Guto Bebb – a pro-EU and anti-Brexit Tory defence minister –  had helped undermine Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies as Conservative Leader in Wales . Now Bebb has quit the Government over Brexit

Pro-EU Tory minister Guto Bebb – who had criticised Penarth AM Andrew R T Davies’s remarks about  Airbus – has now resigned.

The Minister of Defence Procurement, Guto Bebb, quit before last night’s multiple votes in the House of Commons on Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit Customs Bill – so he could vote against them.

Pro-Brexit former Conservative Leader in Wales Andrew R T Davies (South Wales Central) quit after it emerged senior Westminster Tories were plotting to oust him

Andrew R T Davies – the controversial and forthright pro-Brexit former leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly stepped down as the party’s leader in Cardiff Bay shortly  after Bebb criticised him – and an internal party plot to oust Davies, apparently backed by the Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns [ Conservative MP for the Vale of Glamorgan] was  revealed.

Mr Davies had put the boot into the French multi-national company Airbus which has 6,400 employees in Wales  – accusing it of “hyperbole” and of  making “threats” to leave the UK over Brexit.[ It later turned out that Prime Minister Theresa May had persuaded Airbus to make its anti-Brexit remarks]

Last night MPs voted by 305 to 302 to support an amendment that critics said would undermine Theresa May’s most recently-announced negotiating position.

Before Andrew R T Davies’s resignation , Guto Bebb – who is little known by the general public in Wales – had also disputed that Andrew R T Davies actually was the “Leader of the Welsh Conservatives”  .

However that  title had been acknowledged to be correct by other leading Conservatives – including David Melding who, like Mr Davies is  also an AM for South Wales Central (which includes Penarth).

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  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Teresa May has done extremely well with her Godfather like tactics and I am quite proud of her.
    The more Lord Snooty Mogg and Uncle Tom David Davis are made to squirm the more I like Teresa.
    If Teresa can make the Silly Billy Bunter of the Back Benches Boris look like yesterdays man she has to be doing something right.

  2. Chris Franks says:

    The UK Government does not seem to be able to govern. Imagine the reaction if the Welsh Assembly did a tenth of this nonsense. The hysterical reaction would be deafening but when it comes to Westminster so many simply shrug their shoulders.

    • Ian Perry says:

      Theresa May’s inability to answer basic, fundamental questions last week demonstrates that the government still has no plans for either Brexit or the nation, just empty words. Andrew RT Davies has been spouting hot air since the referendum was announced, and still cannot provide simple answers to questions put by Airbus, or any of the companies or business people whose innovation and toil we depend. We hear about new a customs system, but neither the Brexit evangelists nor the government can explain how this will work. We hear that we’ll be negotiating great new trade deals, and yet companies based in Wales and the rest of the UK are quite happy with what we’ve got – and the only nations queueing up for new trade deals with our government (forget the people having a say) are those that think they can get better deals for themselves… Tommy in the street might be claiming that we’ll have better trade deals, but no Managing Director of any business I know believes this will be possible – no International Trade Negotiator thinks this possible either…

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