calling and bullying and now you’re even trying to get everyone talk about your testicles…lol…I think it is you who is the confused one.

  5. says:

    This is so sad, such a beautiful house. Shame on the council for giving the green light.

  6. Dizzydeb says:

    The council and Vale planners should be ashamed!
    I expect they will replace this beautiful old building with yellow and orange boxes of better still paint them all BLACK, like the attractive apartments just being completed on the bay. Oh or like the very attractive houses at Cardiff Point. Is everyone totally clueless when it comes to planning or do they just not have a molecule good taste amongst them!

    • says:

      Well said. Lots of new buildings in Penarth makes you think, these planners have no idea what aesethetics means.

      • Taxpayer says:

        Putting another eyesore on a hill!what a shame nothinking can be done with this lovely building? Bet there has been a few Brown envolpes past around…..

  7. Christopher David - not an anon says:

    Goldsworthy ! Must hate Penarth and it’s inhabitant- or something!

  8. Scootergirl says:

    Don’t these so called councillors have no shame, surely this decision could/should be overturned or has the labour council that gave permission for the destruction of this iconic building, spent all the money.
    Penarth is supposed to be a Victorian town so why are all our lovely Victorian buildings being massacred. No more Esplanade hotel (I know that was due to a fire, but surely should have been rebuilt), the old baths, I suppose the essence of the building is still there but not available to the public any more. No one will want to visit a so called Victorian town if there are no more Victorian buildings left. Let’s hope some rich conglomerate can get their heads together and restore the old Custom House to its former glory. And for those of you who say it can’t be done, just look at the Exchange Hotel in Cardiff, (formerly the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay).

  9. Le Compte says:

    This Coates Carter gem should have been listed. All at the Vale Council should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    I feel sorry for the neighbours who used to live in a quiet place. It would of been a good place for the town museum.

  11. Cozzo says:

    It really does pose the question- what qualifications do these councillors have in judging that a certain plan to demolish grand houses in order to build cheap inferior housing in a town known for attracting wealthy people to buy imposing homes is a good decision. Affordable housing should be built in the areas where affordable housing is already situated. Mark my word these councillors will bring Penarth down to the level of Drabsville and in a few years Penarth property owners will be wondering who to sue when their £M properties have slumped to Blaenau prices. These councillors would be better involved in getting houses not blocks of flats or multi occupancy piles built in Bridgeman Road, Marine Parade and the corner of Holmesdale Place rather than rotting sites shaming their neighbouring properties. If not sympathetically developed after 18 months they should be compulsory purchased for a nominal amount to ‘fine ‘ the so called developer for ruining the flavour of the town.

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